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  • Novel: The Sleep Farm
  • Genre: Historical Fiction
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The Sleep Farm

Author: FionaJL
Genre: Historical Fiction


After a stress-related breakdown from her job as a Bletchley Park translator, Molly Fraser is sent to Newark Hall residential hospital in the Lake District for a month, to recover. Banned from working, and from trying to learn Russian, she eventually settles in to the slower lifestyle. Two weeks into her stay, however, tormented and wheelchair-ridden ex-soldier Graham is apparently pushed from a hilltop to his death.

The world outside Newark Hall is falling apart at an increasingly rapid pace, and as her friends and family continue to send her letters about the state of the world, Molly asserts control over her environment in the most meaningful way she can find: by conducting an investigation into Graham’s death. In doing so, she discovers more about these people than she wanted to know, and uncovers traumas that reach further back than the war.


Written with more fluidity than the synopsis.