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1 day ago
My fellow authors, it is with great joy that I inform you the Beaches finally have their own region! This upcoming NaNo, 2018, will be the first year with two separate regions for Duval: Jacksonville, encompassing downtown, Orange Park, and the north and south sides; and Jacksonville Beach, encompassing the Beaches from Fernandina to St. Augustine. Write-ins will be posted in their respective groups, but authors from either area are welcomed and encouraged to attend any and all write-ins they can, in either or both regions.
11 months ago
A few things:

The final write-in of NaNoWriMo 2017 is happening tonight at the San Marco Library from 5-9. If you're still working toward a goal, join us and finish big at the last minute. The last people to finish the race usually have the most people cheering for them. :) If you've finished, congratulations! Come hang out and relax and maybe have a little fun, or at least as much fun as we're allowed to have in a library meeting room.

Stickers! I have a ton of stickers left, so if you haven't gotten a sticker yet, or even if you did and you want another, come get one! I have tons.

As far as I know, there aren't any formal Thank God It's Over (TGIO) party plans, but I'm definitely interested in getting together and congratulating you all in person. Suggest some things and we can do it up right.
11 months ago
Tonight's write-in scheduled for Aardwolf is being moved to a virtual write-in via Discord! I'll be on the server from now until late. If you're still working toward 50k, stop by for a chat and we'll finish strong!
11 months ago
Since all of us who consistently attend Moe's Monday at the Beaches have now hit 50K, tonight's write-in is cancelled. Tonight we shall sleep the deep and righteous sleep of true winners, my comrades!
11 months ago
SCHEDULE CHANGE: The Panera write-in for tonight (11/21) and the Aardwolf write-in for tomorrow (11/22) have been cancelled due to Thanksgiving. Sorry for any inconvenience.

There will be some improvised early bird write-in at the St. John's Town Center Starbucks on Midtown Parkway (the one by Maggiano's) from 6ish to 11:30 AM tomorrow morning (11/22). If there's any interest in a Town Center Black Friday afternoon meetup, PM me (wacie). Happy holiday writing!
11 months ago
The Wednesday write-in at Casa Maria is cancelled this week on account of some holiday or something. Sorry for the inconvenience and the additional family time!
11 months ago
The Thankful Write-In on Thursday is now a virtual write-in, as Panera is closed for Thanksgiving this year. Standby for technical details on how to join in on the fun!
11 months ago
Guys, I'm terrible. I have to cancel the Bold Bean write-in tonight. I apologize if you planned to attend, or at this point, you're already there. I'm so sorry. It's been a tough week and I'm exhausted.

That said, today is ML Appreciation Day, and I want to take this time to recognize Kate for being the ML Jacksonville deserves. :)
11 months ago
Some scheduling notes:

Tonight's write-in at Panera is cancelled. Thursday's write-in at the library is also cancelled. You can still attend these events, but I cannot be there. I apologize for any inconvenience. In the case of the library, I've cancelled the room reservation, but if you're there and you ask to use it, you can still get it if it's not being used. Again, apologies.

I will be at the St. John's Town Center Starbucks Friday morning from about 6:30 to 10 AM. I would love to see some early birds!

The night of Sunday the 19th is the Night of Writing Dangerously. There aren't any formal plans, so feel free to come up with your own.
11 months ago
A few things: There's a write-in scheduled for the San Marco Bold Bean, but I won't be able to make tonight. Please do still attend if you planned to. I'll still be writing, and I'll be on Discord for the rest of the evening.
11 months ago
SCHEDULE CHANGE: The write-in at Aardwolf on the 15th is being moved to the Nordstrom EBAR at the St. John's Town Center.
12 months ago
The Monday Jax Beach write-in has been moved from Bold Bean to Moe's. They're in the same plaza, but Bold Bean is closing too early to make it work. Moe's has a shortage of outlets - we'll have a power strip, but if you can charge before you come, that's a better plan!
12 months ago
SCHEDULE CHANGE: Friday night's write-in at San Marco Bold Bean has been cancelled.
12 months ago
SCHEDULE CHANGE: The kickoff party at the Atlantic and 295 Denny's has been cancelled. The party at the Beach and Hodges Denny's is still on. Sorry about the last minute change!
12 months ago
Tomorrow night's the night! We have two kickoff parties planned, and if you could, please drop a quick RSVP with which party you're planning to attend, Beach and Hodges or Atlantic and 295. I just want an idea of how many people to expect. Thanks! I can't wait to see you guys!
12 months ago
Twas the Panera Sunday before NaNo
And all through the land
Writers researched and brainstormed
Their novels not yet planned

Join us today, October 29th, from 4-10PM at the Panera on Beach and Hodges for our last planning session before NaNo! (I'm not writing poetry, I promise!)
- Kate
12 months ago
Some things. Sorry this is so long, I think in lists.

Tonight's prep session at the San Marco Library is the last one before NaNoWriMo officially starts! As usual, I'll be there from 6-9. After this, there's one more prep session at Panera with Kate.

Last night's Discord experiment was a success, and I think I'll continue to use it over Google Hangouts. This way, you guys won't have to wait for me to set up the call, you can get in and start getting social right away. I encourage everyone who's not able to attend in-person write-ins to use it. I'll likely be there on the days/nights I'm writing at home.

Let's talk about the kickoff parties. Originally, Kate and I scheduled two, just in case one Denny's location was more convenient than the other for some people. I've been looking at maps and saw the two locations we had in mind really aren't that far apart. How do you guys feel about this? Should we consolidate the parties or would it be more convenient for you to have two? For reference, the two locations are Beach near Hodges and Atlantic and 295.

I think that's it! Thank you so much to people who have been attending our events so far. I'm so excited about diving into November!

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