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10 months ago
PLEASE NOTE: time for kick off get together has changed to 6 pm and will be held at Books-a-Million!
If anyone would like to host an event, let me know-all we will need is wifi access and table space, and I'm willing to go almost anywhere!
10 months ago
Greetings all from the belly of hurricane Matthew. We're holed up with my three dogs in a tiny motel room, but all is well. Anyone who is interested in helping me set up write ins or other fun and games please let me know-I am open to any and all suggestions. This is the official notification site, altho I will be updating our Facebook page frequently as well. I am going to try to get our famously balky calendar straight this LOTS of time on my hands. Any how, I hope to meet more of you this year-I tend to be a recluse under the best of conditions, but NaNo is that important to me :)

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