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14 days ago
Forum Wipe 2018 is Complete. We're gearing up for Nano 2018 folks!
21 days ago
2018 Forum Wipes are scheduled for September 4th. I (Paintminion) have just gone through and saved a few threads we will continue to use, and we're all set to go! 2018 NaNo coming soon! Announcements and what we're working on is listed under 2018 News post in forum!
about 1 month ago
Congratulations to our Regional Cabin for Camp NaNo in July! All 6 Campers reached their goals! WOO HOO! That sure feels good, doesn't it?! On top of that, planning and outreach to libraries and locations continues for NaNo. Nan and I are grateful for those who have stepped in to help make that happen in your local libraries! We add a new library to our regional events, and plan to keep working hard to ensure we have lots of events to help you reach your November goals! Want to get involved? Just let us know!
3 months ago
Even now, NaNoWriMo planning is happening! We're contacting local libraries and hangouts, organizing events and making sure we'll all have a great November. And if you are doing Camp NaNo right now, we have a Regional Cabin! Contact Panstygia, aka Nan Sampson Bach, to get into our cabin!
9 months ago
NEW Facebook Group now open!
Please go there and request to join! NaNo business will still be here, but also on the new FB group. Additional social media outlets coming soon.
10 months ago
At the TGIO it was decided that we will start more social media accounts for our region and work on notifications for all to help increase awareness of events for NaNo. We will post links here when we're ready which will be soon!
10 months ago
Another Nano is over, Thank you all for working so hard this month! See you next year! (Suggestions and Questions can be directed at Nan and I on FB or here.)
10 months ago
TGIO PARTY: Saturday 3:30 to 6pm Check the post for details! RSVP and let's celebrate what we accomplished this year!
10 months ago
Final Battle done in Chatnano as we all validated or finished what we could. Thank you all for a great time! Everyone else, please validate by Midnight!
10 months ago
The FINAL BATTLE has begin in ChatNano! Link and info on Chatnano is in the ChatNano info thread pinned to the top of our forum below.
10 months ago
ALERT: Last Battle at Sue's House is cancelled. The event will be online only - through midnight! ChatNano Regional Chatroom, sprinting starts at 5pm
10 months ago
NOTE: Last Night Final Battle will be online in Chatnano as well, for those who cannot be at the gathering!
10 months ago
PLEASE: RSVP on the separate posts for the FINAL BATTLE! event at Sue's, and for the TGIO party!
12 months ago
Check our Calendar, Event List, Introduce yourself. Choose us as your local region to receive our Regional Emails!

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