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2 days ago
Hey WriMos! The Calendar is updated with our EVENTS, and there's a forum post down below with all the info about them. PLUS links to our shiny new Discord chatroom!
18 days ago
It’s almost time!

Welcome to the Brighton Wrimos! It’s almost November, so it’s time to start preparing and think about what you want to write for NaNoWriMo. Come in, make yourselves at home and keep an eye out as we’ll be announcing the on and offline events for NaNoWriMo shortly.
11 months ago
It's the final day!
I hope you're all doing well and for those still frantically typing, good luck, you can do this!
We'll be on the Chatzy throughout the day to shout affirmations and tomorrow night we have a Thank God It's Over party at the Victory (details in the forum)!
11 months ago
We are in the chatroom today for the WORDCOUNT PUB CRAWL MARATHON!
Superhero pub-themed challenges every hour until 7pm!
Come and write with us!
11 months ago
We are now past the halfway point- it's all downhill from here! We will be at the Lord Nelson Inn tonight at 7pm to celebrate/panic/distract ourselves from that whole "writing" thing...
12 months ago
Today is officially the start of Week Two of NaNo! You've made it through the first week! Congratulations! Celebrate by coming to the Passenger Lounge in Brighton Station from 6pm tonight (Wednesday 8th)!
12 months ago
Sunday is our first Write-In at Alcampo Lounge! Come along for wordy fun from 12pm!
12 months ago
Well, here we go! Well done to everyone in the Midnight Word War, and there will be even more word wars later both on the chatroom and IRL as we head to The Passenger Lounge, 6-9ish pm this evening for more wordy goodness.
12 months ago
It's almost time! Six more hours to go... There's a midnight word war in the chatroom for all those still awake...
12 months ago
Anyone who wants to come down to Alcampo THIS SUNDAY (29th), some of us will be there from about 2pm to plot, plan, and/or panic. Bring your laptop, bring your notebook, I'll bring the cupcakes (literally. There will be cake. Come have cake!)

- Cerys
12 months ago
Thank you to everyone who came out to the Kick-Off Party last night. Well done to the new people who braved the group of strangers and joined in, and welcome back to the Brighton WriMos veterans!

Our next event is the Midnight Word War on Tuesday 31st/Wednesday 1st in the chatroom:

Followed swiftly by our FIRST WRITE-IN on the 1st at the Passenger Lounge, Brighton Station from 6pm.
12 months ago
Hi Wrimos!

The Events calendar is up, and there is a forum thread with all the details and venue maps!

Kick-Off is Friday 27th at the Lord Nelson Inn, 7pm.
about 1 year ago
Greetings, Brighton Wrimos!

The forums have been exorcised, the slate has been wiped clean and it’s almost time for NaNoWriMo 2017.

Are you excited? I’m excited.

This will be the hub of our NaNo action as we start posting prep threads and updating the calendar to show when and where this year’s events will take place.
almost 2 years ago
It's the final Brighton Wrimos social tonight!
It's at The Lord Nelson from 6:30, off to the far side, you'll probably see us from the window.
There'll be excitement, tears, games, drinks and a special table just for people trying to catch up on their word count while the others party. I, the superlative Charlie X, will probably be on that table too, for a bit.
almost 2 years ago
We have a Cyclist write-in tonight from 6:30, but you eager Wrimos (and I, the magnificent Charlie X) will probably be there a little earlier.
There's discounted food and drink, there shall be word wars, stickers and the beautiful horror of the Panic Jars.

I am soloing this gathering and have a sore throat, so I will need other people to be my voice for Word Wars. I'm sure some of you will be up to the challenge.

Oh! And the weekly challenge! Things have been hectic, but I'll add the Noir challenge to the forums at the write-in as well, just in case you need more inspiration.
almost 2 years ago
It's time for another Cyclist Write-In! Get yourselves down to Brighton Station for 6pm tonight for discounted food and drink, and a whole heap of words being flung on to your screen (I know the event says 6.30, but I, theaveragefred, will be there from 6)!
It also happens to be ML appreciation day! Head down to the forums below for a thread on that, created by the lovely Cerys, and show us some love (please?)

