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20 days ago
We’re in the home stretch now! Our next write-in is tomorrow 6pm-8pm at Pret Hanover Square.

Our LAST DITCH write-in for this year will begin on Friday 30th at 3pm, at Hanover Square Pret. At 8pm, if people want to continue writing, we will migrate to a 24-hour café of some kind (our current thinking is St. Pancras or Liverpool Street), re-group at 8:45pm, and sprint for the finish. Follow @LondonNaNo for the latest news as details may change on the day.
about 1 month ago
Sign ups for the All Night Lock In (7pm Sat 24 Nov-7am Sun 25 Nov) are now open! As always, you MUST have signed up in advance to come to ANLI. Details, and the form to sign up, are here: or please check Jonathan's thread in the forum.
about 1 month ago
We did it!!!

This is just a quick note to confirm that we have now managed to source a venue for ANLI, so the event will be going ahead on 24th-25th November from 7pm until 7am. We will likely need some help during the clean down period (7am-8am) also, for anyone who is able to stay around. The nearest train stations are Forest Hill and Sydenham Hill.

Further details to come :)
about 1 month ago
Welcome to NaNoWriMo 2018!

We've populated the Google Calendar with provisional times and locations for ML-led write-ins, our Kick Off Party (Saturday 27th - tomorrow!) and our exciting Punting and Sprinting event on Sat 3rd November, which will be a day trip to Cambridge!

We're working on planning more events and will share details soon. Stay tuned...
4 months ago
Notice: the annual NaNoWriMo forum wipe will happen on Tuesday, 4th September.

If there is anything from the forums from 2017 that you want to keep hold of, please save a copy yourself before September 4th.
about 1 year ago
NaNo 2017 is over, and we’re thrilled to announce that (minus suspicious word counts) the writers of London wrote a sensational 49,654,758 words! This makes us the winner in the Seattle vs. London Word War, and is equivalent to just over 993 winning novels!

Our Sunday write-ins are taking a break for December, but will resume in the New Year and continue every week, same time, same place, throughout 2018.

Thanks so much for being part of NaNoWriMo with us - we’ll see you very soon!
about 1 year ago
NaNoRilla is today! We’ll be meeting at the Lakeside Terrace at the Barbican from 11am, and setting off at 12am on a walking tour around London.

At 6pm, our Mid Month Party will be at the Spice of Life in Cambridge Circus (just next door to the Palace Theatre.)
about 1 year ago
Sign ups for the All Night Lock In on 25th/26th November, in Croydon, are now open. As in previous years, we need you to have signed up before you can come to ANLI. Please see the pinned post below for information on the event and a link to the sign up form.
about 1 year ago
We hope you're having a great NaNo and are now well on your way to the 50K target! If not, don't give up - it's early days yet, there's plenty of time to get back on track. A little extra every day can go a long way to wiping out any word-debt you might have accrued.

Our next ML-led Write-In will be tomorrow, back in the basement at Pret in Hanover Square from 1300-1600. Nearest tubes Oxford Circus and Bond Street. There are additional Write-Ins, led both by your ML team and by other participants, throughout the week. See the calendar below for details.

Have a great week, and stay safe on Fireworks Night!
about 1 year ago
Just a quick reminder: this is an all-ages forum, so please keep your posts all-ages appropriate. Happy writing!
about 1 year ago
Less than two hours to go until NaNo 2017 starts in the UK! Excited? I am!

The first Write-In will be led by your ML team tomorrow. We'll be at Pret a Manger in Hanover Square between 1800-2000, in the basement. Nearest tube stations are Oxford Circus and Bond Street. Look for the people in NaNo T-shirts.

Good luck everyone!
about 1 year ago
There will be a plot-in tomororow (Sunday 29th.) Come and say hi, grab a sticker, and nail down your last few plot beats before NaNo starts on Wednesday. (Or don't. We won't judge you.)

We'll be at Pret a Manger in Hanover Square from 1pm to 4pm. Look for the NaNoWriMo t-shirts in the basement.

Tube: Oxford Circus, Bond Street, or any bus going down Oxford Street or Regent Street. NB: don't rely on Google Maps, it may try to send you to the wrong Pret on Hanover Street (round the corner.)

See you there - and don't forget to put your clocks back tonight!
about 1 year ago
Four days to NaNo! Wheeeee!

Our KICK-OFF PARTY will be TOMORROW, Saturday 28th October, at the Mad Hatter Hotel on Stamford Street from 1pm to 4pm. We'll be in the large area towards the back.

The nearest tube station is Southwark. The nearest mainline station is Blackfriars - use the South Bank exit. It's also accessible by buses 45, 63, 381, 388, RV1, and on the CS6 and Q1 cycling routes. Regrettably, there are no special prizes for people who arrive by helicopter/hovercraft/pogo stick, but don't let that stop you.

We can't wait to see you there!
about 1 year ago
The calendar below now has the dates for our major events for this year, and for the ML-led write-ins.

OUR FIRST EVENT, in less than two weeks, is the Kick-Off Party on 28th October. We'll be at The Mad Hatter on Stamford Street from 1pm to 4pm.
THE NEXT DAY, on Sunday 29th October, the MLs will be running a plot-in at Pret in Hanover Square from 1pm to 4pm.

More details for NanoRilla, the All-Night Lock-In, and the exciting new London to Brighton in 1,667 Words event, will be announced soon.
about 1 year ago
Welcome to NaNoWriMo 2017 in London!

We're just ironing out the last details for this year's events, including the ML-led write-ins, parties, and the special events. Once we have everything confirmed, we'll add them to the Google Calendar below and publicise them on the forum. Stay tuned, and thanks for your patience!

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