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about 1 year ago
There is one more thing to add to the below note:

If it's not about the fun of it, if you're grinding just to get the count and not enjoying it, take a break, do something you love then come back later.

NEVER fret about the possibility of losing. It doesn't matter if you hit the 50k, just taking part and having that ridiculous fun is what matters in the end.

Good luck, boys and girls.

almost 7 years ago
How To Win NaNoWriMo:

Write LOTS - just force yourself to put one sentence in front of another in front of another in front of another. NEVER listen to your "Inner Editor". Occasionally stop, BRIEFLY think about where you're heading, and have a biscuit. And COFFEE. Aim for 2,000 words a day if you can - build yourself a cushion.

Rinse and repeat for 30 days. Have a ridiculous amount of fun.

That is all.


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