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5 months ago
Hey folks!
I don't know how active I'll be able to be this year, but I am signing up as ML again just in case nobody else does (then, at least, I can be the networker for any and all events and the like). If you've never been an ML before but want to help support NaNoWriMo in our county (and help make the event fun for everyone) please sign up when NaNoWriMo sends you the open ML application! Talk to me, too, if you want to know more.

11 months ago
Remember, though they aren't listed on this page, Ricardo (bard2bwild) and Chelsea (Ethereel) are de-facto MLs for the region. Come to me (Odin) if you need something related to our forum, here, or if there is some official question or concern -- but do know that write-ins hosted by those two are approved and bound to be awesome!
11 months ago
I've updated our calendar, so take a look, we have some weekly events now! Also, in the questionnaire there were several people who wanted to know more about what Write-Ins actually ARE, so here's a good article to read that gives you an idea (though the basic idea is: sit around with a bunch of fellow NaNo-ers, write your project, talk, share ideas, do "word sprints" - games where you try to write as many words as you can in a set time, and generally have a ton of fun!) But here's that article anyway:
11 months ago
Hello Sonoma County!

We have had a trying month, to be sure, but what better way to deal with internal and external crisis than writing? Through words we can delve into the mythos of our lives and explore them on the page. Our characters pull their stories from our past, their decisions and personalities from our thoughts, their poetry from the distilled essence of our experiences. And, there is also the aspect of community. In times of trouble there is nothing more important nor valuable than our communities. As writers, we learn early on that connection with others is key to our work. We need to seek out and explore similar minds as well as different ones, encounter varying opinions, and make use of constructive criticism that comes our way. Community lifts us up, supports us, and helps us build the worlds that we have envisioned within our minds.

You Municipal Liaisons (MLs)*
*volunteer coordinators

This year you’ll only see one “official” ML listed on the forum for Sonoma County, and that’s me (Odin) you’ll find me listed on our region’s forum page. However, we also have two other dedicated NaNo professionals in the region who will be involved in a similar capacity. First, our “ghost ML”, Chelsea (Ethereal on the forums) will be involved in hosting write-ins throughout the month. She might not be listed as an ML on the forums, but consider her a de-facto ML for the region! (She missed out to ML signups due to outside life events). She’s been involved with NaNo for a decade, and has been a star in hosting the event in the county for the last four years. Ricardo (bard2bwild on the forums) will be hosting weekly write-ins, and is basically our apprentice ML this year. Last year he did an amazing job hosting write-ins at Atlas coffee in Santa Rosa, and we’re very happy to have him back with us again!

What’s Up This Year?

Writing like rabbits! Unleash the plot bunnies! We’re going to have a bit of a different year than 2016, in small part because I won’t be able to be as engaged as last year. The reason for this is that I am in the middle of my final semester for my BFA in creating writing, and am totally swamped. However, between Chelsea, Ricardo, and anyone else who volunteers to organize write-ins, I have the feeling that we will have a great region this year.

Right now we are looking at write-ins being held at Atlas Coffee in Santa Rosa. These write-ins will be hosted by Ricardo’s “South of A Street Writer’s Collective”, and are certain to be a great time. They happen every Monday between 6:00pm and 8:00pm.

Chelsea is also planning on hosting a few write-ins in the Windsor Starbucks on Brooks Rd, a different hang out from usual, since Hopper Starbucks is so close to the aftermath of the Tubbs Fire. In order to keep from bringing up bad memories or stress or pain from the fire, we will be keeping away from the area so we can focus on writing. The schedule may vary due to Chelsea’s Freelancing schedule, but generally the write-ins will happen on Wednesday or Thursday. Keep an eye on the forums for notifications!

We will hopefully be able to plan a fun Thank Gosh It’s Over Party sometime in the first week of December. We’d like this TGIO Party to have live readings from writers who want to share excerpts of their work, as well as good food (potluck) and a generally fun time all around. We’ll let you know more details closer to the end of November.

