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1 day ago
Welcome to the 2018 NaNo Planning season! First stop is the introduction thread. If you're new to NaNo (or haven't managed to reach 50K previously), consider connecting with a mentor. Our planning thread is rolling so drop by and join in.

The Kick Off Party is Sunday October 28 at 2pm at Vitales in Hudsonville. Please RSVP in that thread so we can plan accordingly.

If you are a come write in location or a previous write-in host that has information about events you'd like added to the calendar, please NaNoMail Gypsywitch.
10 months ago
2017 Stats: 400 writers / 111 winners
8,537,108 collective words were written / 21,342 average per wrimo.
Generous OCGR donations of $1,560
While we may have been down in terms of number of writers this year, we had more winners, we had more words written per wrimo and donations remained almost the same. It was the year of the dedicated and determined!

The villains won the regional word war by a landslide victory of 9K! Go Flaming Pens! May your black clothing never gather lint and your evil laugher remain deep and ominous. Rippy will now be converted to the dark side. Of the 100 participants in this war, 23 heroes and 27 villains crossed the finish line. Many words for everyone!

These forums are always open as is the chat room. If you’re interested in writing related things outside of November, keep an eye on our Facebook group. Also check out Camp NaNo in April and July.
10 months ago
THE LAST DAY: Welcome to the 30th. Known widely as the day of tremendous amounts of writing and panic. We'll be cheering for you to cross the finish line, wherever that line might be for you!

Don't forget to validate your novel before midnight to get your purple bar and winner goodies.

Write-ins: Come write in at Caffeinated Press from 6-midnight & 6:30 - 8:30 at the Grandville Biggby

Prompt: Two velociraptors in a fistfight
10 months ago
Day 29: Can you see the finish line? Its RIGHT there. So many of you are sooooo close. And by the way, anything within 10K is close. You've come this far. You've got this. The end a bit farther off than that? How badly do you want to win? Nothing in NaNo is impossible. Need to retain a semblance of sanity? Pick an attainable goal and call it victory. No matter where you are, every word is a part of your story you didn't have before November. You're making progress and that's what matters.

Write-ins: Fennville District Library is having a Come Write In session from 6-7:30 pm to help you pound out words.

Prompt: Your MC does something completely out of character in the heat of the moment.
10 months ago
Day 28: Whether it's a cause for celebration or panic, the end of the month is just around the corner. For those of you still racing toward your word goal (whatever that might be), we're cheering for you!

Write-ins: Come Write In at the GH Loutit Library from 4-8, GR Grand Coney 5:30-7:30, 7-9 at the Holland B&N.

Prompt: A road block
10 months ago
Day 27: We had a quiet and productive End Is Nigh Write-in yesterday - lots of catching up and a couple new winners. There are only a few more days in which to make your victory happen. Let's do this!

Write-in: GR Schuler books from 5:15-8pm

Prompt: Something flashes in a character's eye.
10 months ago
Day 26: Join us today at the Kentwood District Library from 1:30-4:30 for our last big write-in. We'll have prizes, food, and hopefully get a few more of you across the finish line. Come out and celebrate those that have already won, meet a couple local authors, and ask questions about writing/editing/publishing. We hope to see you there!

Prompt: use the phrase- "Everything was covered in rice paste."
10 months ago
Day 25: According to our NaNo Faces graph (which includes everyone who posted in our Introduction thread) two thirds of you are behind on your word count. If you're behind, you're not alone. However, that also means you have five days (yes, FIVE) to get pounding out those words and reach 50K. We have our TEIN write-in in Kentwood tomorrow, there are bunches of write-ins today, hop into chat, use the word sprint tool, or just turn of the wifi and buckle down on your own. Lets put those words on the page today!

Write-ins: GR Spectrum Food Court 10am-12, Holland Culvers 1-3, GR Caffeinated Press 2-6, Byron Center Starbucks 4-8.

Prompt: use the phrase - "Everyone seems to underestimate the fighting quality of limes."
10 months ago
Day 24: As the blackness of shopping descends, let us not forget to write. Probably somewhere quiet and devoid of people while snacking on leftovers. Need a boost after all the thanksgiving and shopping activities? Join us this Sunday for our THE End IS NIGH write-in in Kentwood. See the thread for details.

Write-ins: Come Write In at Caffeinated Press 9am-5pm, Byron Center Starbucks 5-8, and online in our chat room at 8 until you stop writing.

Prompt: Your character just wants to be alone.
10 months ago
Day 23: Happy Thanksgiving. I hope you're all enjoying a turkey-induced nap, an extra piece of pie and a hour or two for yourself to get some words in. After spending the last eight hours cooking, cleaning and finally sighing with relief as people left, it's time to get some writing done. Or take a nap. But maybe after some words first.

Prompt: Your character has to wash all the dishes.
10 months ago
Day 22: Validation has begun. If you've achieved 50K you can now get your purple bar of winner glory. And yes, you can continue to add words even after validation. Winner shirts are also back in stock. Not close to 50K yet? What are you doing here? Go write all of the words!

Write-in: Come Write In at Caffeinated Press 6-10pm

Prompt: Explosive fruit
10 months ago
Day 21: As we approach the day of much feasting, create a word buffer so you can enjoy your friends and family without the guilt of a lagging word count.

Write-ins: 4-8 Grand Haven Library, 5:30-7:30 GR Grand Coney, 7-9 Holland B&N

Prompt: A song plays in the background and the lyrics get stuck in your character's head.
10 months ago
Day 20: Today we enter the last third of this writing adventure. That realization might lead to panic, relief, or joy. Whichever of those three applies to you, go forth and write words!