Also THIS SATURDAY (19th) is our annual pub crawl event! This is not your conventional pub crawl though. Head to our chatroom from 10am to 8pm where me and Charlie will be hosting a virtual word crawl to help boost those numbers! Every hour there'll be a new "pub" and a new writing challenge. These include various sprints and everyone's favourite, THE EPIC MUSIC HOUR!

Right, I need to get back to writing these words! To all those struggling to keep up with par, YOU CAN DO IT! There's still plenty of time left to get to 50k!
almost 2 years ago
It's Thursday again! So that means another Cyclist write-in!
We're a third of the way through this crazy journey, and the second week of this is usually the hardest, so if you're struggling, don't worry, it's happened to us all!

What can definitely help you is the write in tonight from 6.30! Plus we have chocolates and sweets as motivational tools, which is just one of the many reasons to join us!

Also, check out the weird and wonderful week 2 challenge, based on cursed images. That is sure to generate some words. Some weird but wonderful words.
almost 2 years ago
The first Sunday write in is upon us! Join us from 12 today at Al Campo on London Road for a massive session of words, punch cards, sweets, panic jars, coffee and of course, our new mascot, a two headed dragon named Bunnie & Clive!
Thursdays write in was great btw...

We will be at Al Campo till at least 6pm so theres plenty of time to reach that 10k par that looms over this day! Can't make it? Then leap into the chatroom for more motivation and word wars!
almost 2 years ago
Day 3, the word counts are looking good! And if you're behind, don't worry, there's still plenty of time to catch up and make it to 50k!

Need some extra help, check the forums for the first of Charlie's weekly challenges! This week, Partygeddon: Party Of The Parties!

Need more help? There's a write in tonight at The Cyclist in Brighton Station, plus there will still be people offering help and word sprints on our chatroom!

The month is still young, you can still do this! Let the words leap from your fingertips and on to the page!
almost 2 years ago
It's here!

Nano has officially started! How's everyones first day going?!

If you need any extra inspiration for getting to that first daily goal of 1667 or whatever your custom goal is, then look to the forums below or to the chatroom, where the MLs and other Wrimos will be around to give you help and initiate word wars to get that word count up!

Also, from 6.30pm tonight, head to the chat room for our first virtual write in event, where many words will be written!
almost 2 years ago
Hello all!
It's getting very close now! Just over 7 days to go! But that's not what this is about, it's about our KICK OFF PARTY!

This Friday from 6.30pm at The Lord Nelson Inn on Trafalgar Street! Come down and create your punch cards, add to the panic jars, meet the ML's and many fellow Wrimos and talk about the insanity we're all about to go through this coming month!

We hope to see you there! Now back to prepping....ooh look video games...
about 2 years ago

I know, that crept up quick didn't it? If you're sat there flailing wildly not knowing what to do, then direct your attention to the forums down below, where many threads have already been set up with the intention of helping you figure out what exactly you're going to do for this month of madness!

It's time to plan, or to just sit back and relax cos you know you'll be pantsing it come November 1st! Let's get to it!!!
about 2 years ago
Greetings Brighton Wrimos (Brimos? No...that's odd...)

Just to let you know that a full calendar of all our events is now available to view down below! And if you need to know how to get to any event during November, an interactive map is available to browse at the top of the links section on the right of the page!

Right, now I must get back to planning....or procrastinating...
about 2 years ago

It's September, so I hope you're all busily preparing your projects and already pumped for NaNoWriMo 2016!

Fred and I have been scouting locations for write-ins and shall post an updated calendar as soon as we have the details for you all. Please check out the links to the right for our Twitter, our Facebook group and the chat room which will be more active closer to November.

