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over 1 year ago
Just a reminder – the ML will NOT be at today's write-in but the write-in WILL continue. Have fun, and keep at it!
almost 2 years ago
We have almost filled the current cabin for the weekend. If you want to attend the three-day, two-night write-in in Brooksville, please let Cathy know at, or through a message here. Thanks!
almost 2 years ago
If you're new and wondering whether or not you can do this, the answer is yes, you can. Want to know how it works? Check out this handy "How It Works" page:

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The Pinellas South group meets anywhere from Central Avenue to Fort DeSoto. We have several write-ins a week – at least one during the day and one at night, so there's something that should work around your work schedule. Welcome!
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