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11 months ago
Just one week left! Lots of word wars in Chatnano this weekend for anyone that wants to join in!

Don't forget to back up your novel!
12 months ago
Over 150K words! Great start!! Keep it up!
12 months ago
Just one day to go!! Are you ready? Excited? I hope so!!!
12 months ago
Writing begins in one week!!
about 1 year ago
Two weeks to go! Are you ready? If not, join in our discussion in Chatnano Thursdays from 8-10PM for some prep time! =)
almost 2 years ago
Happy New Year!! May you all have a terrific 2017!!!
almost 2 years ago
What a great November! Over 250,000 words as a region! Thank you for all your creativity and energy!
almost 2 years ago
We're so close to the 100K mark! Keep going, I know you can do it!!
almost 2 years ago
Coming up to another weekend! Make the most of it! Behind? Don't worry, I am too. We can do it!

Also, please remember to back up your novel!
almost 2 years ago
We're on to week 2! Nearly at 50K for the region, with an amazing average wordcount!!! Keep up the good work!
almost 2 years ago
Good job, everyone! Let's make the most out of this first weekend!!
almost 2 years ago
Good start! Let's keep writing and make it to our goal!!
almost 2 years ago
Remember I'll be in the chatnano chat room from 9-11 tonight, and Joe from Seoul will be there right at midnight to get you started!

Also, I'll be in chatnano most of tomorrow (from around 10-10), come join me when you can! Let's get a good start to those novels on November 1!
almost 2 years ago
Only 2 days left! Are you ready? nervous? excited? Let us know in the NaNoWriMo 2016 is about to start thread below!
almost 2 years ago
A write-in/kickoff is set for Saturday, November 5. Check out the Kickoff thread for more details!
about 2 years ago
Welcome to the shiny new forum! Feel free start some threads and conversations! =)

-Justin (mudokon)

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