The first thing we can say is that the kick-off party will be a little earlier this year. We're back at The Lord Nelson, but on Friday 28 October as the actual first day is a Tuesday and who parties then? This time we can psych each other up, make contacts, share tips and drink without it affecting our word count. I look forward to seeing you all there!

Charlie X
almost 3 years ago
It's done, it's over. The Word God has gone into hibernation for another year.

If you've still got achievements to announce to us, shout at us on the punch thread. There's a party on the 5th of December to celebrate NaNoWriMo's end. If you like having a support group in place for writing the Chatzy will still see occasional use and there are other writing groups around Brighton which we've mentioned in the forum below.

You all smashed last year's word counts, so you should be proud. Good luck with the writing in the next year and I hope to see you all again in the future, refreshed and ready for more words.
almost 3 years ago
One week to go!
I can see some lovely purple "\validated novel" bars already, some green ones where people have already hit 50k. The rest of you, I'm sure many of you will catch up.
We still have a Wednesday write-in at The Passenger Lounge by Brighton Station, the Friday social and the Sunday write-in left to go.

We've already beaten last year's word count, so keep going, you're all doing brilliantly!
almost 3 years ago
We're just over the half way point now and people are still going strong!
At the weekend we had the marathon and our usual write-in where a lot of people hit some big numbers in their word counts.

Congratulations to people who hit 50k and keep going everyone who's still writing! We still have write-ins, both real and virtual, to help with your wordage.
almost 3 years ago
It's Donation Day here at NaNoWriMo!
Have you earned your halo yet? The Office of Letters and Light needs donations to help the ML program (that's us), workshops and support for young writers (which is awesome) and keep the site running (you're on it right now!)
In the Brighton community we have a donation achievement on our punch cards because we're shameless.
almost 3 years ago
We're getting there now. It's only a week and change until NaNoWriMo!
We now have the dates, times and venues in the calendar, including a quick pre-NaNoWriMo panic or chill, depending on your outlook.
There's also a Google Map at the top of the links which shows you where the venues are and how to get to them from Brighton Station.
about 3 years ago
Just a quick update to say that the official NaNoWriMo 2015 stickers have arrived!
Yes, if you come to our events, we will give you stickers. We are grown-ups, honest...
More on those events soon.
about 3 years ago
Welcome, Brighton Wrimos!
It's almost time to get writing again, I hope you all have plans ready and are excited for the frenzied month of writing ahead of us.

The forum's been cleansed so feel free to start us off again with some forum posts. Announce what your book is about and what your plans are. We'll have information on the venues and dates for write-ins shortly. Check out the Facebook group, the Chatzy and the Twitter feed on the right.

If you have any questions, post on the forums or PM either myself or The Average Fred.
almost 4 years ago
It's the last day of NaNoWriMo!
Good luck to the people still frantically typing away.
We have not one but two events today; A write-in at Emporium and then at seven this evening a TGIO party at The Lord Nelson to chill out and unwind.
almost 4 years ago
Hello Brighton Wrimos!
Are your word counts in need of a boost? On our chat room tomorrow from 10 am I'll be hosting a "Virtual Pub Crawl", challenges on the hour every hour as we travel through fictional pubs.
There will be word wars, sprints and optional bonus challenges. Join us for the whole day or even a few hours for some extra writing madness!
almost 4 years ago
Hello Brighton Wrimos!
The first social gathering is almost upon us, starting at seven on Wednesday at The Lord Nelson. The one rule is no writing at the social. If you want to turn up a little early and write then that's fine, I'm sure some of us will be doing that.

