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12 months ago
Hi, Worcester WriMos! I apologize that I haven't been on our forums yet for 2017. It's been a bit of a crazy year for me...particularly a crazy October. But I seek to mend my ways and post here and on our Facebook page! <3 Trish
about 2 years ago
Hey, Worcester WriMos!

Hi, I'm Trish and I'm the new ML on the block. :) Besides my bio and NaNoWriMo history (most of which you can see on my NaNoWriMo page), I also have a lot of ties to Worcester, specifically.

I used to do food and entertainment reviews and features for _Worcester Magazine_, and I'm an active member of the Worcester Writers Collaborative ( Additionally, I'm the Events Coordinator for Annie's Book Stop of Worcester on 65 James Street. I'm a big fan of supporting local businesses, and I, myself, prefer writing fiction outside of my home office... so I'm planning a lot of write-ins. :) In fact, I think my first order of business is going to be opening up a thread asking everyone if they would like me to reach out to a particular business.

Looking forward to finishing my novel with all of you!


Trish Wooldridge, A Novel Friend
almost 4 years ago
Keep an eye on the regional forums for updates and events organized by participants, as there is no official ML in the region this year!
almost 5 years ago
Hello all! I'm getting the calendar up presently, here's to a great year at NaNo!
almost 6 years ago
Hey guys,
I'm dealing with a medical issue in the family so I'm pushing back the start time of the tgio to 6:30. See you all there :-)
almost 6 years ago
hey guys,
heads up for tomorrow's scheduled write in. Lauren from the Think Tank emailed me tonight. Unfortunately they are without power and will not be able to host tomorrows write in. If someone wants to hold an informal one in it's place, let me know and i'll advertise for you!

Your interepid and super tired ML,
almost 6 years ago
Hey guys!! Almost done with the first email and getting up the write-In schedule! Can not wait to get this thing started!!

almost 7 years ago
Mid Month Moving Party is Here! As I write this I'm at the final stop in the Leominster B&N (yes it changed due to turn out) at 120 Watertower Plaza in Leominster. Come visit!
almost 7 years ago
Day 11: Tomorrow is the Mid Month Moving party! Please see the sticky update on the itinerary! Thanks guys! hope to see you there!
almost 7 years ago
Day 3: 5001, No problem. TheLoveMutt and I are at the Perkins Branch of the Worcester Public Library!
almost 7 years ago
Day 2:

3334... Pfft. We got this. =]

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