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11 months ago
Day 4 of NaNoWriMo (Double-Donation Day and a good time to get your halos)

Writing Tip. By now you may be a little behind. If you check my word count you will notice a zero. Don't worry I am spotting a few of you. Just kidding. I have a process I am going through really I don't get far without knowing where I am headed. They say Moses spent 40 years wandering in the desert because he would not ask directions. (Joking). So for those that may benefit here is my development process:

Create a sentence summary (tagline) for your story.

example; A man discovers his quaint haunted house is a portal to hell.

Try not to go over 20 words. The shorter the better.

Now expand that into a five-sentence paragraph using the 3-Act play.
Example: Sentence 1 - Introduces the lead character and story world.
Sentence 2 - Presented the first Disaster to force a decision
Sentence 3 - Summarize and lead to the second disaster.
Sentence 4 - Summarize and lead to the third disaster which forces a decision to the final confrontation.
Sentence 5 - Explain how the story ends.

Some of you may recognize this as the Snowflake Method found in "Writing Fiction for Dummies."

Phase 2 - Populate your story with people. Bear in mind even the most basic character thinks they are the main character and have their own motivations and Story-Arcs so. Write down how they develop in this story.

What do they want? How is what they are doing in your story going to help them achieve their goal? What stands in their way? What do they need to learn? What is the lie or misconception they believe (think) at the beginning of the story?

Now put all the answers in a one-sentence summary and paragraph like you did for the overall story.

Phase Three - Incorporate the Character Arcs with The overall story arc and expand your story summary into a page. At this phase, I may double check with the Story Structure and see what fits where.

Now I draft out the scenes (outline). I know, it's a lot of work, but at least you know where you are going and writing goes quicker (for me). Trust me, many things will change while you speed write. (word sprints) Just a hint, have a notebook to write any changes or additions you want to make when you revise and edit.
11 months ago
It's here!!!!! I hope everyone has an idea as to what they want to write. I just finished a Paranormal Event at a Pub last night. Well, spirits were consumed at least. :-D So, I am a bit behind the power curve. Incidentally, for people who may be writing about ghosts, a good reference book that tells types, hauntings, and how to get rid of ghosts is titled,"How to Clear Your Home of Ghosts and Spirits," by Debi Chestnut. It's available on Kindle for around $10. Nope, I don't make a penny off of it just found it to be a good, concise reference book that others may enjoy and benefit from.

Please give your poor ML a few days to get caught up with calendars and write-ins that have been posted in the forums and on Facebook. Really, we have a great region. SO many people get together and write, often without me knowing, but that is awesome!!! Unless it's in conspiratorial tones of course.

I also need to get out and avoid a honey-do list, I mean hand out stickers to participants. Yeah, of course, that's it. ;-) Plus, It helps me get used to riding the motorcycle long distances for my bike trip to Key West and the Dragon's Tail in April :-D We have a large region, you know. I keep saying I am going to make it to the east side (Carbondale) every year and have yet to make it. I hear that is they utter phrases in hushed whispers, behind closed doors, late at night. Again, just kidding.

You will find that you have a very quirky ML with a unique sense of humor, but I am here for you to give encouragement and let you know that you can do this!
Yes, today NaNoWriMo and tomorrow... Why yes Pinky, the world! hahahaha.

Okay, quit groaning and rolling your eyes and get back to wiritng.
11 months ago
Welcome to another year of writing madness.

Wow, another year!!!! NaNoWriMo is almost here!!!
Hopefully, some of you polished up last year's work and it has found a home. If you haven't, no worries. Jim Butcher did not revise and edit the Dresen Files until he wrote drafts for the first five novels. Let's not forget too, you have to write a 1 million words of garbage until you get something publishable. It's just a rule of thumb mind you, and some of you have very short learning curves.

But what better venue to get the garbage out of the way than NaNoWriMo?

I know some can't wait to get started. By all means, if inspiration hits you, go for it! It's okay to pre-plot, develop characters, outline, and get that muse exercised!

Hopefully, I will see some of you at a write-in.

Incidentally, I will apologize ahead of time, I am busy wrapping up the Paranormal season. I an investigator for the St Louis Paranormal Research Society, so my time is at a premium. If you have any questions about paranormal you can ask me.

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