Now What?

The "Now What?" Months

During the “Now What?” Months in January and February, we support the revision and publishing process.

It’s an extension of our anything-goes, wombat-infused noveling philosophy, with the added aim of helping you fulfill your novel’s potential: from first draft to final.

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Set new goals for your novel.

You started your novel in November, then took a well-deserved rest in December. Now what? Commit to polishing your rough draft to a soft gleam.

Sign our official Revision Promise.

Ready to start?

Introducing Goal Trackers!

Use our new Goal Trackers to set a creative goal for the beginning of the year, whether you want to keep track of the words added to your draft, or the hours you spend revising.

Track your 2017 creative goals now.

Start your creative project with a burst using our word-sprint tool.


Prepare for your novel at a #NaNoNowWhat event!

To see what time an event starts in your time zone, click into the event, then click “copy to my calendar”.


Use these resources to make a revision and publishing plan.

Need advice, inspiration, or guides to beginning the revision process? Curious about which publishing method could be best for you? Check out these resources.

Peruse our archives of revision and publishing resources.


Find a community of writers and critique partners.

As always, there’s no better encouragement than your fellow writers. Meet beta readers and sympathetic ears here:

Swap novels with fellow Wrimos through the “Now What?” forums.

Find a writing group with sponsor Scribophile.