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8 days ago
And we're back!

Hello, lovely San Francisco! Hope you had a great year.
We are back and ready to have a great time with you this November.
Come to Kick-Off on September 29th to celebrate with us!
about 1 month ago
Happy Summer, everyone!

We're already gearing up for November so I thought I'd pop in to say hi to anyone lurking around on the forums!

Have any ideas for write-ins or places to gather? Drop us a line.
Let us know what you want to do in November, fun-wise.

Hope everyone is having a fab summer!
10 months ago
Well, I guess that's a wrap, everyone!
Well done, San Francisco.
We have enjoyed every minute of the past month with you, and we hope you had a good time, too.
To the winners, I salute you, and to the participants who did not win, you know what? Hats off to you, as well. You sacrificed your time this month to work on this crazy endeavor, and we are all a few (or more) words well off than we were a month ago.
We will see you at the TGIO party TOMORROW, bring cookies, bring 2 single sided pages of your writing, and let's hang out and cheer each other.
10 months ago
Day 30!!
Wow, guys, we've been doing this for 30 DAYS!
For all of you at any word count level, we salute you.
Anyone joining me (Rachel) at Cafe Enchante tonight? I hope so!
10 months ago
Day 29!
Oh hey guys! How's it going? You doing okay? Anyone going to a write in today? If anyone participates in all three, let us know and you'll get a prize.
I wrote a lot on the plane yesterday but still waaaay behind, so we shall see.
Hoping for the best.
Happy writing, all!
10 months ago
Day 28!
28 rhymes with great!
I’m traveling today and hopefully writing on the plane. Good luck to everyone!!
10 months ago
Day 27!
Morning, everyone.
Are you still writing? Have you decided you're done? Have you had an almost last minute crazy word binge? Let us know how you're doing!
Those of us who are behind can still make it, don't think about how many words you are lacking, just keep going.
10 months ago
Day 26! Good morning, San Francisco! How's it going? Still writing? We very, very much hope you're still writing. We are (even if some of us - ahem, Rachel - are pretty far behind!).
Now's the time to buckle down and pound out some words.
When you are 'done' - as in, have a little over 50k words, since different word processors count words differently - you can validate your novel for the win by putting your total number of words into the validator at the top of the page. Please let us know if you need any help!
Happy Sunday and happy writing, everyone!
10 months ago
How's it going? Another week down, just one more to go. What's your character up to? Whether they're wrapping up their adventures or just getting started, they have you to thank for giving them life. How cool is that?!

As always, let us know if we can help you in your writing journey. And don't forget to stretch those hands and wrists! You've been writing quite a bit, after all.
10 months ago
Day 24!

It's hard to writing after a holiday: there's the excitement of family, the glut of food, and the ridiculous sales (and ridiculous lines) at stores. So much happening!

And yet, we had a *great* push yesterday! So keep that momentum going, and let the words flow through you. We're nearly at the end! (Just under a week left!)
10 months ago
Happy Thanksgiving!

If you're anything like me, your NaNoWriMo Thanksgiving involves sneaking in words between making mac and cheese or carving the turkey or rewatching the dog show after the Macy's Day Parade. (Did you see the Whippet? No? What were you doing?!)

Whatever your holiday plans were, you're here now. Great! It's a perfect time to get some words in and see where your characters will take you. If you're stuck, maybe they happened to have a feast! (Sound familiar?)

As always, we're here to support you. Write like the wind, Wrimos.
10 months ago
Day 22!
Happy Wednesday, guys! How goes the writing? I have to really get some words down today, wish me luck.
We hope everyone has a fun, safe and memorable Thanksgiving.
10 months ago
Two notes in one day!

Just a quick one to let everyone know that the Panera write-in for today is canceled; Barrington's stuck at home waiting for an appointment in the new apartment. (Yay new apartment!)