Because we’re a little light on official write-ins this year, we’re hoping people who love the event will step up and volunteer to host write-ins throughout the month! There is a thread in the forums named “Want To Organize a Write-In? Read This First! Go ahead and read the first post carefully, and then post in the same thread the information about your write-in! It’s important you post your write-in there so that I can see it, and put it in both the next weekly email and the calendar. To go in the weekly email, all write-ins must be posted in that thread no later than end-of-day on Friday. I send out the weekly email on the 5th, 12th, 19th, and 26th.

2017 Survey
Filling this form out will aid us in making the region better this year, and in the future. If you want to become an ML this form needs to be filled out so we can possibly give you a recommendation for next year! (We’re a huge region, and having two or three MLs is pretty important).

And that’s all for now! Check out the forums, introduce yourself in the “Introduce Thyself!” thread, and keep an eye on our region’s google calendar for event listings! See you in November, and happy writing!

Your MLs
Odin & Chelsea

11 months ago
Okay folks, welcome to the Sonoma County forums for NaNo2017. We've had a trying year. Politically, environmentally, globally, and now with the recent crisis of major fires sweeping through our community. Some people might wonder if this is really the best time to think about writing novels, but I think that it is. Because creating art is therapeutic, valuable, and helps us redefine our circumstances through the lens of our work. Because NaNoWriMo connects us as a community in a time when community is needed most.

With this in mind, I'll be looking forward to NaNo this year, and I'm hoping that we can be energized about our own projects, and our larger community. Let's make Sonoma's National Novel Writing Month tradition soar in the face of all adversity.

This year I am, it seems, our only official ML. I am also finishing up my final semester of my BFA in Creative Writing, which means my time to work as a volunteer administrator for this event is extremely limited. I do plan on hosting one or two events this year, but for the most part I'm hoping that members of the community will be willing to step up and take charge of organizing local events! Libraries, coffee shops, college classrooms - virtually any public space can be transformed into a setting for a Write-In. My goal will be to help facilitate these write-ins. You send me the information, I clear it and send it out to the email list, as well as add it to our official calendar. I'll be setting up everything for that sometime in the next week. My basic rule will be - get me the list/times/days of any events you want to hold at least three days ahead of time so that I have time to post them up.

I'll post a forum thread about this soon, too.

Hope to connect with all of you soon!

Your ML, Odin
almost 2 years ago
No matter how many words you wrote this month, YOU. ARE. AWESOME.
We'll be looking into having some sort of tgio party in December. Keep an eye on your inboxes and we'll keep you posted.

almost 2 years ago
almost 2 years ago
TODAY IS THE DAY! The last day! This is the time to make the most of whatever you have! Do whatever it is that you can do to scratch towards that finish line. Un-Hyphenate words! Make it so that everyone speaks without conjunctions! Use ridiculously long titles to refer to other characters or make ludicrously description chapter titles! Or just hammer out another chapter or two! Do whatever you can and hit that word count! After this you will have earned peace and respite and a very messy rough draft to drift through in December. You have made it this far, my fellow wrimos. Let's make it count!!

almost 2 years ago
Whatever your take on this holiday, I hope that everyone is taking some time for self-care & fun! <3
almost 2 years ago
Just an update, due to time conflicts, Richard has moved the remaining Atlas write-ins to a different time-slot. They now take place during the morning, from 9am-12noon. The calendar will be updated to reflect this.

There will be at least one late-night write-in, before the month is over, at Many Rivers Books & tea in Sebastopol. When that date is set, it will be sent out in a regional email.

Hope everyone is having a great NaNo 2016!
almost 2 years ago
Having trouble finding your groove? Try listening to movie soundtracks, game OSTs, or music without lyrics, music with extremely hard to understand lyrics. It helps to close out the rest of the world with earbuds, headphones, and a dose of music to set the scene. Try writing for the length of an album, try to write a scene according to the tone of the music you're listening to, or try word sprinting until the end of a song.

Personally, I've been seeking solace with Bon Iver, whose calm tones soothe my nerves and let me sink into my writing with a thoughtful kind of clarity. It's nice because I can't ever really figure out what the hell he's saying, and it just becomes a part of the background noise. Try it out!
almost 2 years ago
Let us remember that, in the darkest of times, writers have been a source of enlightenment.

