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  • Novel: Defenseless, We Will Stand
  • Genre: Fantasy
  • 13694 words
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Defenseless, We Will Stand

Author: DreamBubble
Genre: Fantasy


After a run-in with Cretak's infamous Lieutenant General Karill Satul, Zaya Pyrek is captured and forced into servitude for the enemy. Struggling to adapt to a new culture of power, wealth and corruption, Zaya must plot her escape without becoming a pawn in Karill's secretive plans. With a bitter war taking place, will she be able to escape Cretak's treacherous walls? Or will she be seduced by forbidden love?


She was one table away from the branding station when the soldier returned to the fireplace, setting down the tip of the long iron staff in the embers. This did not relieve Zaya in the slightest.

Counting the seconds that passed in her head left her abdomen aching. The urge to run away could not be quelled, especially when the soldier retrieved the burning iron poker from the fireplace.

Zaya realized too late that she had lost the opportunity to run when Grigori’s hand tightened around her upper arm. He guided her closer to the next station. Zaya did not understand why her body refused to put up a fight. Her mind raced with thoughts of escape but her body obeyed the guidance of the enemy soldier gripping her arm.

It was not until Grigori bent down to speak into her ear that Zaya finally snapped out of her trance.

“If you try anything, you will be punished,” he said in a voice that left no room for argument.

But Zaya was never one to go down without a fight.