Double-Up Donation Day

Double-Up Donation Day 2017

Our Community Goals:

We’ve Raised: $0
Our Goal: $125,000
We’ve Written: 0 words
Our Goal: 125,000,000 words


What is Double-Up Donation Day?

Double-Up Donation Day happens all day long on Saturday, November 4. It’s an opportunity for our entire community to come together to write, inspire one another, and support our nonprofit programs.

We’ll keep the party going with hourly writing prompts and prize giveaways on Twitter (or below), plus three Virtual Write-Ins throughout the day. Check out our full schedule.

Our fundraising goal for Double-Up Donation Day is $125,000 in 24 hours.
Our worldwide community writing goal is 125 million words.

Activate your community superpowers. We’ve got this.

How do I double up on Donation Day?

Doubling up is about pushing ourselves, doing more than we ever thought we could (ya know, kinda like NaNo itself). Here’s how you can participate:
Lightning Novelist pin

  • Double your donation (again): look for dollar matches from our friends and sponsors at key hours during the day.
  • Double your current word count, or whatever you normally write in a day. Use the community’s shared momentum to get us to 125 million words.
  • Double your noveling karma by gifting a halo. Just enter a friend’s username and they’ll be sporting new profile hardware within 24 hours. (You can do this as many times as you’d like! Be sure to use the #HaloSpree hashtag to spread the word.)


Why support us on Donation Day?

Glad you asked! We have three good answers, though the first is the most important:

  • Donor Gifts. You’ll receive the $50 goodies and “Lightning Novelist” enamel pin for a $25 donation.
  • Prizes. You’ll be automatically entered into prize giveaways during the hours you donate. We’ve got a trip to the Writer’s Digest conference, specialty writing baskets, book collections, a Chromebook, and more. See the full schedule below!


Hourly Schedule

Track the day’s prize giveaways, Virtual Write-Ins, and writing prompts!

If you donate $10 or more any time within the hour, you are eligible to win that hour’s prize. You may give as many times as you like. We announce winners on Twitter, as well as below.

Fill out this form to enter for prizes without donating. You may submit only one entry; we’ll consult the sign-up for each hourly prize.


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