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about 1 year ago

Alternative HTML (for posting in NaNo forums--this one is linked to your main NaNo Face
almost 2 years ago
Stole this from @HeatherDudley :
Word Wars: These are usually timed, and are competitive. The goal is to write for a specific amount of time, and see who writes the most! The most popular ones tend to be the 10 minute word wars and the 15 Minute Word Wars - although variations of all types can be found in here!

Word Sprints: Not competitive. These are to see how much you can write in a specified amount of time, or see how long it takes you to write a specific amount of words. @NaNoWordSprints uses the latter.
almost 2 years ago
almost 2 years ago
I have signed us up for NaNo Faces again, if you want ti be counted make sure you post in the Intros thread.
almost 5 years ago
Check out the link section which will point you to the resources used at yesterdays novel-planning workshop.

If you have a Twitter account, you may wish to follow our region at: AwesomeValley and the NaNo Chat Robot, Timmy at: bottimmy. Let us know your Twitter name and we'll follow you, too!

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