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almost 2 years ago
Good heavens, it's the last day of November!

Come celebrate the end of it all (gosh, that sounds a bit too morbid, let's try this again). Come celebrate your end word count or make the dash for the end with everyone at the Midnight Write in at travelinghobbit's house.
almost 2 years ago
Despite the uncertainty of America's presidential race, there is nothing uncertain in the fact that there is a write in tonight!

Time: 8:00 start
Where: Travelinghobbit's house.
almost 2 years ago
Check this thread for write ins and meet ups.
almost 2 years ago
Kick off/pre-Nano/Halloween party at the lovely Spikala's place. Please PM the ML or her for address.

Sunday (30th Oct) at 12pm. Dress up is optional but please bring a plate of Halloween themed food with you.

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