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11 months ago
The library will be closed on Saturday, but I am going to host a write-in in the afternoon. Let me know if you have suggestions for a location! Right now I'm thinking one of the Rhino Coffee locations if they're going to be open, but I'd love to try somewhere a little more creative. :)

11 months ago
Hey everyone!

In case you aren't a regular inbox checker (no judgment on that) I wanted to remind you that NaNoWriMo HQ is running a day-long writing and fundraising marathon today. There's more information in your inbox, but if you're able to donate to NaNoWriMo and would like to do so, head on over to

Even if you're not donating, make sure to update your word count today to contribute to the goal of 125 million words for the day. (Woah.)

11 months ago
Hello, Wrimos!

I'm already pantsing it with the last-minute updates to our region page, but I am looking forward to a great, crazy month full of laughing, crying, and of course, writing!

I just set up a calendar for our region (posted below here, but also accessible at and have added in the Come Write Ins hosted by the Broadmoor Branch of Shreve Memorial Library. I have had a few messages from people who want to schedule other write-ins and events. By all means, go for it! Please send dates and times to me, and I'll add them to the calendar.

I'm about to head to the regional forum and start some threads...come over and read/respond as you have time.

-- Kimberly
Your Friendly Neighborhood ML (for 2017, anyway!)
almost 2 years ago
Hi everyone! It's Khirsten, your ML for this year! I'm gearing up and preparing for this year's NaNoWriMo, and I hope you are too!

Due to a vision based emergency (I just regained functional vision in my right eye very recently), I'm running a bit behind. I'm working on getting dates for things together and hope to have that posted soon. Message me with any questions, suggestions, etc. you may have!

I look forward to working alongside you guys at write-ins this year!

Much love and happy prep!
almost 3 years ago
Happy November 1st, Wrimos! Let's get those novels churning, and those words on paper (or the screen, you know, whatever).

Your Friendly Neighborhood ML
almost 3 years ago
Hello, Wrimos! I'm getting geared up for November, and I hope all of you are, too!

I have the region's calendar up and running, so if you're planning any unofficial in-person write-ins or other events, please let me know! I'll put them on the calendar for everyone to see!

I also have our first discussion thread up in the regional forum, so be sure to take a peek and let us know what you're doing for the month of November!

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