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11 months ago
all you winners we will be having TGIO parties if you are associated with Foothills come to the Party 5:00 Thursday. If Main Library is your spot come Saturday at 12:30.

I'd like to hear from you which is your library

Christine Howard: ML
11 months ago
We are doing it Yuma writers. Keep writing all of you
about 1 year ago
"I felt that I had to write. Even if I had never been published, I knew that I would go on writing, enjoying it and experiencing the challenge." Gwendolyn Brooks

This is how I feel and each of you who take on the NaNo challenge let yourself feel this way. If you want to write DO let it flow from your fingertips onto the page and you will be happy that you have created a gift if the only one you give it to is yourself.

Chris Howard

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