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November 2015

The Mushroom People

Science Fiction

 Captain Khadijah Siddiq and the crew of the FNS Fang Xhao are immediately suspicious when strange events occur upon their arrival at Grossol colony. The colony director isn't what she seems. Records indicate the colony is broke--and the Federated Nations hasn't pulled its charter. But everyone available tells the Fang Xhao crew that everything is fine. The crew soon find things are more strange, more horrifying, and more dangerous than they could ever imagine.

November 2014


Science Fiction

November 2013

The Sand Trap

Science Fiction

Darius Cranford, testing out a new experimental wormhole generator in a one-man AI powered pod in the year 2107, suddenly finds himself tossed back to the year 1965. But it's not his 1965 (which is our 1965), but a completely different one, where humans have a much larger presence in space due to the accidental discovery of an FTL drive in the early 1950s.

The universe isn't that different than his old one, so he and his AI quietly build themselves a corporate empire based in Philadelphia. Fast forward to 2012.

Then he discovers that he possibly can get home when he learns of an artifact discovered on one of the colony worlds (American Centauri, orbiting Alpha Centauri B) resembles the wormhole generator. So he sends his favorite "researcher" Kamal Hana'a to go acquire it for him. And THAT is where the story really begins.

November 2012


Science Fiction

A 26th Century tale about the Federated Nations Starship Ahmad ibn Fadlan and its three and a half year mission to explore a newly opened region of space. The crew meets with danger, discovery, and personal challenges.