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11 months ago
So, while I cannot host a TGIO party myself, writinginmyhead has awesomely offered to host it herself! It will be at SeƱor Tom's on December 10th, 3-4 pm.

If you can go, please RSVP at the following link!
11 months ago
And that's a wrap!
Whether you won or just got a little bit done, you came, you wrote, you conquered! Writing can be difficult, especially when you are trying to make yourself write. I just wanted to say great job to everyone!
11 months ago
Sorry for the lack of updates but It's been a bit busy for me.
But we're already 2/3 way through the month! Whether your that far into your word count, way ahead of schedule or behind, you've still done great! Even if it's a small amount, you have still written something, put your ideas on paper.
You guys are all awesome and no matter your count, you are a writer!
12 months ago
Hope everyone is going well so far! Sorry for my lack of activity but school and work has kept me crazy busy, hence why I haven't even started writing! A number of our members have planned write ins, and those who have PMed me have theirs on the calendar. If you wish to host one, send me a message with the date, time, and place.
As for my hosting of write-ins, I'm starting to wade through my schedule but am still unsure about the best places on the Northern side of the county. I will have one this Saturday from 1300 to 1500 and considering either Downtown, the plaza, or east vale.
Good luck to everyone!
12 months ago
Sorry for the lack of information, school has been keeping me super busy so life has been insane. I'm hoping to have a write in Thursday or Saturday, maybe Friday. If any of you want to host your own write-ins please let em know so I can add it to the calendar!
Happy Halloween!
12 months ago
Just a reminder that tomorrow is our Kick Off at Tio's Tacos in Downtown Riverside! Hope to see you there!

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