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12 months ago
Hi everyone! It's Khirsten, your ML for this year! I'm gearing up and preparing for this year's NaNoWriMo, and I hope you are too!

Due to a vision based emergency (I just regained functional vision in my right eye very recently), I'm running a bit behind. I'm working on getting dates for things together and hope to have that posted soon. Message me with any questions, suggestions, etc. you may have!

I look forward to working alongside you guys at write-ins this year!

Much love and happy prep!
almost 2 years ago
Happy November 1st, Wrimos! Let's get those novels churning, and those words on paper (or the screen, you know, whatever).

Your Friendly Neighborhood ML
about 2 years ago
Hello, Wrimos! I'm getting geared up for November, and I hope all of you are, too!

I have the region's calendar up and running, so if you're planning any unofficial in-person write-ins or other events, please let me know! I'll put them on the calendar for everyone to see!

I also have our first discussion thread up in the regional forum, so be sure to take a peek and let us know what you're doing for the month of November!

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