There will be a virtual write-in late tonight (as per usual) on Slack - meet us there!
10 months ago
Day 21!
Good morning, everyone!
Hope the writing and your work/life balance is going well this fine, sunny day.
Anyone going to either of the morning write ins today? I can't make it to Crepe House so I'm taking that off the calendar, but you should go to Maxfields or Panera today!
10 months ago
Day 20! Hello, our lovely San Francisco Wrimos! How goes it?
Who went to the NoWD last night? Did you have an amazing time?
If anyone is traveling over the holidays and you think you'll need some extra writing prodding from us, let us know. I plan to write, at least for a minute, from the airport tomorrow night.
Since the holiday is upon us, things will probably slow down, but don't get discouraged, lovely people.
You can do this!
10 months ago
Day 19!
I'm puttering around my apartment before heading over to Fort Mason and Goody Cafe. How's everyone doing today?
Thanks to those of you who came to Drinks and Peptalks last night. So much fun!
Hope everyone is hard at work (or, you know, still sleeping!)
10 months ago
Day 18!
Happy Saturday, all!
Hope you get some writing done today, and if anyone cares to come out for a drink tonight, please join us.
Let us know how you're doing.
10 months ago
Day 17! Happy beautiful Friday out there, everyone!
Did you survive yesterday's doom and gloom? How's your word count looking (because from where we sit, it's looking pretty great!).
Your MLs are full of joy today, seeing all the kind responses to the ML Appreciation Day threads floating around this site. We don't do this for the money, or the glory, we do it for the FUN and for the YOU! Since we couldn't be MLs without you, dear region, our hats are off to you today!
San Francisco, we heart you!
10 months ago
Day 16!
And what a dreary, rainy day it is. How is your word count? How is your novel?
Let us know, and we'll provide the support and commiserations you may need.
10 months ago
Day 15! It's the halfway mark, everyone!
We are almost over the hump. Don't let despair slow you down. Those of us who are behind the daily par, we can make it up! I've had, in the past, a day where I knocked out 8k+ words.
It is doable.
Go team! Use this rainy Wednesday to get some words written. Maybe join John at Borderlands this morning?
10 months ago
Day 14! We are almost at the halfway mark, can you believe it/
If you need some focus and encouragement, you should go to one of our three write-ins today - Barrington's at 10:30 at Panera on King Street, the 10:00 write-in at Maxfield's or join Rachel at 5:45 PM at Crepe House.
We can vouch for the goodness of write-ins, so many words written in such a short span of time.
If it helps anyone to make any of these write-ins virtual, let us know and we'll hop onto slack to check in on you...
10 months ago
Day 13!
Our neighbors to the north have once again bested us in word count. Are we going to let that stand, guys? I think not.
Also, today is Back up your novel day, so do it, and let us know so we can give you a virtual high five...
10 months ago
Day 12
Who has hit 20k yet? Let us know!
You guys are doing it, from what I can see.
Go team!
10 months ago
Day 11!
It is 11/11, so make a wish!
I wish everyone has a great and wordy weekend.
A bunch of us are writing like speed demons over here at Goody Cafe.
What's new with everyone? Let us know how we can make your weekend that much sunnier....
10 months ago
Day 10!
My how time flies. Goodness.
Hope everyone has a good day, writing or otherwise on this dreary morning. If I was home, I'd be all curled up on the couch writing. I hope some of you get to do that today!
10 months ago
Day 9
Happy day 9, everyone! How's it going?
Let us know if you need any extra special cheering on today.
If anyone wants to schedule a write in, let us know...
10 months ago
Day 8!
8 is great! And it rhymes!
How is your day going? How are your word counts?
Who has mentioned the awesomeness of Ottawa in their novels yet?
Who went to a write in yesterday?
Your procrastinating MLs wanna know...
11 months ago
Day 7!
Good morning, SFWrimos! Happy Tuesday.
If ever there was a day to go to a write-in, today is it. You can spend the morning with John at Maxfields, then dash over to King Street Panera and chill with your charming ML Barrington, then this evening write with me at Crepe House.
If anyone goes to all 3, I will get you a prize!

