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12 months ago
Congratulations for stepping out of being a 'one-day novelist' ("one day I shall write a novel") and actually picking up that pen or moving those fingers over that iPad/smartphone/laptop/PC.

Yes, the world needs your novel but more than that, if you are here, it means YOU need to write your story.

Welcome to 30 days of a writing orgy (multisome ;)) where your fellow-wrimos are your greatest cheerleaders (get your own coffee, though)!

Couldn't get better, eh?

It does, unsurprisingly (becoz NaNo HO is the BESTEST)!

Scroll up and check out the winners' goodies. Nothing trumps the abso pleasure of having a complete first draft secured in the hard drive (pls pls pls take backups throughout November) but these goodies are the icing on the cake, slurp, slurp!

This year, the Asia::India MLs team has grown: Dola and Prakash, who've been active wrimos ever since they joined NaNoWriMo, have now got the halo over their names too.

Talking of halos, YOU too can get one. Do your good deed for the day and donate to NaNoWriMo. Gear up for DONATION DAY on 4th November. Get those credit cards ready. Every rupee (dollar?) counts. And if currency is not your thang, there are other ways to help (more on that in the forum).

Let's let go and let our inner writer loose! Game?

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NaNoWriMo in India- Spiced with Diversity: We are an emotional people for whom friends become family. Wrimo India is the home of Nano-novel writers from India, and some from across the seas. Enthusiasm and encouragement abound here even as novels get written.
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