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  • Novel: The StarDust Legacy
  • Genre: Fantasy
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The StarDust Legacy

Author: LilyLariaLaton
Genre: Fantasy


The World of Stalakia is being over taken by a cloud of evil that settls in the sky blocking out the good Light of the Stars. The only way to defeat the Cloud is to travel to Jaris the land of evil. On the Island of Jaris there is a canyon called Lanithia, and in that canyon there is life and goodness and all that is pure, And one must retrive from there the only thing pure and powerful enough to defeat the Cloud.. Stardust.

Achronofanalia sets out on a journey to she knows not where. She is being pulled by an unknown source away from Kilani, her homeland, to the lands of the East. Could she be the one to reach Lanithia and defeat the Cloud forever?