Write-in: 5:15-8pm GR Schuler Books

Prompt: Your MC finds some unexpected money
10 months ago
Day 19: Everyone is around 30K now, right? Right? Come on all of you in the teens and twenties, let's get those words moving! Hustle, hustle!

Its a relax at home or hit your local library if they're open on Sundays sort of writing day. Hang out in chat and word war with Timmy the bot, use the NaNo word sprint tool, or unplug the wifi and crawl into your story.

Prompt: All the lights go out.
10 months ago
Day 18: The villains hold a solid 4K+ lead over the heroes. Come on heroes, are you going to stand for that? *runs off to tweak distraction beam*

Write-ins Galore! 10am-12 GR Spectrum Food Court / 1-3 Holland Culvers / 2-6 CWI @Caffeinated Press / 4-8 Byron Center Starbucks

Prompt: A woman in a tight, red leather suit
10 months ago
Day 17: It's a beautiful day to write lots of words. Especially if your a hero, because you guys need LOTS of words. Just sayin. Ahem. Go Villains!

Write-ins: 5-8 at the Byron Center Starbucks & 8pm til you drop online in the chat room

Prompt: On orange cat sitting on a counter looking disdainfully at what is below.
10 months ago
Day 16: Welcome to the second half the novel. Don't get bogged down in the middle, keep your eyes set to the end and pull yourself there by whatever means necessary.

Write-in: Grandville Biggby 6:30-8:30

Prompt - Use the phrase: "The storm clouds rolled with anger."
10 months ago
Day 15: Happy Halfway Day! Drop by the 25K thread today and revel in your progress as you plow through the midlands of your novel.

Need some encouragement to get there? Stop by the chat room for word wars or use the NaNo word sprint tool (under My NaNoWriMo).

Prompt: Caught in a raptor's gaze
10 months ago
Day 14: Almost halfway! Don't forget to back up your novel.

It's write-in day! 4-8 at the GH Loutit Library / 5:30-7:30 GR Grand Coney / 6-10 GR Caffeinated Press / 7-9 Holland B&N

Prompt: One of your characters has problems with an addiction.
10 months ago
Lucky day 13: After a productive DOKN yesterday, let's keep those words rolling onto the page.

Write-in: GR Schuler Books from 5:15 to 8pm.

Prompt: An eerie light in a darkened room
10 months ago
Thank you to everyone who came out to DOKN and contributed to the donation jar! After expenses, we raised $196. We had 30 writers log a word count, totaling 89,696 words! This will go on record as the quietest DOKN ever. Whether it was the calming dim lights, the introverted company, or just a whole lot of getting werdz done, everyone seemed super focused. We also ate soooo much food. Thank you also to Jason, Jason, and Natalie and everyone else who stayed after and made clean up super fast. And now to rest our fingers until tomorrow.
10 months ago
Day 12: Welcome to the seventh annual DAY OF KNOCKOUT NOVELING! It's also 20K day so lets get those word counts up and on par! Join us at the Park Theatre in Holland from 11-5 for word wars, prizes, a silent auction, food and fun. A $10 donation is appreciated but not required. Please use the back door off the parking lot. Wear your comfy clothes, bring a blanket, dress up for your team, whatever makes you happy. As long as the Wi-Fi cooperates, we will also be running word wars in chat for those of you unable to make it in person. Please see the event thread for all the details.

Prompt: Your character's best friend is arrested and your MC is their one phone call for help.
10 months ago
Day 11. Welcome to the weekend of many words.

Write-ins: 10 am in GR at the spectrum good court, 1-3 at Culver's in Holland and 5 to 2PM at the office of Caffeinated Press.

Prompt: Laser beans. (yes, you read that right. I don't make this stuff up. You do.)
10 months ago
Day 10: The weekend approacheth! Let much writing ensue!

Write-ins: Byron Center Starbucks 5-8pm & Online in the Chat room at 8 or whenever you get there.

Prompt: Use this phrase - "We're not speaking right now."
10 months ago
Day 9: Happy 15K Day! Let's get those word counts up! All moving forward. No looking back. Power through this rough draft. Until you reach the end, you won't know what really needs to be fixed in the beginning, so don't spend time overthinking or trying to edit your plot or characters right now. Aim for the end.

Write-in: Grandville Biggby from 6:30-8:30pm

Prompt: Your character receives a life-changing prophecy.
11 months ago
Day 8: With mid-month coming up soon, there are so many regional write-ins to choose from. There's our own DOKN this Sunday, but if you'll be elsewhere in MI this weekend, check out the invites from our neighbor regions.

Write-in: OMG there are NO write-ins. What are we supposed to do? Write on our own?

Prompt: Your MC has a nightmare.
11 months ago
Day 7: So many write-ins tonight! Get out and meet some of your fellow participants and get warmed up for our Day of Knockout Noveling this Sunday.

Write-ins: CWI in GH at the Loutit Library from 4-8pm, GR at Grand Coney from 5:30 to 7:30, CWI in GR at Caffeinated Press from 6-10pm, and in Holland at the B&N Starbucks from 7-9pm.

Prompt: Your character gets a migraine but must go on despite it.
11 months ago
Day 6: The villains have maintained a steady lead over the hero team in our regional word war. Go villains! If you've been assigned to a team (via nanomail) and haven't done the sign up yet, please head over to your team thread to do so. You can check your team's status and who had been signed up via a link in the team thread. Don't have a team yet? Post in the introduction thread.

