Why Donate?

“I donate to NaNoWriMo because it transformed me from an awkward and lonely teenager into a happy, well-adjusted adult with a strong sense of community. I learned that if I can write a book in a month, I can do anything. The world needs more stories.”
Sujin Headrick (aka Sushimustwrite)
“In 23 years of teaching 8th grade English, I have never seen my students write with such enthusiasm and joy! The challenge of writing a novel in a month sounds crazy, but when that challenge is supported by an online writing community, online tracking toward one’s goal, and the promise of publication, the crazy challenge becomes the most exciting writing project ever attempted.”
– Laura Bradley
“I donate to NaNoWriMo because I want to support a worthwhile cause to promote literacy throughout the world and inspire people young and old to write. NaNoWriMo has been a great program for me to achieve one of my lifelong dreams—to write and publish a novel. Now it’s time for me to pay it forward and donate to the cause!”
 R.M. Prioleau
“I donate to NaNoWriMo because the Young Writers Program and Come Write In support not only the young writers, but also their local libraries and book stores.”
– Victor Mazzeo

Everyone’s story matters.

When you donate to National Novel Writing Month, you help bring free creative writing programs to more than 500,000 kids and adults in approximately 100 countries, 2,000 classrooms, 600 libraries, and 500 NaNoWriMo regions every year.

You not only support people’s novel writing dreams, you help transform people into creators who see new possibilities in the world—and act on them. You spark a creative revolution.

That’s why we featured Abby’s story in our 2012 Annual Report—a story of the unquenchable desire to write, the perseverance required to overcome obstacles, and the amazing community of encouragement that supports audacious imaginative feats. Your donation spawns NaNoWriMo’s unique brand of transformative magic.


We Can’t Do It Without You: Investing in the Power of Writing

NaNoWriMo relies on individual donations to pay for things such as web hosting costs, pep talks, Come Write In resources, and classroom kits to help turn people into writing wizards.

Nearly half of our income comes from individual donations. We need to raise approximately $1.2 million in 2013 to put on NaNoWriMo and our other programs. Please donate and help us today.

2012 Revenue and Support

  • Contributions: $479,341
  • Merchandise: $273,546
  • Corporate Sponsorships: $136,450
  • Foundations and grants: $101,531
  • Other income: $18,443
  • Total 2012 income: $1,009,331


2012 Expenses

  • Program: $706,637
  • Overhead: $119,062
  • Fundraising: $138,022
  • Total 2012 expenses: $963,721


For more on National Novel Writing Month’s financials, please see our most recent 990 report. Note: We’re listed on the report as the Office of Letters and Light, our prior nonprofit name.