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almost 2 years ago
Don't forget, everyone, when you finalize a write-in for your part of the region, please post it in the "CALENDARIZE MY WRITE-IN" thread so that the MLs can post them to the Official Regional Calendar!
almost 2 years ago
Welcome back SacNano people! This year we are blasting off to space and attempting to become stars.

Right now, there's a renovation of the website underway, and if you have anything to offer or things you might find useful on the website, let us know in the thread below.

IRC is on Goodchatting, as usual. The instructions in the thread below should work, but eventually we'll be porting that over to the website.

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Welcome to the Sacramento region! We're a pretty big region, encompassing much of the Central Valley as well as chunks of Nevada County, Placer County, and more! Join us! Be one of us! And introduce yourself in the "Introduction" thread below.
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