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11 months ago
Come to the Blast Off tonight! We are going to be at the IHOP by the Ontario Mills! This one IS 24 hours. Both Jon and I will be there! How long can we write into the morning? :D My personal goal is 20,000 words. :D All details here.
almost 2 years ago
Hey everyone! Now that NaNoWriMo is coming to a close, we have two big events coming up. We have the Thank Goodness It's Almost Over Party/Write-In from 4PM-6PM at Round One at the Puente Hills Mall on Saturday, November 30th. We also have the Thank Goodness It's Over Party at the Upland Library from 2PM-4PM on Saturday, December 7th. Fun times ahead! It has been an honor serving you guys as your ML again. Thank you for your understanding during my particular hectic time this year. Jon and I are cooking up stuff that is writing and NaNo related throughout the year. You'll be able to get information here and on the Facebook. :) There will be threads added after NaNo for your input! Thank you everyone! --- Writerfangirl - Jen
almost 2 years ago

Hey everybody!

I am excited to announce that huntspencil is going to be handling the YWP for the Pomona Valley region! She'll be hosting some write-ins and has a virtual classroom on the YWP site. It's called Dragon's Lair. If you know any young writers, please send them over to huntspencil!  We would love to get some awesome things going for our Pomona Valley young writers! 

almost 2 years ago
Join the Pomona Valley Region at the IHOP in La Verne on Thurs, October 31st at 11PM for the third annual Blast Off beginning at 12:00AM, November 1st. Stay as long as you like. It's 24 hours. :D I will be bringing a power strip.

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almost 2 years ago
Pomona Valley Region's Kick Off is Saturday, October 26th, at the Upland City Library (450 N. Euclid). It'll be in the multipurpose room (for those around in 2011, it's the same room as then!) Please be sure to RSVP if you can make it! And if you can bring anything, please list that too!!

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almost 3 years ago

I am so proud of you guys! We raised nearly two hundred dollars on Donation Day alone! This is fantastic! You want to know something also cool? We are currently in seventh place in League 4.

Even though Donation Day is now behind us, that doesn't mean the donating has to end. If you weren't able to donate, you still have until November 30th to do so. With your help, we could take number 1!

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almost 3 years ago
Happy Donation Day! Happy Donation Day! Write, donate, and repeat! The OLL has challenged us Wrimos to donate 50k today. Only with your help will they reach their goal. If NaNo has changed your life, think about giving a little back. Ten dollars will go a long way. ♥
almost 3 years ago
The Mid-Month party is coming! Details will be forthcoming. Watch this space for more information soon.
almost 3 years ago
Happy first day of writing, Pomona Wrimos! You all have a fun and fantastic month ahead of you.
almost 3 years ago
We're excited to announce that the Kick-Off is going to be a pot luck! When you sign up in the forum, please include what food or drink you will be able to bring too. If you have already RSVPed, please add a post stating what you will be bringing. Thank you!
about 3 years ago
Hello! Welcome to the brand new Pomona Valley Region board! This is the second year of both the new region and the newer version of the site. Let us know if you have any problems.

The official Pomona Valley Kick-Off extravaganza will be taking place at the incomparable Buddhamouse in Claremont. More information is on the calendar -- see you there!

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