Write-in: GR Schuler Books 5:15-8pm

Prompt: Your character loses an important item
11 months ago
Day 5: We survived Double Up Day and now we have an extra hour to play with. You know what you should be doing.

No official write-ins today, but the chat room is always open if you'd like company and word wars. Join us next Sunday for our annual Day of Knockout Noveling. This is our big mid-month six hour write in held at the Park Theater in Holland. See the DOKN thread for all the details.

Today's prompt: A bunny
11 months ago
Day 4: Its DOUBLE UP DAY! That means if you donate $25 today, you get the $50 level goodies and a special bonus enamel pin. That also means we're encouraging you to double your current word count today. Get ahead while your story is young and your motivation is high. Who knows what the rest of the month holds. Build a word cushion now so you don't stress later.

How better to bolster your word count than by attending a write in? GR Spectrum Food Court 10am-12pm, Holland Culvers from 1-3pm, or Byron Center Starbucks from 4-8pm.

There's also the Gypsywitch challenge. Write 15 minutes of every hour today. Get all the things done and see your family, while also making lots of words.

Today's prompt: Your character goes shopping.
11 months ago
Day 3: 5K day! Let's get those word counts on par and get your fingers warmed up for Double up Day tomorrow.

Write in: Byron Center Starbucks 5-8 & Online in the Chat room at 8 until you can write no more.

Prompt: Frosted tips on someone's hair.
11 months ago
Day 2 (hey look, I remembered to hit the submit button today) We're off to a great start! Let's keep it up while we're still in love with our sparkly new stories.

Write in: Grandville Biggby on Ivanrest 6:30 - 8:30

Prompt: Your characters get caught in a storm and have to find shelter
11 months ago
We had a great time meeting those of you who were able to make it out to the Kick Off Party this weekend! If you were unable to get there,we hope you'll try to attend one of the many write-ins around the region throughout the month. We raised $37, ate lots of tasty food, and met some new nano buddies.

If you've been assigned to a team, please post in your team thread. If you have no idea what I'm talking about, please post in the intro thread and then watch your nanomail to get your team assignment. We've got an inner-regional word war on our hands this year! Heroes vs. Villains.
11 months ago
The pre-NaNo frenzy is beginning! Drop by the intro thread, then RSVP for the Kick off Party and explore the regional forum. The calendar is filling with lots of write-ins to help you reach 50K!
12 months ago
The regional chat is ready to go! Check out the chat nano thread for more info.
12 months ago
Welcome! Planning season is underway. Whether you're taking part in the Coursera NaNo Prep, taking part in the greater Nano forums, buckling down on your own, or putting off everything until your fingers hit the keyboard on November 1, we hope you join the conversation here and get to know one another. OCGR is an active region filled with awesome people to accompany you on this writing journey!

For those of you who like to plan ahead, dates are being added to the calendar as they are confirmed.
about 1 year ago
*creaks the door open and brushes the dust off*
Welcome to all you early arrivals! NaNo Preparation season has official begun. The new Introduction thread is open. Please be aware that all threads not marked 2017 will be departing when the site wipes clean in October.
almost 2 years ago
Alas, another NaNo ends. A giant round of applause to all who were able to validate at 50K or more! And if you didn't make it, you started something, and 99% of us still need to finish our novels.. November might be over, but keep at it until you can write "The End".

2016 Stats:
451 writers / 105 winners - now don't you feel special?
8,564,479 collective words were written / 18,906 average per wrimo.
Generous OCGR donations of $1,595.

After a valiant month-long effort, Rippy McWeasel was outwritten by Odin's ravens Hugin and Munin. We must now compose an ode to Sweden Elsewhere's mascots. If you have a few words left in you, consider helping to compose our ode or write one of your own and share it in their regional war thread.

Thank you all for a great NaNo! We hope to see you again next November.
almost 2 years ago
The day of reckoning is here. Whether you're striving for 50K or making the best of your efforts for the month, I wish you much luck and vast amounts of words!
Final prompt: A full moon
Last write-in: 6-9 Holland Chicago Drive Biggby
almost 2 years ago
Day 29: For those of you who need a looming deadline to spur you across the finish line, this is your time to shine. Go. Write. Win!
Prompt: An oak tree
If you haven't yet donated to NaNoWriMo, we urge you to do so today as part of Giving Tuesday. Your help in supporting the Young Writers Program would be much appreciated.
Write-ins: 10-6 - Come Write In GR at GLCL
6-8:30 GR Caffeinated Press
6-8 Comstock Park Library
7-9 Holland B&N Starbucks
almost 2 years ago
Day 28: Get your purple winner bars. 50K winner bars. Purple bars of writerly glory. Get em here folks. Validate those novels!
Prompt: A character that is terrified of an aspect of their job
Write-in: 5:30-7:30 GR Schuler Books
PS: Yes, you can keep adding to your word count even after you've validated. All words count up to 11:59 on the 30th.
almost 2 years ago
Thank you to all who came out to write with us at our End Is Nigh write-in today! We had winners, we had progress, answers, snacks, prizes, and time to chat. A big thank you to everyone who helped set up and tear down, especially in light of my back saying NOPE in a big way upon arrival.