11 months ago
Day 6!
Today's the day, guys, to attempt to hit 10k. We know you can do it.
One word after another, and another, repeat, repeat, repeat.
Back up your novel, too, and let us know you did it so we can virtually pat you on the back (or high five you, or just say good job!)
11 months ago
Day 5! How has your Sunday gone so far, everyone?
I've been alternating between errands, Farmers market and writing.
Did you see that we beat our friends in Ottawa in terms of donations on Donation Day? They are currently ahead of us in word count, let's not let them best us with that!
11 months ago
Day 4!
I'm sure everyone got those emails about double up donation day, and if you are able to donate, we will be quite appreciative! Remember, we have our friendly rivalry with our Canadian friends, part of which includes which region raises more funds for the nanowrimo non-profit today.
So, if you feel like donating, today is the day to do it.
Will we see you at Fort Mason today? How are your novels going?
Let us know...
11 months ago
Hey guys! How's day 3 treating you? I'm behind but definitely going to catch up, as will YOU if you're behind, too!
Who is coming to Goody Cafe tomorrow? Anyone want to set up their own write in and meet some new friends?
11 months ago
Welcome to November, everyone!
Look at all your words (below, in our region's word counter!) wow!
I am impressed, we are an industrious lot.
How's it going for you?
11 months ago
And... we are just a few short hours away from NOVEMBER 1!!!!
Are you guys excited? Freaked out?
Don't worry, we have lots of advice here for you, procrastination assistance too, and at least 1 write-in tomorrow (so far!)
11 months ago
Thanks to everyone who came to Kick-Off the other day! We had a great time and hope you did, too.
For folks who could not make it, we look forward to seeing you at a Write-in or other activity soon!
11 months ago
Kick-Off is tomorrow, guys!
We are very much looking forward to seeing as many of you who can make it as possible.
If you haven't RSVPed, please do so so we can get an idea of how many people to expect.
Have a delightful Friday!
11 months ago
Happy Monday, SFWrimos!
Looks like a lot of you joined the region this weekend, and whoa, so many RSVPs for kick-off! We're going to have fun!
Keep checking back here in the regional forum for any new info and if you haven't introduced yourselves already, please do so.
See you all on Saturday!
11 months ago
Happy Friday, San Francisco!
12 days til go time, are you ready? Have you officially announced your novel?
Did anyone go hear Grant last night?
Inquiring minds want to know.
Leave us a note in the thread and tell us how you're doing, where your mind is, and everything in between.
11 months ago
So... Who is going to go to Grant's event at The Bindery tonight?
I can't make it, but you should go! It will be fun and you can consider it a pre-Nano prep event. Also, have we said he's really nice and friendly yet? Well, he is.
If you are planning to go, or if tomorrow you want to tell us about it, drop us a line down in the forum threads.
11 months ago
19 days to go!
Hello, everyone! Hope you and your families and friends are all doing well and are minimally affected by the north bay fires.
We're getting ready for a fun November, but remember we have our Kick-Off on 10/28 and Nanowrimo's own Grant Faulkner is going to be speaking at The Booksmith (but at the Bindery) on 10/19.
This Saturday 10/14 is the annual Litcrawl in the Mission - check out their schedule, lots of good stuff happening.
12 months ago
October already, are you getting excited? Unlike other regions, fall here in San Francisco is not heralded by cool weather or leaves changing color. Nope!
Here, fall is warm and sunny, full of Halloween costume prep and of course, Nano prep!
Welcome back, returning wrimos, and welcome new comers. We're a friendly bunch, so come on in, introduce yourself, start a thread, and check back for updates on our Kick-Off event!
about 1 year ago
Nano 2017 is nigh upon us!

Just popping in to say hi to San Francisco and hope everyone is gearing up for November.