“Why do you go away? So that you can come back. So that you can see the place you came from with new eyes and extra colors. And the people there see you differently, too. Coming back to where you started is not the same as never leaving.” ― Terry Pratchett
almost 2 years ago
Many Rivers Books & Tea write-in, from 9:00AM-12:30PM! Come, join us for good tea and impressive wordcounts! Also, all NaNo participants get 10% off of the "Writer's Inspiration" section!
almost 2 years ago
Happy 1st Day of NaNoWriMo everyone! Remember to scroll down this page to take a look at the Google Calendar - which will show you the dates/times of all our approaching write-ins. And, if you scroll a bit farther, you'll see all of the awesome forum posts, and you can interact with your fellow regional writers there! Hope to see all of you at some write-ins soon!
almost 2 years ago
We're onlya few hours away from NaNoWrimO 2016! Tonight is all about the ghoulies and the ghosties though, so have an awesome (and creepy) Halloween!

Last night we had a TERRIFIC Kickoff Party. People donated $56 dollars to our region, and half of that was used to help support our awesome hosts. We all ate, drank, had a lot of questions answered, and had a great time! Hope to see all of you throughout the month at the various write-ins!
almost 2 years ago
The Kickoff Party:
The Kickoff Party is always a lot of fun, and this year it will be hosted by SofA Writers Collective at Atlas Coffee Company in Santa Rosa. It’s a communal potluck, so bring food (try to keep food allergies in mind if you can). Potlucks are always hard to judge, but we’d love to see as many people bring entrees as possible. Also BYOB/Drinks. The Kickoff Party is Sunday October 30th, from 6:30-8:30PM.
(From the last regional email we sent out (scroll down in tis notes section to read the whole email).
almost 2 years ago
Hello Sonoma County!

This email ran a few days late, but for good reason - we’ve been working hard to set things up and get NaNo 2016 off to a good start here in our little region. This has been greatly helped by some of your responses on the survey (located on the regional forums under the “about us” section). You asked for more write-ins in Santa Rosa, and more write-ins during the evenings… and we’ve obliged! We’ll get to that in just a moment. First however, a lot of you have been very open in your survey responses about being willing to help support the region, but also being unsure of the best way to do so. Donations are one way to help support your MLs and the Office of Letters and Light, however donations are not the only way to help out, indeed there are others that we feel might be even more important - some of which you mentioned in your survey responses.

Basically we need people to attend the write-ins, and we need to expand awareness of the event if we’re going to keep fun things happening every November (and maybe even throughout the year during Camp NaNoWriMo). The best way you can help out with the event is recruit! Bring in your friends, your family - strangers on the street. Mention us to your classroom, or write about us for your local paper - or blog. Tell people about NaNo, let them know that regional events and write-ins are happening, and give them the opportunity to join us! This is really a huge deal for NaNo, and is way more helpful to the region than you might think! Also: being active on the forums is really helpful. The more activity in general, the more inspired other people will be to become active themselves. If you, or someone you know, is concerned about attending the write-ins due to issues with social anxiety or anything similar, feel free to let us (your MLs) know, and if we can help out at all we will do our best!

Otherwise, if you want to help you can offer carpools, you can host write-ins (there will be a new thread in the forums sticked for this soon, which will go over the whole process for anyone who is new and doesn’t know how to set one up). Otherwise, all you need to do is write and have a great time!

Alright, now, onto the really exciting news...


Sonoma County NaNoWriMo has partnered with the South of A Street Writers Collective (SofA), and Atlas Coffee Company, to bring you over 30 hours of write-ins during November, and a Kickoff Party on October 30th. You can view all of the exact dates and times by going to the google calendar in our regional forums, but generally there will be write-ins available from 6:30-9:30 most Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday evenings. We know that a lot of you are working hard and can’t make earlier write-ins, so we made sure to give you what you asked us for - later write-ins! Richard La Rosa, the founder of SofA, has been incredibly supportive of NaNo, and has worked very hard to make these events available to us. All of these events are “potluck” events, though there will usually be free ready-made coffee on-site as well - so bring snacks and drinks to share if you can. As always, the events are free, but a donation bowl will be available at all of these events if you’re feeling generous. Half of the donations go to our generous host to support the space, and the rest go to maintaining the region for future events.

