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27 days ago
Schreiwen schreiwen schreiwen ;-)

But sometimes a little fun is needed, too: long write-in with food and goodies coming up! Please read up and RSVP, thanks!
about 1 month ago
Online Write-In

Haut/Today :-)

Ab 19h30 ish
about 1 month ago

Double that word count!!

Write, write, write like the wind! Come on, you can do it :-)

Also: Check the write-in thread for new information on the next write-in. It's going to be a breakfast write-in.
about 1 month ago
NaNo 2018 has officially begun!

Vill Spaass!
about 1 month ago
Online Kick-Off - 31st October

Physical Kick-Off with Write-In - 1st November

Details in the thread below. Please RSVP for 1st November - thanks!
about 1 month ago
Just nach e puer Deeg bis den 1.!

Sidd dir prett??
2 months ago


Read the thread and let me know please, thanks!
3 months ago
De Countdown leeft! Nach 31 Deeg ier et lass geet :-)

Sidd dir scho lues a lues amgaangen iech fir ze bereeden?
3 months ago
Site Wipe

Lo ass de Forum erem eidel an proper fir dass mir rem kennen lass lëen mat neien Aventüren dëst Joer!
about 1 year ago
Dee lëschten Dag ass hei!

Write Write Write!

And don't forget to validate your wordcount!!
about 1 year ago
TGIO Info is up!
about 1 year ago
Net méi grad 10 Deeg! Lo geet et em d'Wurscht! ;-)

Not quite 10 days left! Get those words in! :-)
about 1 year ago
Gréisseren Write-In e Samsdeg - sot w.e.g. Bescheed ob dir kent kommen, merci!

Bigger Write-In on Saturday - please rsvp, thanks!
about 1 year ago
Fir e flotten Wee e puer extra Wieder ze kréien:

Wrimoverse Crawl

To gain some extra words in a fun way.
about 1 year ago
Wéi ass et iech op äerem éischten Dag ergaangen?
Did you survive your first day?


Let us know on the forum!
about 1 year ago

Happy NaNo 2017 :-)
about 1 year ago
Midnight Kick-Off in chat tonight! Starting around 10ish.

Reaaaadyyyyyy... seeeeeet..... not quite go yet ;-)
about 1 year ago
De Countdown leef!!
Muer ass online Kick-Off um Mëtternuecht!
about 1 year ago
Write-In Info

Check below!
about 1 year ago
Nach e bëssi méi wi eng Woch!
November 1st is creeping closer ;-)
about 1 year ago
Wrimoverse has returned!

Now bigger, better and containing even more regions, MLs, Wrimos and silliness of all kinds. More info can be found here: Welcome to Wrimoverse - Wrimoverse Info
about 1 year ago
Wëllkomm bei NaNoWriMo 2017

Ët ass esou wäit! De Moment kent emmer mi no!! Nach een Mount an da kenne mer lass lëen!! :-D

Kommt bis laanscht a stellt iech vir.


Welcome to NaNoWriMo 2017

This is it! The moment is coming ever nearer!! One more month to go and we can get started!! :-D

Swing by and introduce yourselves.
over 1 year ago

Ët ass nach zimlech fréi am Joer (bon, fir NaNo zumindest - emmerhin ass scho geschwenn rem Zäit fir d'Schueberfouer!) mee mir sinn awer alt schon e bëssi aktiv :-)
about 2 years ago
Dir hudd ët gepackt!
You survived NaNoWriMo 2016!!
GO YOU! :-)
about 2 years ago
Nach 2 Deeg!

Schreiwt schreiwt schreiwt!
about 2 years ago
Online Write-In den Owend / tonight!
about 2 years ago
Muer ass rem write-in - ech hoffen ech wärt e puer vun iech do gesinn! :-)
about 2 years ago
Write-in dëse Samsdeg!

Check the Write-In thread for more Info!
about 2 years ago
Ready, Set, Go!

November is here!
about 2 years ago
Just nach e puer Stonnen!
about 2 years ago
Nach eng Woch!!
about 2 years ago
Please let me know if you can make it to our

>>>>>>>Kick-Off Party<<<<<<<

Sot mir w.e.g. Bescheed op dir kent kommen.

(Info: Kick-Off Party thread)
about 2 years ago
NaNo ass just em den Eck!!

Wrimoverse is live:
over 2 years ago
*cracks knuckles*

NaNo is slowly creeping closer!
about 3 years ago
Saturday December 5th
Christmas Market, Gëlle Fra
about 3 years ago
Leschte Weekend!

Final Weekend!
about 3 years ago
E besse méi wéi eng Woch nach


a little over a week left!
about 3 years ago
Den Owend ass

Online Write-In

about 3 years ago
about 3 years ago
Den 30. Oktober 2015 um 19.30 Auer ass


will take place on October 30th 2015 at 7.30pm.
about 3 years ago
Sot mir w.e.g. wat fir een Datum iech am beschten geet fir

Kick-Off Party!

What date suits you best?
about 3 years ago
NaNoWriMo ass bal hei! Nach 23 Deeg :-)
De Forum get den Owend op d'Been gesat.

NaNoWriMo is almost here! 23 days to go :-)
Forums will be set up tonight.
about 4 years ago
Haut ass
TGIO Party
is today

about 4 years ago
NaNo ass nach net grad ganz eriwer, well mir hun nach eng TGIO Party! Méi Infos ennendrenner am Forum.

NaNo isn't quite over yet as we still have a TGIO Party! More info in the forum below.
about 4 years ago
Läschte Weekend!
Last weekend!

about 4 years ago
Läscht Woch! Gidd namol alles!!