I hope you're all enjoying your first few days of this month of writing madness.
almost 4 years ago
Hello Brighton Nano folk!
So the 1st is fast approaching and we thought a little meet up before all the panic and insanity sets in would be a good thing to organise! Usually, the writers (myself and Charlie X included) meet up at Emporium on London road for all sorts of writing and conversation shenanigans. If you would like to join us for a sort of Pre-Kick Off Party, then feel free! We will be there from midday this Sunday (the 26th). Hopefully see you all there :)

about 4 years ago
Brighton Wrimos!
Welcome to our updated community site. Have a look round, make yourselves comfortable.
The events have just been uploaded to our community's Google Calendar below and I hope you're all as excited as I am!
almost 5 years ago
REMINDER: we are allowing laptop and other writing implements at tonight's social! I can't promise that the atmosphere will be conducive to writing, but you are welcome to give it a try! (I will be)
almost 5 years ago
A couple of people have asked me how to get a shiny halo. Well, the answer is simple!

Go here: and donate $10 (about £6-7) or more (there are extra goodies if you chose a $25+ donation).

And then BOOM: Halo for you.
almost 5 years ago
Welcome to Brighton NaNoWriMo 2013!
All dates, times and venues for the month can now be found on the calendar (the box below this).
Click any of the events for details.
A post will be going up shortly with all of the info in as well!
almost 6 years ago
After a short delay the WINNER CODES are now available for all your prize goodies!

If you can't see the codes check to make sure you are logged in and a verified winner (mmm, shiny purple bar...)
almost 6 years ago
For anyone coming to the last write-in, Naked have closed early due to staff shortages, we are upstairs at the Marwood if you want to join us!
almost 6 years ago
Hey everyone, I am BACK. I apologise to anyone who nanomailed me over the last few days, I have read them all and you should have your replies by now!

Please read the broadcast message that has been sent out re: events over the next three days!
almost 6 years ago
The poll to for the latest challenge winner is now up at SurveyMonkey here:
almost 6 years ago
Right you lot, voting for this weeks challenge ends at midnight Saturday so get on over here and read the entries:

And then click on over here to vote for your favourite:

Remember, voting helps your word count!*.

*Not really. But I had to try.
almost 6 years ago
Thanks to the Chocolate Box of Delicious Donations (and you guys who came out tonight for a very entertaining failure at writing-in) I've been able to donate $6 to OLL. Woo hoo!

I'll be bringing the box to future write-ins if you want to swap your pocket change for chocolate & donate to OLL at the same time!

So far today our region has more than DOUBLED the donations we had made up until yesterday, so a huge THANK YOU to everyone who has donated today and in the rest of the month, and a poke with my Writer Poking Stick if you haven't yet. Remember, if you don't have change to spare, look at the 'donating when broke' page!

Finally: you are awesome, Brighton. Keep on keepin' on :)
almost 6 years ago
Brighton WriMos!
Yesterday our collective word-count sailed past THREE MILLION WORDS!
Give yourselves a pat on the back* for being awesome.
*You may also substitute chocolate in place of a pat on the back if you are less dexterous.
almost 6 years ago
We have a change of venue for our Friday night write in tonight! We will be at the New York Coffee Company, just up the road from the Clock Tower.
The address for those of you who will be following google maps is: 2 North Street, The Quadrant, Brighton BN1 3GJ
The write-in will be running from 5pm-8pm, although the shop is open until 9pm if you want to stay later.
See you there!
almost 6 years ago
We have a couple of renegade write-ins happening in Eastbourne every week, and there are two additional Brighton write-ins this Tuesday and in a fortnights' time, so don't forget to keep checking the calendar! If you organise a renegade write-in (a write-in without any MLs present) please let Cerys or Retrograde know in a NaNoMail and we can add it to the calendar :)
almost 6 years ago
Check your NaNoMail for the first BROADCAST MESSAGE from your MLs :) not long to go now! See you at the kick-off party on November 1, 7-10 at the Lord Nelson function room, Trafalgar Street. Meet outside Brighton station at 6.30 if you want to walk down there together.
about 6 years ago
Welcome Brighton WriMos! Wow, have we got some awesome stuff lined up for you this year. We can't wait to get going, but until that fated day we'll be chatting on the forums and the official Brighton WriMos twitter and facebook. Our kick-off party will be on November 1, so put the date in your diaries - venue to be announced later on.

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