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  • Novel: As the Bird Flies
  • Genre: Mainstream Fiction
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As the Bird Flies

Author: AceZaffirisi
Genre: Mainstream Fiction


Sparrow is a guy in a girl's body, really. Her biggest love is football and she's willing to fight for it. So whens she finds herself in college, working for the program and things aren't working out the way she imagined, she feels ready to jump ship. But with the help of James and Drake, two very special football players, she sticks it out and endures all the prejudice and disrespect. But what is she called the plays? What if....


I fielded for Drake until James gave me a longing look and went inside. So I texted him,
‘What’s going on? Nervous?’
‘Don’t worry—I’m sure you’ll be fine. Even if Graham gets injuried.’
‘That’s not what I’m nervous about.’
I paused here, just as Drake sent one sailing over my head. I started a little bit and gave him a look full of daggers. He gave me that braggart look and called,
“Had to wake you up there Sparrow. Can’t be getting distracted before the game.”
I stuck my tounge out at him and ran to get it, heaving it way over his head.
“No fair!” he called, running after it. Then I lept down from the stands, running towards him, him unknowing.
“No fair? You know what’s no fair?” I said, making him turn around right at I reached him. There was no one really on the field, just another kicker, who was punting the other way. I jumped at Drake, who caught the cue and opened his arms to catch me. “Not being able to play football because I’m a girl.” He grimaced, holding me so I was a little above him. Basically, his hands were on my ass as my legs wrapped around his torso with my hands on his shoulders to keep myself up. Man, he was strong for a kicker.
“That is unfair. Maybe it’s time to change that.”
“I’m working on it.” I told him, making him give a lopsided grin.
“You’ll do it. Give it time.” And as I smiled, I looked up saw James standing there in the tunnel, watching. The smile sild off my face and Drake noticed. He turned around too and dropped me, gently, on to the ground. “Shit.” We both said in unison as James disappeared again. Drake and I looked at each other and I tried to look as hopeless as possible. “Don’t worry Sparrow. I’ll talk to him. He’s fine. Just a little on edge before the game.” And Drake knocked our heads together, while he flipped the kicking tee up into his grasp and put the balls away. Just then, my phone went off.
‘That’s what I’m worried about.’