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  • Novel: The Last Raven
  • Genre: Fantasy
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The Last Raven

Author: seagreeneyes
Genre: Fantasy


Gilmer of the Ravens has been banished for five years. Five years of stealing to survive, five years of fear and seizing the moment, because you never know which could be the last one.
Accused of being the mole that would bring destruction to his hometown, Gilmer has been left out in the cold with nothing to provide for him but the strange powers that are a legacy of his family.

Eesil of the Lions is a model daughter and the pride of her family. She's hard-working and brave, and the gods help whoever attempts to question her valor as a warrior because of her gender. But Eesil is not happy. A piece of her went missing when, five years ago, her best friend made all the wrong choices and brought shame upon himself. His betrayal is still a scar in her heart.

Lara of the Raves has no powers. How funny that she, of the two, would be the better sibling. But when your brother is a deceiver and a criminal, it’s not that hard to be good. But she’d told him: she’d said, one day you won’t be able to talk yourself out of trouble, Gilmer.
And what a shock, when that day had arrived and she’d found herself, finally, to be an only child.
But if she’d thought herself alone, then, she was greatly mistaken. She hadn’t known of true loneliness, until now.

It is when an attack from their longtime enemy threatens to compromise the fortified Dragon City, pride of the West, that a doubt starts to seep among its citizens: is the mole still here? Didn't they get rid of him five years ago? And the question none of them has the courage to answer: did they make a horrible mistake regarding the fate of Gilmer of the Ravens?
The enemy is ready to strike and the Ravens might be the only ones with the power to save them all. But old Chrona is dead and her niece hasn't inherited the family legacy.
It is so that only one choice remains: Gilmer, the last Raven, must be found.


He had barely finished that sentence that Eesil spun around and shoved him, hard. He lost his balance – she was strong, she’d always been so strong – and fell, pain shooting up his spine.
“Ow, Eez!” he feigned surprise. “What?”
Eesil towered over him. All of her five feet, four inches of fury, straw-colored hair that was escaping her braid, and big, shining eyes – Owl Eyes, he would call her, just to see them lit up in annoyance. Her sword, thought it hung limp in her hand, glittered menacingly in the afternoon sun.
“Keep me out of your games, Gilmer!” Eesil shouted, hands on her hips. Gilmer flinched and scowled, rising an eyebrow at her.
“Well, if it bothers you so,” he said. “Just let Baret have his way, next time!”
Eesil groaned and rolled her eyes. “I don’t want to see you beaten bloody, Gil! But you just go looking for it!”
“Well, of course I do!” Gilmer got back to his feet, wiping the dirt of the arena from the back of his trousers. “Where’s the fun, otherwise?”

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