There are a few more write-ins if you need a final push over the finish line before the end of the month. We hope to see you all with purple bars before November ends! Go. Write. Win!
almost 2 years ago
Day 27: The End is Nigh! Oh noes! Write wrimos, write! Join us today from 1-4 at the Kent District Library for our last big write-in and early winner party.
Prompt:A machine that won’t stop working.
almost 2 years ago
Day 26: Alone. Starving. Really need to work on better shelter. All hope of rescue is lost... Oh wait. I'm not stranded on a island. This is NaNo! All word counts can still make it to 50K. Go. Write. Win!
Prompt: Your character does some role playing
Write Ins:
10-12 GR Spectrum Food Court
12-4 Come Write In GH Loutit Library
1-3 Holland Culvers
2-6 Come Write In Caffeinated Press
almost 2 years ago
Day 25: Happy crazy shopping and left over eating day.
Prompt: Eagle-eyed
Write-in: Tonight in the chatroom.
almost 2 years ago
Day 24: Happy food, family, and hiding somewhere quiet to write day!
Prompt - use the phrase: “His/her voice was as cool as the midnight air”
While there are no write-ins thanks to turkey comas and family obligations, the chat room is always open for word wars and support. Go forth in your expandable comfy pants and write many words.
almost 2 years ago
Day 23: Write like the wind...if the wind had fingers.
Prompt: Your characters play a game
6-10 Come Write In GR Caffeinated Press
6-9 Holland Biggby
almost 2 years ago
Day 22: Mour Werdz
Prompt- use the phrase: “Crocodiles in the sewers”
10-6 - Come Write In GR at GLCL
6-8:30 GR Caffeinated Press
6-8 Comstock Park Library
7-9 Holland B&N Starbucks
almost 2 years ago
Day 21: Sweden is merrily skipping around your word count while a licking giant lollipop and yelling na na na na at you. Don't let them win. Write!
Prompt: Write a dark flashback
Write-in: 5:30-7:30 GR Schuler Books
almost 2 years ago
Day 20: Winning officially begins today! Already at 50k? Validate to receive your purple bar of glory.
Prompt: The mode of transportation requires repairs
No scheduled write-ins today but the chat room is always open if you're looking for word wars to keep you focused.
almost 2 years ago
Day 19: Go. Write. Win!
Prompt: It rains for a day
Write-ins galore:
10-12 GR Spectrum Food Court
12-4 Come Write In GH Loutit Library
1-3 Holland Culvers
2-6 Come Write In Caffeinated Press
almost 2 years ago
Day 18: Hark, the weekend approacheth. I see the writing of many words in your near future.
Prompt:Something in handbag
Join us tonight in the chatroom for word wars aplenty!
Mark your calendars for our End is Nigh write-in/party on the 27th! We'll be writing, celebrating our early winners, answering your editing and publishing related questions and all published OCGR wrimo are invited to bring their books to sell.
almost 2 years ago
Day 17: We're on the downhill slide now. Onward to 50k!
Prompt: A crystal pen
5-7pm GH Come Write In at Loutit Library
6-8:30 Grandville Ivanrest Biggby
10-6pm GR Come Write In at GLCL
almost 2 years ago
Day 16: This is your mid-month reminder to back up your novel.
Prompt: A swarm of bats
6-10p - Come Write in at Caffeinated Press
6-9pm - Holland Chicago Dr. Biggby
almost 2 years ago
Day 15: Happy Halfway Day! Not at 25K yet? Well you're in luck, because it's Tuesday-whole-lots-of-write-ins day! Let the words flow!
Prompt: “And then the lights went out”
10am-6pm GR Come Write In at GLCL
6-8:30pm - GR Caffeinated Press
6-8pm Comstock Park Library
7-9pm Holland B&N Starbucks
almost 2 years ago
Day 14: After a great wordy DOKN we've managed to go from "gaping chasm" back to "gap" in our regional word war with Sweden. Remember, this is on average novel words per wrimo, not total words per region. Your words matter! Let's keep up those word counts rolling forward.
Prompt: A potato gun (Don't look at me like that. One of you came up with this. Blame them.)
Write-in: 5:30-7:30 GR Schuler Books
almost 2 years ago
A huge thank you to everyone who came out to DOKN today - those who came early to set up, those who stayed after to clean and haul out all the tables, those who donated items to our silent auction and everyone who donated to the jar and purchased items in the auction. Together we raised $334 for NaNo as well as supporting art programs for area teens at CultureWorks.

We had 41 writers attend today who wrote a collective 146,337 words. We also ate a lot of food and adopted a strange art creature now called Steve.
almost 2 years ago
Day 13: Come on out to CultureWorks in Holland and join us for our 7th annual Day of Knockout Noveling! We'll be pounding out words from 11-5pm.

Prompt: Your character comes across a wild animal.
almost 2 years ago
Day 12: We're 800 words per novel behind in this regional word war. Let's do this! Write!
Prompt: A very old blind woman stumbles into your scene
Write-ins: 10-12pm GR Spectrum Food Court
12-4pm Come Write In Grand Haven Loutit Library
1-3pm Holland Culvers
2-6pm Come Write In GR Caffeinated Press
almost 2 years ago
Day 11: The weekend of much writing approaches. Go forth and novel!
Prompt - Use the phrase: “The scent took him/her back to a time when...”
Write-in: Visit the chat room tonight for word wars
almost 2 years ago
Day 10: Back to work. This novel won't write itself!
Prompt: Dragon
GR Come Write In at GLCL 10am-6pm
Grandville Ivanrest Biggby 6-8:30pm
almost 2 years ago
Day 9: Deep cleansing breath. Moving onward.
Daily prompt: A supporting character finds something unexpected

Today's write-ins:
GR Come Write-in at Caffeinated Press 10am -10pm
Holland Chicago Drive Biggby 6-9pm

almost 2 years ago
Day 8: Just keep writing!
Prompt - Use the phrase: “An elf, a dwarf, and human walk into a bar...”

