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about 1 month ago
We survived! Here's to another wonderful year Nanos!
2 months ago
Happy Thanksgiving Lovely Nanos!

We are thankful for each and every one of you and your novels.
2 months ago
Mark Twain House is cancelled tonight!
2 months ago
Hey guys - we're expecting first snow this afternoon/evening! The nano-calendar will continue as planned, but please travel safe and stay in if you have concerns about the roads in your area!
2 months ago
We're at that mystical halfway point! Whether you're still getting started or you're nearing completion, there's still half a month left to barrel forward into literary madness!
3 months ago
Hey Nanos - You've got words to write, but that's not your only responsibility today!

Go Vote.
3 months ago
Happy Nano Eve! We hope to see you all at our kickoff party tonight at Cosi's in West Hartford!
3 months ago
We've got a pre-Nano meetup/planning session this Thursday! Make sure to take a look at the calendar, we've got lots of great events scheduled throughout the month, and more are getting added all the time.
3 months ago
We're starting to flesh out dates on the calendar! Kat and I will probably try to host a prep event sometime in the next two weeks, so keep an eye open for that as well!
4 months ago
Welcome to another wonderful Nano season! Erin and I are hard at work on this season's calendar and dates will be posted shortly!

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