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almost 4 years ago
Dr. Kearny kindly let me know about this sale:

I’m always trying to find software that decreases distractions, and I got on OhmWriter’s mailing list. They have a free version that you can try, and this sale puts it at $2. I like Scrivener the best, and frankly, what I decided to do was to buy an IBM Selectric II. There are too many internet rabbit holes for a mind that’s distracted as easily as mine is.

Good luck getting to 50K, and please forward this on to others who might be interested.

Happy Thanksgiving!
almost 4 years ago
All are invited to come for PHOTO-OP for the Hillsdale Collegian Newspaper TONIGHT AT 7:35 PM IN THE FORMAL LOUNGE (where the midnight kick-off party was held!). Dress in your favorite eccentric writer's outfit, with laptop or pencil and paper. Hope to see you there!
almost 4 years ago
Come on in to the Von Mises Room of Mossey Library for a Guy Fawkes write in form now until 11am!
almost 4 years ago
So much for bribes, I guess . . . the night has simply grown too crazy. I shan't be able to make good on the baked goods. Never mind; the Kickoff Party is still happening in the Formal Lounge at 11 tonight--hope to see you there!

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