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8 months ago
PLEASE NOTE: time for kick off get together has changed to 6 pm and will be held at Books-a-Million!
If anyone would like to host an event, let me know-all we will need is wifi access and table space, and I'm willing to go almost anywhere!
9 months ago
Greetings all from the belly of hurricane Matthew. We're holed up with my three dogs in a tiny motel room, but all is well. Anyone who is interested in helping me set up write ins or other fun and games please let me know-I am open to any and all suggestions. This is the official notification site, altho I will be updating our Facebook page frequently as well. I am going to try to get our famously balky calendar straight this LOTS of time on my hands. Any how, I hope to meet more of you this year-I tend to be a recluse under the best of conditions, but NaNo is that important to me :)

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