Stay alert and check back here often for Kick-Off info, etc.
almost 2 years ago
Day 30 - LAST DAY!
Well, that went fast, didn't it?
Can you believe today is the last day?
I can't!
If you are close to hitting 50k, or you've already done it, congrats!
If you aren't going to make it, don't fret - you are still awesome and there's always next year.
Remember, winners, to validate your novels before midnight tonight. The sooner the better as the site tends to slow a bit as the entire world validates.
If you need help, let us know or pop in to the tech forums for help.
almost 2 years ago
Day 29!
Whoa, guys, it's almost the last day of nano!
So many of you have the coveted purple bar, so awesome!
The rest of us are in awe of you!
Keep up the good work today! And back up your novels!
almost 2 years ago
Day 28!
Sorry for my lateness! How is your Monday, everyone? Hope you are all doing fabulously.
Be sure to check the forum and the calendar and let us know if you can come to TGIO next weekend!
almost 2 years ago
DAY 27!
Hi, guys! Happy Sunday. How goes the writing? I have to catch up, you guys all have such great, high word counts! Awesome!
Is anyone going to do an impromptu write-in today? You should.
Post about it in the forums and if we see it, we'll put it on the calendar.
Check out the post about TGIO and let us know if you're planning to attend.
Have a great day!
almost 2 years ago
Day 26!
Happy Saturday, everyone! Hope you are putting this last weekend in November to good use! Write your hearts out. Perhaps go to a write-in today?
Keep up the good work.
almost 2 years ago
DAY 25!
Hope everyone had a lovely holiday!
Skip the crazy black Friday nonsense and relax today, and keep up the good work!
almost 2 years ago
Day 24!
Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!
I haven't gotten a single word written but I've got faith in you! (we both do!)
Have a grand holiday and check back in with you tomorrow!
Keep up the good work!
almost 2 years ago
Day 23!
Happy day before Thanksgiving, everyone!
How goes the writing? Are you traveling? Are you almost done?
We know you can do it, keep up the good work!
almost 2 years ago
DAY 22!
Hey, guys!
Happy Day 22, happy back up your novel day, and happy wow it is almost Thanksgiving!
We hope you are still feeling inspired and that your novels are proceeding at a nice pace.
You can do it, guys!
almost 2 years ago
Day 21!
Good morning, San Francisco Team!
How is everyone this lovely, slightly chilly morning?
Did you have fun at the NoWD? Did you work on your word count during the rain yesterday?
Hope you can make it to a write-in today. Has anyone been to the fire station in Sausalito yet? If you have, let us know in the forums!
Have a great day!
almost 2 years ago
Day 20!
Happy rainy day 20, all!
If you are going to the Night of Writing Dangerously tonight, we hope you have an amazing time. If you are going to stay home all cozy today, with your cocoa and your computer, we salute you!
Have a great day!
almost 2 years ago
DAY 19!
How are you all doing this fine, rainy day?
Are you going to a write-in today? coming out later?
Hope you all have a great day! Keep up the fantastic work!
almost 2 years ago
Day 18!
And a happy Friday to you all.
Thank you SO MUCH for your kind words yesterday on ML appreciation day. We really appreciated your appreciation!
Have a great day, back up that novel, go to a write in, and I hope to see some of you tomorrow. Cathy (cretsi) will be the 'host' at Fort Mason and I'll be at the Hotel Rex Library Bar tomorrow night if anyone feels like stopping by.
almost 2 years ago
Day 17!
Good morning, hope everyone stayed cozy last night, cause it was COLD!
This morning is chilly too, and putting me in a stay at home, eat soup and write kind of mood.
Are you guys going to the write-in later? Or over to Paul's Hat Works?
Let us know in the forums how you're doing, and we'll try to work some San Francisco region, ML magic for you...
almost 2 years ago
DAY 16!
Hey, everyone! You are now officially OVER HALF WAY DONE!
How does it feel, San Francisco?
It is a beautiful and sunny morning. I hope your day is productive and you can have some fun, too. There's a write-in at Kawika's tonight and I hear that the writing over at Paul's Hat Works is pretty awesome (lavenderblue went last week) so you may want to check that out, too.
almost 2 years ago
DAY 15!
Hey, guys, it's the halfway mark!
How are you feeling today? You've already done half a month, it is all gravy from here on out. Keep writing, keep creating.
We believe in you!
almost 2 years ago
DAY 14
Howdy, everyone. Hope you had a great three day or two day weekend.
It was super fun to see some of you Saturday night, if you're around next Saturday we'll meet up at the Library Bar again.
Meanwhile, how's the writing coming along? I am still way behind but feeling fine - the words are coming, albeit slowly. If you're in the same position, let's do this together. If you're on par or ahead, you are my heroes!
Write like the wind, dear SF wrimos!
almost 2 years ago
DAY 13
Hope everyone's enjoying this lovely Sunday weather!
Have you had a chance to go to a write in yet? No? That's okay - you can host one! Leave us the details below and we'll make sure it gets on the calendar. You can also attend any of the write ins already scheduled, and your fellow Wrimos will love to have you.
Also, even though Tuesday's officially "Back Up Your Novel Day", it never hurts to do an extra backup. Get it? You got it.
almost 2 years ago
DAY 12
Have a great weekend, everyone!
We hope to see you at a write in or out around town, getting some fresh air and some sunlight.
almost 2 years ago
DAY 11
Happy Friday, all, and a very thankful Veteran's Day to all our veterans.
Anyone going to a write in today? Anyone going to tomorrow's write-in, or to Drinks and Peptalks tomorrow night?
Let us know what you're up to and how you're doing, in the forums...
almost 2 years ago
Day 10
Good morning, everyone!
Are you revved up to write today? I've had a too long, two day hiatus and that stops tonight. Are you with me, San Francisco?
Keep up the good work.
almost 2 years ago
DAY 9.
Even though I'm not feeling my Rachel best today, it is a beautiful morning outside, everyone. The light was so intensely golden in the park I just passed by, and there were robins playing in the grass. I hope you all have spectacularly productive days. Be kind to each other!
almost 2 years ago
DAY 8!
And do I even have to say it? If you have not already voted, go do it! You'll be glad you did.
Hope everyone is doing well on this 8th day of Nano.
almost 2 years ago
DAY 7!
Happy Monday, all.
I hope everyone is refreshed from the weekend and ready to work (if you work!), study (if you study!) and write.
This is when it gets real - do not despair if you've fallen behind on your word count, or if you story isn't going the way you want it to. You can turn it around. You WILL turn it around!
almost 2 years ago
DAY 6!
Hope everyone remembered to 'fall back' this morning.
We've got 900 novelists now, WOW!
Thanks to everyone who donated yesterday, we really appreciate it.
Let us know in the forums how you are doing. Do you need anything that we haven't thought of yet?
Cheers and happy writing!
almost 2 years ago
DAY 5!
Morning, everyone! Hope you have a great weekend and get lots of writing done.
Come to a write in today, or join Tom tomorrow at Cafe International.
Cheers, everyone!
almost 2 years ago
DAY 4!
Happy Day 4 and Happy Friday, all. Are you like me, hoping to catch up this weekend? Are you going to a Write-In today? Today is also one of our region's Back Up Your Novel Days. We hope everyone remembers to back up their novels, it would be so sad to lose your first week's work!
almost 2 years ago
DAY 3!
How's it going, San Francisco? It looks like everyone is hard at work. How nice to see. I've got to catch up to par, but it might not happen until the weekend.
Who's been to a write in? Who's planning to host one?
almost 2 years ago
Happy DAY 2, everyone!
Wow, look at how many words we've written! Go us!
As you can see if you glance at our calendar, I just added a ton of write ins and events. There is truly something for everyone. But keep them coming, there is nothing better than a long list of places for us to hang out, chat, and WRITE!
almost 2 years ago
Wow, our 600th Novelist just joined up AND we have over 160k words written so far! Goooooo San Francisco!
almost 2 years ago
Wow, it's the crack of dawn but look at you guys and your words!
Awesome. Good luck today, be sure to check in with us and let us know how you're doing. Comment in the forums for some good procrastination.
almost 2 years ago
November starts tomorrow!
Hope you are having a great Halloween - don't eat too much candy!
Are you guys ready for November to start?

