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11 months ago
What a great month it has been! So nice to meet all of you, and I hope many of you will be able to join us on Saturday for the TGIO party. If not, you're always welcome New West on Sundays to drop in and write, or at the Stormcrow every second Wednesday.

Check The Other Eleven Months Facebook group to stay updated.
11 months ago
The Transit Write-In was a lot of fun! We wrote in four cities in one write-in!
I got my words in for the day, as did everyone, it seems, and we met some wonderful new NaNos. Everyone got quite a few beads, too!
11 months ago
The Sushi Write-In was also a huge success, and we thank former ML Drakkon for setting it up. He's also coordinating the Bubble Tea Write-In next Friday and it's going to be great as well.
Drakkon also hosts the Week's End write-in in Surrey Sunday evenings, which is a great write-in at a large Starbucks. Join him to finish your week off right, then join ML catalytic Monday morning to get some words in early and start the week off again.
12 months ago
Blast-Off was a huge success! So many of you joined us to kick off NaNo that we were overwhelmed. If you want to choose teams for the various word wars please get on that this week in the forum threads below.

See you soon!
12 months ago
Meet 'n Greet was great, and we're gearing up for the 2016 "Blast Off!" on Oct 30th by gathering raffle prizes that will amaze you, and emptying our plot bunny snares into our bunny-basket. It's completely full now.

Check out the IRC forums soon by registering according to Drakkon's "Vancowrimo: How to Connect" thread below. catalytic will have a brand new word-war paradigm to spring on you, and of course, there are write-ins all over the calendar already. See you all soon!
almost 4 years ago
The VancoWrimo IRC chatroom is now online! Click here for more information (make sure to ctrl-refresh the page):

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