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10 months ago
As a region we have over 1 Million Words! Amazing job everyone! Keep up the amazing work and let your stories come alive!
11 months ago
Nice Start Guys! According to our graph we did a total of 237,604 words for the Delaware Region on Day 1!!!! That is approximately 1,500 each! This is amazing everyone, keep up the great work and do not forget to take a look at the calendar for word goals, write- ins and word sprints!
11 months ago
Happy October! We are 10 Days into our prep time for this upcoming adventure. It will be an exciting journey. During this month it is time to really think about what you will write and where you want your story to go this year. We have 21 more days to prep, who are your main characters? Where is your story taking place? Now is the time to ask who, what, when and where? Make a Conflict and brainstorm solutions.

Or.... jump into November and just write! You will do amazing this year, Claim Your Novel, make it yours! You have the power! The Pen is mightier than the sword, so write it, type it and utilize this time to prep for your upcoming novel!
almost 2 years ago
Ok, Day 1 is in the books! Looks like we're off to a great start in the region, with an average word count of 1,121.

If the went as you had hoped or planned, congratulations!! If not, no worries--there's still 29 days to have fun and make NaNo work for you!

Keep on writing!
almost 2 years ago
It's 1:53 till November 1st as I write this!! I've just set up my project on the NaNo site, and will set my time tracker (a first this year) and my crisp-and-clean-as-new-fallen-snow word processing document, title only, formatted for the month.

Yup, it's about time to kick open the barn doors and let the creative horses run wild...or defiantly stare at you and say 'Fat chance, bucko! We ain't goin'."

So ready or not (I'm more not than ready), here comes NaNo--make it fun, make it a blast, and most importantly, make it yours. Sleep if you can, but if not, WRITE!!!!

Good luck everyone!
almost 2 years ago
Two weeks to go till kickoff!!

Hope everyone is doing well on their prepping (what ever that looks like for each of you).

In the next couple days, I should have some posts up about write-ins, so keep an eye out.

Also, I've gotten an inquiry from the south NJ region to participate in a word war--when I've got a few more details, I'll post and see what the interest is in Delaware.

Don't forget--feel free to 'host' events; either get-togethers to prep or write-ins during the month. All you need to do is open a thread to gauge interest or to make an announcement.
almost 2 years ago
Okay, the NaNo site wipe is done and the calendar has flipped to October--that means Nano 2016 is 1 month away!!

Like the squirrels as the weather starts to change, it's time to get excited and move into the last month of preparation.

Whether you have your idea already outlined, are still deciding which idea to choose (that would be me), and don't have a clue what your story will be yet, it's time to let the NaNo mojo happen!
about 2 years ago
NaNo 2016 is now less than 2 months away!

After a year without an ML, we're going to kick start the Delaware region again!

Check this space over the coming days for more information about what's in store.

It's going to cool year!

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