Follow Our Donation Day Progress!

Posted on November 16, 2011 by Lindsey Grant

[Update! As of midnight, we've raised $49,192! We still have a few donations coming in, and we'll post final, final totals tomorrow morning. Thank you so much to everyone who donated! Your support will allow us to inspire 300,000 kids, teens, and adults this fall. We hug you.]

Thank you so much to everyone who is helping us reach our $100,000 fundraising goal today! Your donation makes it possible to continue NaNoWriMo and the Young Writers Program for aspiring writers around the world. We’ll be updating our progress here, and on our Twitter feed, throughout the day!

You can also track our hourly donor prizes and their winners!

8 AM: Rik won a new mug, plus a bag of coffee signed by all staff.
9 AM: Mainá won Lindsey’s CD of writing jams.
10 AM: Gwen won the poster pack! Five posters of her choice.
11 AM: Debra won Sarah’s personal Skype tour of the office.
12 noon: Minna won the 2011 Winner’s Shirt and a handmade Winner’s Certificate, made by staff.
1 PM: Laurel will have a character named after her in Chris Bay’s 2011 NaNo-novel Everybody Paints.
2 PM: Lynn gets the Tom Selleck magnet!
3 PM: Joe won Chris Angotti’s YWP Prize Spectacular, including a “First-Class Novelist” t-shirt, sticker pack (5), pencil pack (5), and a heartfelt acrostic poem using your name!
4 PM: Michelle is the lucky recipient of Blobby’s little brother Steven, a mini-Squishable T-Rex.
5 PM: Corie gets a photo magnet of the Chris Baty doll and his llama, signed by all the staff!
6 PM: Teresa just won a 2011 NaNoWriMo merch bundle, including a journal, sticker pack, key chain pack, and mug!
7 PM Gregory got a personal thank-you card with stickers and surprises from our forums moderator, Heather!
8 PM Ellen won an epic candy care package put together from Cybele’s Candy Buffet!
9 PM Carol will have her novel synopsis and title submitted for consideration for a 30 Covers, 30 Days book cover design! And get a custom cover design done for her by Tim Kim!
10 PM Joseph won a NaNoWriMo messenger bag?
11 PM Kelly won a special video of writing dares from dare-master Tavia!

Thanks so much to everyone who donated!