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15 days ago
The kick-off party will be 31st October, 6-10pm, in Bishop's Stortford. Please see the forum thread for details!
11 months ago
This week's Bishop's Stortford write-in will be TODAY and not Sunday. But back to Sunday next week! Still 1-3pm, still upstairs in Caffe Nero.
12 months ago
Due to neccesary life commitments getting in the way, I'm having to re-arrange Hertford write ins to virtual ones. Stay tuned on the calendar for dates and times.
12 months ago
It's the first day of Nano, and time to get that word count soaring! Good luck to every one participating this year!
12 months ago
It's almost time for Nanowrimo! I've updated our calendar with some more dates for physical write-ins with potentially more to come so keep your eyes peeled !

If there isn't one you can go to, don't worry there will be some Virtual Write-ins too :)
almost 2 years ago
Write-in at the Bishop's Stortford Caffe Nero - tomorrow, Sunday 13th November, 1-3pm. We'll be upstairs.
almost 2 years ago
Meet me in the chatnano chatroom for the virtual write-in, tonight at 6pm
almost 2 years ago
Sunday, 6th November
Write-in at Caffe Nero, Bishop's Stortford (across from Costa on South Street)
almost 2 years ago
TONIGHT there is a virtual write-in in the Herts chatroom, 6-7pm. For instructions on how to join, please see this thread,
almost 2 years ago
TONIGHT! Halloween Kick Off Party at The Port Jackson Wetherspoon in Bishop's Stortford. Join us for food, fun, and cupcakes from 6-8pm.
about 2 years ago
Join me Sunday, 02 October, from 1-3pm in the Bishop's Stortford Library to get your #Preptober started right!
about 3 years ago
Welcome to the NaNoWrimo Hertfordshire region! This is a brand new region, so please bear with me as content is added and organised. I look forward to meeting you all!

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