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8 days ago
Hey there, everyone!

NaNoWriMo means you're never alone in your writing adventure, so reach out and find some writing buddies you can turn to when the madcap adventures begin on November 1st! We laugh together, we cry together, we get the caffeine shakes together.

I know a lot of our members are along the shoreline, but one of my big aims as ML is to make sure there are plenty of convenient (or at least semi-convenient) write-ins for everyone to attend across the region. There's really nothing quite like being in a room of other focused writers for tapping into that hive mind of creativity that fills a room up to the ceiling. If you've never attended a write-in before, I really encourage you to try at least one this November.

Don't forget: we will give out participation stickers for attending your first write-in of the season! (Failing all else, bribery works, right?)

I will also be hosting write-in events up in the Northern half of Fairfield County at Molten Java (Bethel), Mark Twain Library (Redding), and Cyrenius H Booth Library (Newtown).

Nancy and Dave (huge thanks to them!) will be leading the troops in the South at Westport Library, UConn Stratford, and possibly a couple other locations. The Google Calendar and other schedules will be updated as those dates are confirmed.

There are also some Come Write-In locations that will host their own events during the month, including a tantalizing overnight kick-off event at Westport Library from 11pm on October 31 to 8am November 1st hosted by WestportWRITES. If you can pull an all-nighter without needing a week's recovery, that is an event not to be missed! (Please note the overnight kick-off requires registration)

Beyond the write-ins, we are always around on the Fairfield County Writers Facebook Group for commiseration or encouragement. (Tip: If you are requesting membership to the Facebook group, please make sure I can tell you're in our region from your public FB profile)

I will attempt to stop in regularly at the Regional Forum, but you are welcome to send me NanoMail or a Facebook message if you have any questions or comments.

Remember to keep an eye on the Regional Forum, the Google Calendar, and/or the Facebook Group for updates and reminders of events.

Please visit the forum below to introduce yourself and let us know what you're prepping (and what arcane rituals you use in your novel prep), and make some writing buddies to get you through the long dark month.


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