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11 months ago
Happy NaNoWriMo fellow writers!

The time has come! But fear not, you're not on your own. We have a fantastic writing community! The MLs of Athens and Thessaloniki are continuously working to bring people together. If you are not near Athens or Thessaloniki, no problem! You don't need an ML to have a good time (though we'd appreciate the thought!), so don't hesitate to plan your own little regional meetups. We would be thrilled to see your work!

As for the WriMos in Athens and Thessaloniki, make sure to keep an eye on our regional calendar down below, as it will be constantly updated with new meet-up dates in both cities.

ALSO! Join our Facebook Group for more updates and info. Come introduce yourself, have a word sprint (or two, or three) with us and let's get this show on the road!

I wish you all a very productive November! Happy writing!

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This is a group for the members from Greece and Cyprus that like to write novels and weave stories. Come, introduce yourselves and let's all have a wonderful NaNoWriMo.
Here we can talk about our stories and cheer and support each other.
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