Last week! Give it everything one last time!!
about 4 years ago
Dëse Samsdeg / This Saturday:
The Night of Writing Dangerously

Please RSVP and let us know what you'd like to bring for dinner! :-)
Et wärt Spaass maan, ganz bestemmt!
about 4 years ago
Denkt drun, dass et en Chat get. Dir kent deen fräi benotzen an et ass normalerweis och all Owend mindestens een vun eis online fir mat iech ze schnëssen an ze schreiwen!

Remember that there is a chatroom. You're free to use it and in the evenings at least one of us is usually online to talk to you and write with you!
about 4 years ago
Haut ass
is today!

Also, it's Double-Up Day - please take a moment to read the messages from headquarters. :-)
about 4 years ago
An an an? Wéi kommt dir virun?
Zielt eis alles! Mir sin wéi emmer firwetzeg!
Faert net fir aeren eegenen Sujet am Forum opzemaan :-)

Denkt drun: Write-Ins all Samsdeg mëtteg! Vun 14.30 bis....
Platzen soen mir iech mat Zäiten sou wéi dir musst Bescheed wëssen. Mee halt iech op alle Fall aer Samsdeg mëtteger fräi fir ze schreiwen!
Weeeeell? Tell us everything! How are your novels coming along?
Feel free to create a thread or two about it, girls and boys :-)

Remember: Write-Ins every Saturday afternoon! Starting 2.30pm until....
Locations will be posted as we need the info. But do keep your afternoons free for writing craziness!
about 4 years ago
Online Write-In um 8 Auer den Owend - also an enger Stonn - fir déi, déi wëllen :-)
about 4 years ago
First chat-room session is open for anyone who wants to join for a midnight kick-off.
about 4 years ago
Just nach e puer Deeg!!

Only a few more days!!

about 4 years ago
Méi Info zur Kick-Off Party as do - gidd mol bis luussen.

Kick-Off Party thread has been updated - hop on over to have a look.
about 4 years ago
Mir bréichten Äntwerten fir d'Kick-Off Party an fir d'Write-Ins.
Merci villmols!

Responses required for Kick-Off Party and Write-Ins.
Thank you very much!
about 4 years ago
Forums have officially been refreshed, and our own threads are going to come pouring in now, so feel free to drop by on the regional forums and leave a message - or create a topic of your own if you feel inclined on launching a discussion! We would love it :-)
about 4 years ago
Chat is open as of now.

Mir sinn net andauernd online, mee ginn awer regelméisseg kucken ob een do ass deen e bessen well schnëssen oder Froen huet.
about 4 years ago
Woah, it's October already! How did that happen?!
Forum-wipe is imminent and we'll shower you with brand-spanking new threads as soon as this has been done.

Start warm-up exercises for your poor fingers, because NaNoWriMo is almost upon us! :-)
about 5 years ago
Final sprint people!!!

Saturday will be the last write-in for this season. Don't miss it and keep up the writing! :-)
about 5 years ago
The final week has started!

Keep up the good work and write, write, write, write!

Not long now!
about 5 years ago
Also, if you want to do a virtual write-in on Wednesday evening (aka tomorrow), just hop into chat around 8pm!
about 5 years ago
NaNo-Mails for the Day/Night of Writing Dangerously have gone out.
Please also check the Write-In thread.

Keep on writing everyone!! Slightly more than a week to go! Beat those 50k!! :-D
about 5 years ago
Today is ML appreciation day!
Show your love to your MLs, because you know you want to hug them! (and what about baking a cheesecake for them? Just an idea...)
And don't forget to write! Week 3 is soon to be over...
about 5 years ago
Half-Way Point!

Go get those 25k!! :-D
about 5 years ago
Hello hello!

Night/Day of Writing Dangerously update in the Write-In thread!

Please take your time to read and respond, thank you!
about 5 years ago
Hello Wrimos!

Please remember to give us some feedback regarding a possible organisation of a Night of Writing Dangerously. It would be much appreciated, thank you! For this, please hop on over to the "Write In" thread.

Also: second write-in tomorrow afternoon! :-)
about 5 years ago
Half-way through the first week (plus we've already survived a long weekend) - how are you feeling?
Are you stalling? Are you progressing? What are your writing plans?

Keep us updated, let us know and most of all: Keep on Writing!!
about 5 years ago
Back from the 1st Write-In! :-)

Our regional chatroom is now up! Check the relevant thread for instructions on how to use it and have fun!
about 5 years ago
1st write in happens today! (can you sense the excitement in those words?)

We're meeting at 3pm at Exki gare (connected to the book store Libo):
11, rue du Fort Bourbon
L-1249 Luxembourg-Gare

See you there!
about 5 years ago
Yup, it's official.

NaNoWriMo 2013 has started!! :-)

Happy Noveling everyone and good luck!
about 5 years ago

Can you feel the excitement? In 2 days, you can start writing at the stroke of midnight!! :-D

On that note: Check the "Write-In" thread please!
about 5 years ago
October 31st
Porta Nova at 19.00

The table has been booked under the name "Nano" in case someone should arrive before me - I shall try and remember to bring a Nano tabletent, just in case.
about 5 years ago
Hello everyone!

November 1st is moving closer and closer! Have you started planning your novels yet? Or are you just going to go with the flow and let the novel write you when the time hits?

Please remember to RSVP for the Kick-Off Party as the date is nearing rather rapidly! Thank you! :-)
about 5 years ago
Hello Lux Wrimos!

The new site has been launched and with it the forums have been cleaned, looking all nice and shiny again!
Please feel free to drop us messages and we would love to hear from you in the forum threads!

For now, we bid you all good night :-)

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