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10 months ago
Hello Everyone!

Welcome to NaNoWriMo 2017 - I hope you've got your plot bunnies dusted off, and your fingers well exercised and ready to smash out some words.

We're doing a lot of virtual write-ins this season, so feel free to join us on the NaNoWriMo::Geelong Facebook page for hints, tips, and general writing fun!

about 1 year ago
Hi Everyone!

Just touching base as we hurtle toward another Camp NaNo.

If any of you would like to join the Geelong Cabin, just shoot me a message and I'll send you an invite.

almost 2 years ago
Hi Everyone,

Belinda here! Hope you're all kicking along and have those pencils sharpened and ready to go. Anica has moved out of region, so I've stepped up into her very big shoes, and I hope to do a decent enough job that you don't all throw things at me.

When the forums reload on October 1, I'll start uploading some intros, prep info, and write in details.

If you need anything, feel free to message me (special requests for meetups, write ins, etc). Otherwise, feel free to check out our Facebook page.

Geelong ML :)
almost 3 years ago
Hey guys, Welcome to the Geelong Region.

Introduce yourself in the 'Come and say hi' thread’,

Check out the dates on the Calendar below for write in’s.

If you want any extra dates please msg me date, time and place and I will put them up for everybody.

Get excited for a kick-ass month filled with writing goodness!

Anica ML Geelong Region.

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