Have a spooky day!
almost 2 years ago
Kickoff is tomorrow!
It is awesome that so many of you are planning to join us.
Come find us at the Metreon at 2 PM. Barrington will be there before me as I'm coming from a class. If you have a hard time finding our spot, look for the jumble of writerly types. Worst case scenario, check back in this forum - I'll post a note about where we are when I get there!
almost 2 years ago
Happy Tuesday! Who else is happy about the rain this morning? It makes me want to stay home, wear sweaters, drink tea, and WRITE.

Thanks to everyone who has already introduced themselves and RSVPed to Kick-Off.
Hope to talk to you guys/see you soon!
almost 2 years ago
Countdown to Kick-Off!
Happy Monday, everyone! Hope your week goes swimmingly. And that your Halloween costumes are amazing and ready for next week.
Just a few days left before San Francisco Kick-Off! Let us know if you're coming so we can keep an eye out for you.
I counted all our raffle prizes the other day, and man, do we have a lot! This means that you are, statistically speaking, probably just one or two raffle tickets away from getting a great prize and helping us raise funds for our TGIO (Thank God It's Over!) party.
Have a great week, and keep creating your novels and popping in to our forums!
almost 2 years ago
Wooo! Weekend!
How many people are going to spend the weekend planning their nano novel? Anyone?
Hope whatever you do will be fun and that you can get some quality sleep and some good food.
And while you're hanging out, why not pop in to our forum and introduce yourself?

almost 2 years ago
Happy Monday, everyone!

It looks like our region is getting more and more registered Wrimos each day, how exciting!

Save the date for KICKOFF! October 29, 2-4 PM, at the Metreon downtown. We will meet inside, most likely at the tables across from the San Francisco Soup Company. But, if for any reason that changes, you know Barrington and I will keep you up to date.

Please feel free to shower us with questions.
Also, check out the amazing freebies/discounts in the Sponsor Offers section. I am totally getting Aeon Timeline!


Rachel & Barrington
almost 2 years ago
Save the date... for our Kickoff event!

Hi, everyone! Our Kickoff is going to be October 29 from 2-4 PM, somewhere downtown TBD (I'm going to location scout later tonight!).
We will have fun, chat and hang out, and we will have a raffle to raffle off a whole lot of books and two of this year's official poster.
We hope to see as many of you as possible!
More information to come, we'll send a nanomail and also post in the forum below.
Happy Monday!
almost 2 years ago
Happy Almost Nano 2016!
Welcome back, old friends, and welcome on board, new friends!
This forum is your place to post write-ins, procrastination threads, the sky is (just about) the limit.
We are happy to have you.


