Double-Up Donation Day

Double-Up Donation Day 2017

Our Community Goals:

We Raised: $194,054
Our Goal: $175,000
We Wrote: 126,931,354 words
Our Goal: 125,000,000 words


We did it!

We went above and beyond our original $125,000 goal, then zoomed past our new $175,000 goal. We ended the day at nearly $190,000.

Our community also wrote a whopping 126 million words; that’s a lot of new origin stories on pages around the world.

Thank you for supporting NaNoWriMo. Thanks for being a creative superhero. We can’t say it enough:

Wrap-Up Steps:

  • Made a contribution and want to see if you won an hourly prize? Check the hourly schedule below. We’ll be in touch as soon as we can with any logistics.
  • Want to see the day’s writing prompts and Virtual Write-Ins? They’re also archived on the hourly schedule, or check the #DoubleUpDay hashtag to relive some of the fun.