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7 months ago
In case you missed it:


Double your word counts! And if you donate today, double the donor prizes!
7 months ago
There has been a venue change to the write-in scheduled for Wednesday, Nov. 14, and a new event scheduled for Saturday, Nov. 24. Please be sure to consult the calendar and make note of the changes.
7 months ago
The Kickoff Party is tomorrow! Remember, if you've received a confirmation number but are not able to make it, please let us know — we have a LONG wait list and would like to make sure as many people come as possible!
7 months ago
We are still accepting RSVPs for the Kickoff Party, but we're just about to roll over into triple digits and have started the wait list. Please check out the Kickoff Party Forum for instructions and be sure to RSVP by the deadline of Wednesday, 10/24.
7 months ago
RSVPs for the Kickoff Party are now open. Check the forum for details!

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