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22 days ago
Another November of daring literary feats and general creative awesomeness awaits us. Your Co-MLs Deb O (aka nelsonwordgal) and Angelika O (aka amo1967), have got another month of fun and frenzied writing planned, starting with our kick-off event in Kelowna on Oct. 21st. The kick-off features something different this year: a little post-party prep fun, with peer led learning circles where you can pick up outlining tips, get a little story building 101 in, and generally reap writing knowledge from all your fellow Wrimos. Real-life and our word-count busting virtual write-ins are on the November calendar again--check out the Google calendar link below or pop by the Facebook group's page (we're "Okanagan NaNoWriMo Group"). As always, if you need anything during this rollicking good time, contact your MLS via a NaNo mail or at or Alrighty, then...Ready, Set, Novel!
about 1 year ago
Greetings, Intrepid OkWrimos! Welcome to another year of frenzied novelling fun. Your friendly MLs are Deb O, aka nelsonwordgal, who's been an ML for years, first in the Kootenays and now here, and Angelika O, aka amo1967, who's a newbie at this MLing business but well experienced at NaNo-novelling. We've got lots of great events lined up for us this year, starting with our kick-off event in Kelowna on Oct. 29th, through plenty of real-life and virtual write-ins (check the calendar below) with prize draws and all all kinds of goodies! Come hang out with us here and on our Facebook page (link below), and if there's anything else you'd like to see happen in the Okanagan Region this November, let us know through NaNo mail or our emails, or Ready, Set, Novel!
about 3 years ago
Welcome, Okanagan Wrimos! We all waited with simmering impatience for the day the Okanagan become its own NaNo region—and it has finally happened!
Your friendly ML is Deb O (aka nelsonwordgal), a veteran ML freshly arrived in Penticton from Nelson, land of clear mountain lakes and soy dog wienie roasts. Deb’s a fan of word wars, tangled plots and writerly comradery, be it in person or online. So don’t worry if you’re busy to get to a live event or that the Okanagan region is too widespread. We’ll be using the Regional Forums and the chatroom to keep our Okanagan Wrimo clan connected. But don’t wait until November to let Deb know what you want from your 2015 writing adventure. Email her today at Cheers!

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