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about 1 month ago
Write Night! - Thursday, November 29th
6pm - 9pm @ Dome Cafe, Armadale
Bookings and more info here:
about 1 month ago
Kick Off! - Thursday, November 1st
6pm - 9pm @ Dome Cafe, Armadale
Bookings and more info here:
about 1 year ago
Year Round Writers!

Now that November is over, it can be easy to loose momentum as a writer. Some NaNo participants only write in November, and that's okay, but if you're wanting to build an author career you need to be writing every month. This year, we're here to support you in that!

NaNoWriMo now have Goal Trackers so that you can set personal project goals at any time! The regional forums are also open all year round and I'll be checking in each week to see how people are going. Finally, we also have our year round novel writers' mastermind, Novel Nights, we meet in person on Thursdays and Fridays to get some words written, brainstorm and problem solve together, share writing tips and marketing strategies, set goals, and celebrate accomplishments. We also have a FB group, again, available all year round!

So, continue with your writing in the off-season and you can still have the support we offer in November. We'll also be here for Camp NaNo in April and July.

Happy writing!
Your ML, Rebecca Laffar-Smith

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