Pep Talks

Pep Talks are inspirational letters written by well-known authors during NaNoWriMo. They’ll be delivered to your NaNoMail inbox throughout November.

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2014 Pep Talkers

Jim ButcherJim Butcher is the author of the The Dresden Files, The Codex Alera, and the upcoming Cinder Spires series.

Read Jim’s pep talk.

Kami GarciaKami Garcia is the co-author of the Beautiful Creatures series, and the author of Unbreakable and Unmarked.

Read Kami’s pep talk.

Tamora PierceTamora Pierce is the author of the Song of the Lioness and Immortals quartets, the recent Battle Magic, and many others.

Read Tamora’s pep talk.

Veronica RothVeronica Roth is the author of the Divergent series.

Read Veronica’s pep talk.

Brandon SandersonBrandon Sanderson is the author of the Stormlight Archive, Mistborn, and the final books of the Wheel of Time series, among many others.

Read Brandon’s pep talk.

Pep Talk Archive

Pep talk veterans include folks like Aimee Bender, Dave Eggers, John Green, Neil Gaiman, Jonathan Lethem, Lois Lowry, Karen Russell, and Lemony Snicket.

Note: Some of these links will take you to our Young Writers Program site, which has its own selection of YA pep talkers each year.