Tuesday means: It's lots of write-ins day!
GR Come Write in at GLCL 10-6pm
GR Caffeinated Press 6-8:30pm
Comstock Park Library 6-8pm
Holland B&N Starbucks 7-9pm
almost 2 years ago
Day 7: This SUNDAY Sunday Suuuunnday! Join us for our Day of Knockout Noveling on the 13th at CultureWorks in Holland from 11-5. So much writing, so much food, prize drawings and writerly fun. If you will be able to join us, please take a moment to check out the thread for all the details, and let us know if you can join us so we can be sure to have tables and chairs for everyone.

Prompt: Someone dies
Monday write-in: GR Schuler Books 5:30 - 7:30
almost 2 years ago
Day 6: Thank you to all who donated yesterday!
Today's prompt: Sudden change in weather

No write-ins today, but I invite you to try a challenge I did last year: Write 15 minutes of every hour of one day. You might miss one hour here or there. You might write 10 minutes instead. But you'll see how you can fit short bursts of writing throughout your day while still getting things done,
almost 2 years ago
Day 5: It's Double Up Day! Double your daily word count, double your words so far, donate and get extra goodies!
Double the prompts: Telepathic dreams & Double

Need a write-in for all this doubling of words?
10-12 GR Spectrum Food Court
1-3 Holland Culvers
2-6 Come Write in at Caffeinated Press
And if you follow NaNo on twitter, there are three virtual write-ins today.
almost 2 years ago
Day 4: Back up your novel!!!
Daily prompt: Hobbes

Give the chat room a try tonight and join the word wars. Log in instructions are in in the forum below.
almost 2 years ago
Day 3: Onward into chapter two and three!
Today's prompt: something yellow explodes

Write-ins: 10-6 GR Come Write In at GLCL
6-8:30 Grandville Biggby
almost 2 years ago
Day 2: Nice word counts everyone! Keep the momentum going!

Write-ins: 6-10 GR Come Write In at Caffeinated Press
6-9 Holland Chicago Drive Biggby

Daily Prompt: eating a cold treat
almost 2 years ago
NANO HAS BEGUN! Let's do this!
Today's prompt: A timely meteor

Need a place to do that where the motivation is high? It's Tuesday, that means lots of write-ins!
Grand Rapids: 10-6 pm at GLCL / 6-8.30 at Caf. Press
Holland: 7-9 at the B&N Starbucks
Comstock: 6-8 at the Comstock Township Library
almost 2 years ago
Happy NaNo Eve, also known as Halloween.

Looking to get a jump on our novel? How about joining the Mad NaNo Scramble in GR tonight?

Can't make it there? Set your clocks for midnight and write!
almost 2 years ago
It was great to see so many of you at the Kick Off party today! Thank you to everyone who tossed a little something in the donation jar. We added $60 to our regional donation fund. Yay! We also collected a lot of prompts, which, starting on the 1st, you'll be able to find in the daily prompt thread as well as on Facebook and Twitter, and some really good questions. Some of those lend themselves to open answers here in the forum. Others will be answered by those best suited to answer them at DOKN or at the End is Nigh event. We will do our best to get to all of them.

Next up: The Mad NaNo Scramble
almost 2 years ago
See you at the kick off party today!
Get you novels started tomorrow at midnight at
The Mad Nano Scramble!
almost 2 years ago
AAaand Kick Off, for the first time ever, is full. :O

If you're just joining us now, we welcome you! As our first get together of the season has reached capacity, we suggest some alternate events to get to know your fellow participants. The first of which is the Mad Nano Scramble on Halloween. Can't make it there? Try any of our plethora of write-ins and Come Write In sessions. And of course, we hope to see everyone at our Day of Knockout Noveling!
almost 2 years ago
Today is the last day to RSVP for the Kick Off party. Please let us know if you can make it so we have enough seats and goodies for everyone. Looks like we'll have a lot of new faces there this year. We can't wait to meet all of you!
almost 2 years ago
The 2016 NaNo season is officially here. WELCOME! The forums are sparkly clean and your novel info awaits you. Stop by the introduction thread and then RSVP for the Kick Off Party. Check out all the write-in options for November and join the conversation threads. Find a few NaNobuddies. Plan your novel.

Have any questions? Gypsywitch stalks the forum, so NaNoMail away.

We will again be engaging in a regional word war...and this year, we're going international! Tune in for - Michigan::OCGR vs Sweden::Elsewhere Prepare the world-a-pults!
almost 2 years ago
The weather may be cooling off, but things are starting to warm up in here! The Kick off Party RSVP thread is open. DOKN is on the calendar. The Write-In thread awaits all prospective 2016 hosts. The NaNo Store is stocked up on spiffy new merch. And soon the forums shall be cleansed and you'll be able to enter your new novel information. *rubs hands together eagerly*
about 2 years ago
Welcome to the NaNo 2016! We're starting quietly with introductions and planning and will get things rolling along more in mid-October. Note: Any threads not marked 2016 will be vanishing with the annual site wipe.
over 2 years ago
Looking for us during the off season? Find us on Facebook. See the group over there in the links --->
almost 3 years ago
Final Stats for 2015
Regional Donation from money gathered at events and book sales: $600
Homed and Active OCGR Wrimos: 485
Winners: 130
Total words: 10,099,576
Average word count: 20,823
Regional Word War with Dayton, Ohio: OCGR Wins!