R&B (Rachel and Barrington!)
almost 3 years ago
And now it's December!
Hey, all!
Why not back up your novel today, now that you're 'done'?
Uriel238 may or may not have his regular Tuesday write in so stay tuned if you think you might want to attend.
It has been a pleasure working with you all month. Hope to see you at TGIO!
almost 3 years ago
DAY 30!
Wow, today is the LAST DAY!
Hope everyone had a great month.
If you have finished your novel, make sure to validate it today before midnight for your 'win' to be official.
Remember, we are super excited and super proud of you whether you won or whether you topped out at 10 words. You are all stars!
Let us know down in the forum how you're doing.
almost 3 years ago
Day 29!
Hello, everyone! It is so great to see all the purple here on the forum!
We are so excited to see how well everyone is doing.
Have a fantastic day, all, and let us know how you're doing in the forums.
We'll check in later and give you many, many accolades!
almost 3 years ago
Day 28!
Better late than never! Hope everyone is having a great weekend. Anyone hit that magic number yet?
Let us know in the forum.
We are so close to the end of this month, can you believe it?
You guys can do this, I know you can!
almost 3 years ago
Day 27!
Hope you guys had a good holiday!
How's your nano going?
Let us know all about it in the comments.
Cathy will be at Fort Mason tomorrow for the Goody Cafe write-in, you should go!
Take care!
almost 3 years ago
Day 26!
Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!
Hope you have a great day.
Write, write write, gang!
Happy holiday!
almost 3 years ago
Day 25!
Hello! Happy day before Thanksgiving, everyone!
Hope you have fun plans for the holiday and that you will be able to carve out some writing time for yourself.
Maybe you can do the Turkzilla virtual write in on Thanksgiving!
Check out the details in the forums.
And did you see our announcement about TGIO? Hooray!
Happy Thanksgiving eve!
almost 3 years ago
Day 24!
Hey, everyone! I'll be writing from an airport before too long, but I wanted to wish you a great day and let you know that we are so happy to have spent this month with you. Keep up the great work and know that we believe in you.
Why not go to Uriel238 (Derek's) write-in tonight? And there's always the write-in at Kawika's tomorrow.
You can do it! Keep writing!
almost 3 years ago
Day 23!
Morning, everyone!
It is day 23, the end is in sight, how are you all doing?
Who is coming to tonight's Write-In at Jenny's space in Chinatown? Please come, it will be fun and a great way to up your word count.
Don't forget to back up your novel today, on Back Up Your Novel day here in SF!
Have a fab day!
almost 3 years ago
Day 22!
It's a beautiful morning everyone! I hope your Sunday is relaxing and productive, if you can get to the intersection of both those concepts.
Don't forget to join us tomorrow night for the write-in at 1920c.
And Mondays are Back Up Your Novel day, so make us proud!
Have a great Sunday!
almost 3 years ago
Day 21!
Good morning!
Happy weekend, guys. What are you doing this weekend? Coming to either of today's Write-Ins?
Loren's Write-In at Borderlands was great last night. I highly recommend going to it next week.
Hope you guys have a great day.
Write hard and play hard, San Francisco!
almost 3 years ago
Day 20!
Wowza. How is it day 20? Crazy.
How's the writing going, gang? I hope it is going well. Who is going to MorbidLoren's write-in at Borderlands tonight?
Hope to see some of you there.
Let us know in the forums what you plan to do this weekend. The city will be bustling with more events and goings on than I could even list here, but you know where we'll be... Writing. Writing and reading and sharing ideas and chugging coffee.
Hope to be doing some of those things with you, you fabulous people!
Happy Friday!
almost 3 years ago
Day 19!
Hey, gang! How are you doing this morning?
We hope you are doing well and still writing. Because really, that's the true test this month, isn't it? That we can carve out space once a day to write? I hope it is happening for you. I know what I wrote last night will not win any contests, but it was something, and that has value.
I hope everyone has a great day. We are in the home stretch, guys. Keep on going, do your best, and in December we'll celebrate our crazy November endeavor.
Happy Thursday!
almost 3 years ago
Day 18!
Wow, Day 18 guys! Can you believe it? We're on the downward slide. Crazy.
How is the writing going? I hope you're all grinding away at your word count. Or at the very least, writing interesting things, learning more about your characters and having a fun time.
There's a write in tonight at Kawika's Ocean Beach Deli, and another at Borderlands on Friday, which I hear has been drawing quite the crowd.
If you're looking to get some good writing time in, I really do recommend going to a write in or scheduling your own.
Anyway, have a grand day and let us know how you're feeling, what you're thinking, etc.
We always like hearing from you!

