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about 1 year ago
Hi guys! NaNoWriMo 2017 is fast approaching and so as your MLs for this year we wanted to introduce ourselves. We’re Kathy (AggiePhillips) and Shaun (PillarMan88). We’re looking forward to meeting everyone, hopefully we’ll be seeing a lot of familiar faces and a lot of new faces at this November’s meets. For the last two years we’ve held them at the Quad in Derby but we’re hoping to rent out a function room this year instead – if anyone has any suggestions we’d be very open to them. Feel free to start posting on the regional forum to get to know fellow nanos!
about 3 years ago
Hello everyone, my name is Laura-Emily and I'm the new ML for Derbyshire. If you're on Facebook feel free to add Derbyshire NaNo to your friends, I'll be posting on there and here to update you on what's happening behind the scenes. I'm attending WEA, Derby on the 15th at 13:00 to look at the venue/ spaces for the write-ins so hopefully I'll be posting dates and times for those events in the very near future. Make sure you add me as a buddy and I'm looking forward to meeting you all soon! - anxietyanne
almost 4 years ago
Hi, please make sure you've all read and responded to our TGIO thread.
Even if you can't make it, it would be very polite for you to respond regardless :)
almost 4 years ago
We've hit the half way mark so you should be around 25k at this point! Don't despair if you're behind- there's loads of time to catch up. If you're ahead then great! Good luck all :) - matt
almost 4 years ago
If you use Facebook at all, please feel free to add Derbyshire NaNo to your friends :)
almost 4 years ago
Good luck today! You can do it! :)
about 4 years ago
Hello all. Welcome to Nano 2014! Please make yourself at home!
about 4 years ago
I have made a post regarding provisional dates for the meets this Nov 2014!
almost 5 years ago
You guys rock.

That is all. x
almost 5 years ago
At The Brunswick. Hope to see some of you soon.

Vicky (chickenchargrill)
almost 5 years ago
Great to see so many folks on the forum already! You guys rock! Feel free to start up a thread if there's anything you want to talk about :)

Welcome to all the newbies, good to see people up for the challenge.

You will find a writing prompt in the appropriate forum if anyone wants to have some warm-up exercises. I'll be posting one a day until NaNo starts XD

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