Sebastopol Write-Ins

Let’s not forget Sebastopol! We have two write-ins planned at the Sebastopol Library (you can find the dates and times on the Google calendar on our regional forums) the first two Thursdays of the month. Not only do these events really help more people learn about NaNo, they also support our local library system, which is one of the most important things we can do! The event is potluck, so bring some afternoon snacks and drinks to share!

We also return to Many Rivers Books & Tea (which hosted our “Camp In” back in July. We’ll be doing two morning-early afternoon write-ins, on the second and third Fridays of the month. We’ll begin around 9:00AM and take it from there. Complimentary tea will be made available, and there will also be a %10 discount on all of the books located in the “Writer's Inspiration” section (there are some great ones in there too). We may end up scheduling one or two more write-ins there toward the end of the month if we have the time, so keep an eye on the google calendar, located on our regional forums.

The Kickoff Party

The Kickoff Party is always a lot of fun, and this year it will be hosted by SofA Writers Collective at Atlas Coffee Company in Santa Rosa. It’s a communal potluck, so bring food (try to keep food allergies in mind if you can). Potlucks are always hard to judge, but we’d love to see as many people bring entrees as possible. Also BYOB/Drinks. The Kickoff Party is Sunday October 30th, from 6:30-8:30PM.

Final Thank You

And now, just a final thank you to everyone who has donated, volunteered, responded to the survey, or posted on the forum! You are all the core pillar of the magic that is NaNoWriMo. This year is going to be the biggest, in terms of sheer numbers of available write-ins, that we’ve ever had in the county, and that’s largely thanks to all of you and your continuing interest and participation. Let’s have a fantastic November!

There will be more email messages down the road with updates, pep-talks, and more, so keep an eye on your inboxes.

~Your MLs

almost 2 years ago
(Directly below this Notes section).
Are you excited yet? Well, after taking a look at our write-in Calendar, you should be! We've got more write-ins occurring this year than EVER BEFORE in the history of the region. We'll be sending out a email to everyone soon, containing more information on all of these events, as well as information for the KICKOFF PARTY which will take place on October 30th.
almost 2 years ago
We've got some VERY EXCITING NEWS for everyone coming down the pipeline very soon, keep an eye out for the next big email blast in a few days. If you were hoping for more write-ins in central Santa Rosa, this is an email you will definitely want to read!
almost 2 years ago
Thanks to everyone who has filled out our NaNo survey - keep those answers coming! I'll also address this in the next email we send out, but anyone may "host" a write-in, and that can be at any location - a coffee shop, a park (it doesn't have to be "hosted" at your own home. The idea is just that you present a place where for an hour or two, other local writers can join you and work on their novels. This can be as simple as saying "I will be at Starbucks Coffee in Rohnert Park from noon - 2:00pm on Saturday the 19th". Then all you need to do is promise to be there for that time period to hold down the space! Any write-ins that do not conflict with an official write-in (one where an ML is present) get put on the Google Calendar, and ones with regular attendance will even get mentioned here or in an email!

Some of you asked how you might help? If you can't donate, offering car rides to people in your area who lack transportation is a huge one. Offering to "host" a write-in is also huge. And there may also be tons of things you could do to help that your MLs wouldn't think of - if you have an idea, let us know!
almost 2 years ago
Just a quick reminder, please fill out the 2016 Sonoma Region survey if you haven't yet done so! (
almost 2 years ago
Unfortunately we will not be able to return to the Santa Rosa library this year - while they loved having us, they booked all the days in November very early this year and we were not able to get a slot! HOWEVER, we will have two write-ins held at the Sebastopol library, and we're currently working on finding other venues in Santa Rosa that would work for this event.
almost 2 years ago
Are you ready Wrimos? The 2016 National Novel Writing Month is right around the corner.

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