almost 3 years ago
Day 17!
And what a whirlwind day it has been, so apologies for the late note!
Hope you are all writing, regardless of quality and quantity.
Keep on keeping on and come to a write in!
almost 3 years ago
Day 16!
Good morning and happy Monday.
Remember, Mondays in San Francisco are back up your novel day, so back it up, and then let us know in the thread so we can give you a virtual gold star and a high five.
How are your novels going? Mine took a bit of a turn last night and I got to a really emotional scene, a situation I had not considered for my characters before.
Hope you're having similar experiences!

almost 3 years ago
Day 15!
better late than never, right?
I haven't looked at the computer all day, but I'll be writing after supper, that's for sure.
Hope you all had a good (if blustery!) day.
Keep on keeping on!
almost 3 years ago
Day 14!
Happy Saturday everyone! Hope today is productive and fun for you all.
Join Wrimo Marilyn at the Library Bar tonight if you feel so inclined - she is a lovely lady and you'll have a great time. Goody Cafe write-in today as well. I'll be, most likely, quite late, but that write-in runs itself really, after a few years, so head over and find the other wrimos and I'll be there when I can.
If you need some inspiration today, check out the forums and commune with your fellow wrimos all over the world.
Have a great day, San Francisco! Barrington and I are super proud of you!
almost 3 years ago
Day 13!
Not to mention, Friday the 13th! You should stay indoors and stay safe, so why not head to Loren's write-in tonight at Borderlands? I think safety in numbers on Friday the 13th is a good idea.
How are you all doing? Ready to spend the weekend writing? I hope there's some fun planned in between your furious typing.
Oh wait, there is! Join Wrimo Marilyn tomorrow night for some Drinks and Peptalks at the Library Bar.
Happy Friday and happy writing!
almost 3 years ago
Day 12!
Hello and good morning, all.
Happy day 12. Today's the day to really push yourselves (because why not?) and get up there with your word count. Remember, regardless of where you stand today, your word count can rise, rise, rise with just a day's (or afternoon's) worth of heavy writing.
We believe in you guys!
almost 3 years ago
Day 11!
Day ll, Nano heaven?
Does that work?
Hope everyone has a good day today, whether you're at work, at home, at a parade, wherever. If you are a veteran or a member of the armed forces, thank you so much for your service.
Anyone going to the Write-In tonight? I can't make it, but it sounds like a great place.
Take care, San Francisco.
almost 3 years ago
Day 10!
Happy day 10, everyone!
Hope you're starting to pull out of the week 2 slump. It looks like a bright and sunny day out, hopefully our attitudes towards our novels will be bright and sunny, too.
If you feel like coming to tonight's write-in at The Crepe House on Polk, please do. I will be subbing in for an under the weather Derek, but I promise it will still be fun.
almost 3 years ago
Day 9!
Beware the week two slump, everyone! Don't let the slump grump get you.
Join us for our 600 word challenge - see the thread in the forums below.
Also, remember, if it is Monday, it is Back Up Your Novel Day!
Let us know when you've backed yours up, and we'll heap praise upon you.
Have a good, productive Day 9. Let the rainy weather focus your work, if time allows. Have a cocoa and curl up with a blanket and your computer (or notebook, or typewriter, or tablet) and get to work.
almost 3 years ago
Day 8! Happy Sunday, all!
Hope you've had a fun and productive weekend.
I just had way too much dim sum so the rest of my afternoon will be writing, unless I lapse into a food coma.
Remember, tomorrow is Back Up Your Novel Day.
Feel like a write-in? Let us know and we'll calendar it for you!
almost 3 years ago
Day 7!
How is everyone doing today? My novel was in my dream last night, but different, with new characters and a Santa-like character delivering fancy Persian and Turkish delicacies to everyone.
We are having a delightful write-in at Fort Mason at the moment.
I hope whatever you are all doing today you are having a great day.
Keep the words flowing, but give yourselves time to enjoy this gorgeous day.
almost 3 years ago
Day 6!
Happy Day 6! I hope you're all doing well and that your word counts are climbing, even if it is a slow one.

Check the calendar and forum for this weekend's write ins.

