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1 day ago
Kickoff Party info listed down below. Hope to see you there.
11 months ago
Validation is available if you are ready. There's still plenty of time to write if you are not quite there.
Also, Thank God It's Over Party info listed in the forums.
11 months ago
Backup your novel. Again! Also, we have entered the dreaded week three. But you can do this. If you haven't been going to write ins, you might want to try and see if that keeps you going.
12 months ago
Mid-Term Party Info listed below. Also write ins and more. And if you haven't backed up your novel a time or seven yet, please do so.
12 months ago
There are write ins and Come Write In spaces listed in the forums and on the calendar down below. Happy writing everyone!
about 1 year ago
Kickoff Party Info listed down below. We'll start getting write in's added to. Feel free to add your own.
almost 2 years ago
It's the last day, so make it count! Best of luck!
almost 2 years ago
If you've won, validation is available. If, ahem, you haven't yet won, there's still time!
almost 2 years ago
It's about halfway through the month, so don't forget to back up your novels! Save it to your Dropbox, e-mail it to yourself, whatever. Just do what it takes to protect your hard work!
almost 2 years ago
Would a write in help you get more words? Look down below, there are plenty!
almost 2 years ago
It was great to meet everyone who came to the Kickoff Party! Now get ready for tomorrow!
about 2 years ago
Kickoff Party Announcement below! Look down! Join us!
about 2 years ago
Intrepid early planners - Write In Posting instructions are back! We'll have social gathering info up there in the next few days!
about 2 years ago
Hello again! Just a note that in the next few weeks the NaNo folks will perform the annual refreshing of the threads, so anything you were counting on hanging onto, that's not in a stickied thread, figure out your alternate methodology soon. As we get closer we'll start sharing info on the kickoff and other getting to know you or getting your words in events.
almost 3 years ago
Check below for the info for the TGIO Event!!
almost 3 years ago
Look below, there are write ins! You should go to one! If none of them are the right time or place, you should host one! Or if writing any place not the couch is too much, that's fine too.
about 3 years ago
Welcome to the Washington, DC NaNo Region!

We're gearing up for another great year of writing. Stay tuned for lots of announcements regarding the Kick-Off Party, Mid-term Party, write-ins, regional calender, etc. In the meantime, feel free to introduce yourselves to your fellow wrimos.

For all you grizzled NaNo vets, welcome back! For anyone new to NaNo or the DC region, we're glad you're here! We're excited you joined us. Get that coffee cup ready and those fingers limbered up.

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