Thank you everyone for a great NaNo! We will see you again next year! Join our Facebook Group for updates on events and items of interest throughout the year.
almost 3 years ago
We have now created a Facebook group for OCGR wrimos so that you will actually see what we post on Facebook. Please join the group as that is what we will be using for off nano site communication from here on out. The Facebook link in the links section to your right has been updated if you'd like the quick way in.
almost 3 years ago
Congratulations to our 130 winners!

Next up the TGIO party! Hope to see you there.
almost 3 years ago
Wow! Last night was crazy with all the last minute winners and a nail biting end to our regional word war with Dayton Ohio. We were 40K behind, 200 words ahead, 2K ahead 20K behind.... and it went on and on until midnight hit and the wordy dust settled. In the end, we emerged 40,256 words ahead. Rippy is very pleased with all of your efforts!

We hope you get some rest, catch up on all your shows, games, texts, see your non-writing friends face to face and get a good night's sleep. You've earned it!

We have one last event: Our TGIO party. And we hope to see you there to celebrate your efforts!
almost 3 years ago
Go wrimos go! You can do it! 50K here we come!
almost 3 years ago

Happy last say of nano! We're cheering for all of you who are making a last minute epic dash to 50k!
Last prompt : an accident makes things way easier for your Mc.
almost 3 years ago
Go. Write. Win!
Day 29 prompt: the loss of a pet
almost 3 years ago
We're in the home stretch! Write Write Write! And don't forget to RSVP for the TGIO party.

Day 28 prompt: First crush
almost 3 years ago
We hope that you either opted out or safely survived black Friday shopping. Now rest those arms and feet and let your fingers do some writing!

Day 27 prompt - use the phrase: "While she wanted to be thankful"
almost 3 years ago
Happy Thanksgiving! What are we thankful for? You! And words. But mostly you. :D

When you're done stuffing yourself with nap-inducing turkey, use today's prompt: A bear!
almost 3 years ago
Day 25 prompt : falling onto green grass
almost 3 years ago
Day 24 prompt: Bright yellow leather
almost 3 years ago
Day 23 prompt: Someone or something has eaten all the food.
almost 3 years ago
SUNDAY sunday SUuuunday! Get your words on the page!
Day 22 prompt: Flower
almost 3 years ago
It's Saturday! That means lots of writing for everyone! Go. Write. Win!
Day 21 prompt - use the phrase: "Tea can cure just about anything that ails you."
almost 3 years ago
Day 20 prompt: A near-death experience
almost 3 years ago
Day 19 prompt: Superstitions
almost 3 years ago
THE HALO FAIRY has visited the profile pics of 20 OCGR wrimos. If any of you who have received a halo had planned to donate on your own, please consider gifting that halo to another OCGR wrimo. Keep the halo love flowing. Let's fill the forum with halos!
almost 3 years ago
THANK YOU to everyone who donated books at kick off and DOKN, so far this month, we've earned $100 in credits at the used book store that I will convert over to cash for the regional donation fund and DOKN expenses as the books sell over the off season.

Book donations will still be taken at the Tuesday night B&N Holland write ins and at the TGIO party. If you are unable to make it to the TGIO party, perhaps you can transfer your books to someone who will be attending.
almost 3 years ago
Day 18 prompt: use the phrase - "I swear, it was here a minute ago."
almost 3 years ago
Day 17 prompt: Break Something!

Mark your calendars for our TGIO party on December 6. See thread for details.
almost 3 years ago
Day 16 prompt: Dumpster Diving
almost 3 years ago
Thank you everyone for a wonderfully wordy DOKN! We have regained our lead against Ohio! WOOHOO! Rippy is pleased with all of you. A huge thank you to everyone who came early to set up and stayed late to clean up! Your help was very much appreciated!!!

Todays stats: 48 writers who consumed massive amounts of sugar and caffeine
180,471 words written
After our $300 for space rental, we raised $507! This includes the money from tshirts, books, the silent auction ($273), and donations (including the overflow from the space rental jar).

A huge thank you and bonus awesome karma to everyone who rounded up their auction payments, covered entry donations for others, donated extra, donated books, and provided additional auction items.

You guys are the best!

Watch for the halo fairy next week. She'll be making the rounds. Rounds...see what I did there?
almost 3 years ago
HAPPY HALFWAY DAY! We'll see you at DOKN! If you can't make it in person, join us in the chat room. Let's crank out mountains of words!

Day 15 prompt: Rotten Fruit
almost 3 years ago
Day 14 prompt "when the last___falls"

We hope to see many of you at DOKN tomorrow!
almost 3 years ago
Day 13 prompt: A crippling language barrier

And remember today is Friday the 13th, back up your novel. Because.

And WRITE! We are falling behind in this epic word battle with Ohio. Oh noes!
almost 3 years ago
Day 12 prompt: Drunken Stumbling
almost 3 years ago
Day 11 prompt: Your MC loses a game
almost 3 years ago
Day 10 prompt: Use the phrase "Well dear, it goes like this"

SunDAY SUNday SUNDAY! Our Day of Knockout Noveling approaches! Six hours of write-in, silent auction, prizes, book sale, a word crawl, and LOTS of food. Hope to see you there!
almost 3 years ago
Day 9 Prompt: A locked room
You guys have been doing great with working in those prompts!
almost 3 years ago
Day 8 prompt: Your MC wants another character dead

A huge thank you to everyone who donated yesterday!

Today is NaNo Selfie day! Join wrimos from all over the world in reveling in their novel writing today! Take a picture of yourself writing and post it to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram with #NanoSelfie2015.

Next Sunday is our Day Of Knockout Noveling! Hope to see you there!
almost 3 years ago
Welcome to DOUBLE UP DAY!
Prompt: A Cat
What's double up day? Double your word count, double your daily word count goal, whatever crazy writing double dare you want to give yourself. We have lots of write in options for your double writing needs.