Cheers and happy Friday!
almost 3 years ago
Day 5!
Good morning, good morning!
How's your Nano going so far? Let us know in the "How's it going?" thread in our forum.
We love seeing how many of you are hosting write-ins and hanging out in the forums. Also, check out our words written! over 3 million!
Have a lovely day, San Francisco!
almost 3 years ago
Day 4!
Did anyone else almost skip getting their word count yesterday? I admit I almost did. But then I powered through, as I hope you all did, too.
As of 8:30 AM this morning Google calendar seems to be temporarily down, so check the forum list for events. If anyone needs anything calendared, I'll do it when Google fixes the problem.
So awesome to see how many words our region has generated so far. Go team!
almost 3 years ago
DAY 3!
Good morning everyone! How was Day 2? Still on target? Still catching up? We're impressed with you either way. You might have seen Barrington's note that our region wrote over a million words on the first day.
Go us! Go you!
Keep your eyes on the forum and the calendar, Write-Ins are HAPPENING. You guys are really stepping up and it is so nice to see the calendar getting good and crowded.
Keep up the good work!
almost 3 years ago
DAY 2!
Morning, everyone! How did Day 1 go for you? I hope it went well. It was great to have so many folks at yesterday's write-in.
Remember, Mondays in San Francisco are Back Up Your Novel Days. Once you've backed up, feel free to brag about it in the Back Up Your Novel Day thread.

almost 3 years ago
DAY 1!
Hello, everyone, and welcome to NaNoWriMo day 1!
I hope you have a good breakfast and are ready to get writing.
Don't worry about how to start your novel, just start it. If you have to write your way into it, that's a perfectly good way to do it.
Hope to see some of you this afternoon!

Happy Noveling!
almost 3 years ago
Nano is almost here!
Remember to set your clocks back Saturday night/Sunday early morning, you'll get an extra hour to write!
Have a safe and happy/fun Halloween, if you're planning to do anything!
almost 3 years ago
Are you guys getting excited?
5 more days until November, aaaagggghhhh!
Hope you're all thinking of your novels, haunting the forums and making plans to host/attend write ins....

almost 3 years ago
Welcome to NaNoWriMo 2015, San Francisco!
We are excited to do this and have a great time with you all.
Please let us know how we can help you have a memorable and fruitful month...

Your MLs, R&B
almost 4 years ago
FYI - Write-ins on calendar.

Hey lovely SFWrimos! Just wanted to point out some of our intrepid friends have already scheduled write ins. They are on the calendar and I am trying to keep the threads for each write in (ongoing ones and one offs) floating around in the forums.
If you have a weekly write in, there is no need to post it more than once. Simply post a new reply in the thread to get it back up to the top of the queue. Rest assured we'll calendar all the write ins you tell us about (with 24 hour notice definitely, with less notice, hopefully) so check the calendar first.

almost 4 years ago
PRE-NANO PREP SESSION! Tuesday October 28, 5:30-7 PM

Let's combine Derek's long-running weekly Tuesday write-in at It's A Grind with a Prep Session.

We can meet at the cafe at 5:30 until 7 PM officially but you can stay later if you like (They close at 8).

It's A Grind is a low-key cafe on Polk St. at Washington, easily accessible on MUNI buses #19, #1, Van Ness buses and maybe even the #27?

Bring your ideas and whatever you need in order to plan your novel. Computer, paper, pushpins and string, whatever.

We can try outlining, brainstorming, etc.

Look for us at one of the bigger tables. Derek has a biggish computer set up and I'll be there by 5:30 with my laptop and maybe some paper/pens/pencils...
almost 4 years ago

Hey, everyone! I hope you'll join Barrington and I tomorrow at Yerba Buena Gardens for our kickoff. We'll be there from noon to three either in the gardens on a blanket on the lawn, or if it is too wet, inside the adjacent Metreon food court.
I will have 1 or 2 green balloons with white strings so you'll know it is us. If we are inside we'll to be as visible as possible but don't get worried if you don't see us right away. We'll be there, I promise.
So, to recap - Noon to three on Sunday October 26, Yerba Buena Gardens, San Francisco, CA, somewhere on the lawn OR INSIDE THE METREON if the lawn is damp or it is raining.
Cheers and see you tomorrow!
almost 4 years ago
Welcome, Welcome, 2014 Nanowrimo participants!
Nemodos and I are your new MLs this year, please be gentle with us as we work together to carry on the good works of our now-far flung former ML Kristen.

We'll be setting up write ins, answering questions and giving you stickers as we get to know you and have fun together. Don't hesitate to contact us!

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