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9 days ago
Midnight Start Right Reminder!

When: Mon, October 31, 11:30pm – Tue, November 1, 1:30am
Where: Shari's Restaurant, 2950 W 11th Ave, Eugene, OR 97402 (map)
Description: Get ready to write at the stroke of midnight, or just after. Starting with a group of similarly minded crazy people can be hilariously fun. My advice? Take a nap early in the evening and set your alarm clock for 11:00 pm. It generally works for me. Be forewarned: Shari's Restaurant does not have outlets for charging laptops so make sure your laptop is fully charged. You will be expected to purchase food and beverage of some sort. This is how we keep our local economy going.
about 1 year ago
Our goal is to have an open, welcoming, and safe environment both online in our region forum and in person at our region events. I invite you to refresh your memory and read the following information:
about 1 year ago
There's a small calendar right below this yellow sticky note.
  • To view events, use the scroll bar on the right.
  • To read details about an event, click on the title in red.
  • Events with (HQ) at the end of their titles are hosted by the staff of NaNoWriMo. These are not local region events.
  • To add an event to the calendar, send a NaNoMail with day(s), time, location, description to one of the Municipal Liaisons in the box labeled "Meet your MLs" to the right.
  • Daily word count calendars are now in the Links box also to the right but below the ML box.

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