Evading Your Inner Editor

Posted on November 09, 2012 by Lindsey Grant

How’s it going, Wrimos?

As we wade into the waters of Week Two, I hope you’re writing with a modicum speed and confidence, and without any visits from a surly and grousing Inner Editor.

In today’s hilarious and reassuring pep talk from author Karen Russell, she shares her own experience with manifestations of that mean internal voice. I also posted a blast-from-the-past Vintage Video on this very same subject.

This weekend, we’re aiming to cross the 18,000-word mark by Sunday night. Do whatever it takes to ensure that any winds of negativity are well-harnessed, and keep writing toward that—or your own—word-count goal.

No time for any sharky-voiced doubts. Only the wordy and willfull belief that this novel is coming out, no matter what!

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