Today only, (see your HQ NaNoMail for details) there are hourly prize drawings from for every $10 donation during that hour. And all during the double up donation event, when you donate $25, you get the $50 donor goodies. Already donated? You're awesome! Haven't donated yet? Here's your chance to get the most karma bang for your $10 and a spiffy halo for your profile picture. Want to donate a halo to someone else in our region and have yourself entered in the hourly drawings? You can do that too. Just enter their username instead of yours, but use your name in all the other fields.
almost 3 years ago
Day 6 prompt: Forklift

And we're gonna need one to load up all the words you'll put into your novels today! Haven't made it out to a write-in? Give the chat room a try tonight for some hardcore word production.

And make plans to block off some time tomorrow for Double Up Day! Double your word count, double your daily goal, get doubled up on goodies when you donate $25. "Double double", says the NaNo turkey.
almost 3 years ago
Day 4 prompt: A character reveals and embarrassing fear

Have you achieved five days of writing in a row? Even if you're not at your word count goal, getting in the habit of plugging away at your project every day is important. Channel your inner Dory and just keep writing! Just keep writing! Just keep...oh sparkly! <-- Wait, ignore that part.
almost 3 years ago
Day 4 prompt: Use the phrase: "like a troll under a bridge"
almost 3 years ago
Day 3 prompt: A screech of terror
Lots of write-ins today! Get out of the house and write.
almost 3 years ago
Day 2 prompt: Insomnia

We love seeing all of you new faces popping into the forums! Welcome!

If you haven't yet, please take a moment to set up your novel in your profile - just a title and genre will do, and Title TBA is totally acceptable. Once you have a novel, your ready to enter your word count, which you can easily access in the top bar right next your name and inbox. That way, all your words count toward our regional word war with Dayton Ohio. And we need all your words, even if your goal isn't to write 50k. All novel words are good (even if they're rough draft words).
almost 3 years ago
Day 1 prompt: Shiny things - share you use of the prompt in the prompt thread.
almost 3 years ago
It's on! Time to write!
almost 3 years ago
Happy NaNo eve!
almost 3 years ago
Now offering write-ins 6 days a week! Write-in hosts: please let me know if I've missed adding you to the calendar or need to edit any of your details. Wednesday appears to still be open, if anyone is interested in hosting something somewhere.
almost 3 years ago
It was great seeing many of you at the kick off party today! We gathered a pile of used books, $37 for our regional donation fund, and a host of emergency characters.

The one thing I totally forgot to announce is that: WE'RE AT WAR!!!! This year, we will be doing regional word combat with Dayton, Ohio and their three-legged cat mascot, Tippy. This year's prize for the winning region? An ode to their glorious mascot. If you'd like to see Tippy wax poetic about Rippy McWeasel, we'll need every word everyone can write this November. So warm up those fingers, people, we've got a winning reputation to uphold!
almost 3 years ago
OCGR collector cards are back for 2015! Cards can be earned for donating at events, wearing NaNo merch, donating books, and being a guilt monkey for another wrimo. There are also 11 prompt/challenge cards that can be earned at write-ins as well as the ever popular word war winner card.

The Kick off party is October 25 in Hudsonville. We have free goodie bags for the first 55 participants. Hope to see you there!
almost 3 years ago
And we're live! Welcome to OCGR nano 2015! Drop by the introduction thread and check the regional calender for upcoming events.
about 3 years ago
The site wipe is on the horizon, but while we wait, we've opened up a couple 2015 threads. These new threads will carry over, so feel free to post away.
about 3 years ago
August brings us to planning season! Regional events are being organized, write-in locations claimed and prizes gathered. While we're busy doing all that, now would be a great time to give some thought to what you're going to write this November. Get those ideas percolating.
almost 4 years ago
Final Stats for 2014
Regional Donation from money gathered at events and book sales: $793
Homed and Active OCGR Wrimos: 447
Winners: 113
Total words: 9,747,716
Average word count: 21,806
Regional Word War with Naperville: OCGR Wins!
almost 4 years ago
See you at the TGIO Party tomorrow! We'll have another round of prizes and a three presenters for you: Author Jim Hines, Cheryl from the KDL & Caffeinated Press! We will also be awarding certificates for a few awards and our 15K challenge participants. And Pizza!
almost 4 years ago
Thanks to all of our word warriors, the regional word war has been WON!
almost 4 years ago
Midnight has struck! Keyboards down everyone.

Well, just for tonight. You deserve a break. Just because November is over, doesn't mean your novel is done. The first draft may be done, but now, onward into editing! Not close to done? Keep at it until you write 'the end'. Finishing a rough draft is a wonderful feeling and everyone deserves a shot at it, no matter how long it takes you to get there.

Of the 448 of us, 111 reached 50K! Congratulations to all of you!
almost 4 years ago
Day 30 - The end is nigh!

Write-ins may be done but we still have one day to add to our word count!

Whether you write fast or slow, have a lot going on outside NaNo or have all the time in the world to write, are far beyond 50K or far from it, we're writing. We're sitting down, putting words on a page and enjoying being creative. Be proud of your efforts no matter where this month's journey finds you by the end of today!

Prompt: A malfunctioning communication device

Regional Word War Progress: Our 300+ lead is holding. Let's finish strong!
almost 4 years ago
Day 29 - we're almost there!

