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  • Novel: Jade University Infinatum
  • Genre: Fantasy
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Jade University Infinatum

Author: kyteroo
Genre: Fantasy


The perils and wonders of trying to live two lives at the same time and not get caught.

The four 10 year olds own a booming website, have special abilities in both Fantasy and Sci-Fi areas, are trying to learn advanced abilities from other Planets - especially from Vryd, the most advanced planet they know of. This novel will be extremely detailed in order to help me learn Describing people and scenes.


ROFL I'll post something here if I actually write something worth posting. "Infinatum" refers to the verbosity I'm writing this story in and will mostly contain first class bore. ;)

This poem from my novel refers to a character's beliefs about only a specific vast minority of American "Blue Bloods" and not all American Blue bloods, and even so, are mostly from anecdotal readings in history.

Quill spills ink of blue blood
the tart carts pig from a sour sow
feeling high but yet so nigh
trickle down that sour sow
and into the bluest of the blue blood
while the ink spills the truth
the truth so vain and yet so ain.
The scant lie in waiting
attacking upon the stone
waiting no more for yet another war
but instead wanting, screaming for more.
Needing yet another reason to go
for the bluest of blue bloods
they stole the show
and then they asked for more.

With their insides outed,
they had nowheres to hide
expose` exposed the inner darkest secret
and outed those too bold
too bold in spirit
wanting and lusting after those not told.
They tried to hide but couldn't
the lies they had foretold.
Thus endeth the perfect life
of debauchery so bold
Thus endeth the perfect life
of crying foul when they indeed were truly foul
Thus endeth the perfect life
of pretending and putting on the face.
Of pretending all is right
when instead lust ruled their race.