Events: 10am at the Spectrum Food Court & 1pm at the Holland Culvers

Prompt: A confusing door

If you have reached 50K, please validate your novel. You can continue to write and add words but don't put it off until the last minute. We want to make sure you get what you a good way. :)

Regional Word war progress: Our lead has increased to 300+ way to go word warriors!
almost 4 years ago
Happy Leftover day...err day 28

Events: Word wars in the chat room starting at 7pm

Prompt: Bad Weather

Regional Word War progress: We're leading at 200+ words! Way to go!
almost 4 years ago
Happy Thanksgiving!

We're particularly thankful today for al of your efforts in this regional word war. We've plowed through Naperville's 800+ word lead to reach a tie as of this morning. So enjoy your feast, nap for a bit, and then, fully charged, pound out those words! We have novels to write and a war to win!

Prompt: Spicy
almost 4 years ago
Day 26

Events: 6:30 in Plainfield & 10pm in Grand Haven

Prompt: Whispering
almost 4 years ago
Day 25

Events: 5:30 in Kentwood & 7:30 at the Holland B&N

Prompt: Icarus
almost 4 years ago
Day 24

Events: 6pm at the GR Schuler Books

Prompt: The wrong thing is delivered to your MC
almost 4 years ago
Day 23

We're behind in the word war. Lets get those word counts up so we can make Naperville sing!

Events: You writing lots of words. Didn't get 3K yesterday? There's always today. And if you did, how about 3K more? That finish line is just ahead. Already there? Finish that novel! (See a theme here? Write. It's what writers do.)

Prompt: Being late

Only 2 days left to enter our Storybundle giveaway! Enter on Facebook here.

almost 4 years ago
Day 22

Let's push for another big writing day! Can you get 3K in? Your word count will thank you.

Events: 10am at the Spectrum Health Food Court & 1pm at Culvers

Prompt: Navigating by smell
almost 4 years ago
Day 21

You can now validate your novel and turn your word count bar to the magical purple bar of awesome!

Dear OCGR wrimos, we need words! Our lead has shrunk from over 400 words last weekend to 89 as of this morning. Its FRIDAY and have a chatroom write-in tonight. Let's all reach for the next big word count goal so we can win this war! I will be striving to go from 17K to 20K this evening. I wish you luck with your own mini word count challenge!

Prompt: use the phrase: “living in the wrong body”
almost 4 years ago
Day 20

If you haven't yet backed up a copy of your novel, please take a couple minutes to do so in at least two places off your computer. It's for your own good. Seriously.

Events: 6pm at the Grandville Biggby

Prompt: Forbidden love

If you haven't yet entered our Storybundle giveaway on Facebook, you only have five days left to do that. Enter on Facebook here.
almost 4 years ago
....and snowy day 19. Stay warm and drive carefully!

Events: 6:30 in Plainfield & 10pm at the Grand Haven Days Inn.

Prompt: A new pet
almost 4 years ago
Snowy day 18

Events: Assuming the roads are clear...
5:30 pm in Kentwood & 7:30pm at the Holland B&N

Prompt: A clown
almost 4 years ago
Day 17

Events: 6pm at Schuler books

Prompt: Electromagnetic radiation
almost 4 years ago
DOKN was a HUGE SUCCESS! Thank you to everyone who braved the weather to be with us today and generously donated to CultureWorks and the regional donation fund!

Between books sales, donations and the silent auction, we raised $500!!
We had 38 writers log word counts
Longest Distance Wrimo: Mary who came all the way from Pittsburgh!
3 wrimos reached 50K at DOKN!
Most words written goes to: Ashley with 18,434
Words written: 197,831

A big thank you to all of our silent auction item donors and those who donated used books today. And last but not least, a round of applause for all of you wonderful people who helped set up beforehand and clean up afterwards. My back thanks you immensely.
almost 4 years ago

If you can't join us in person, join us in the chat room. Don't like the chat room?Write lots where ever you are. It's catch up day. Get ahead day. Push to 50K if you're close day.

You may have noticed we're in a regional word war with the Naperville region. The numbers are close! Help us win this thing by writing your novel. As long as you're homed with OCGR, your every word counts.

Go. Write. Win!
almost 4 years ago
Happy Halfway Day!

Events: 10am at the Spectrum Food Court & 1pm at Culvers in Holland

Prompt: A hunky gladiator
almost 4 years ago
Almost halfway Day 14

Events: 7pm write-in in our chatroom

Prompt: Bail a friend out of jail
almost 4 years ago
Lucky day 13

Events: 6pm at the Grandville Biggby

Prompt: Undercooked food
almost 4 years ago
Day 12

Events: 6:30 in Plainfield & 10pn at Days Inn in Grand Haven

Prompt: Patriotic
almost 4 years ago
This day goes to 11.

Events: 5:30 in Kentwood and 7:30 at the Holland B & N

Prompt: Silver
almost 4 years ago
Day 10! Can you believe it?

Events: 6pm at Schuler Books

Prompt: A major accident.
almost 4 years ago
Day 9

Events: You writing lots of words wherever you are.

Prompt: Divine Intervention
almost 4 years ago
Day 8 is Donation Day! Donate $25 today and you'll get goodies from the $50 donor level. Already have a halo? Donate one to someone else by entering their username when making a donation. OCGR will be gifting four halos today.

Events: 10am at the GR Spectrum Food Court & 1pm at the Holland Culvers

Prompt: Pink hair
almost 4 years ago
7 days in. WooHoo!

Events: Chat room write-in tonight

Prompt: The bathroom is out of order
almost 4 years ago
It's day 6 already!

Events: Grandville Biggby at 6pm

Prompt: Your MC loses something important
almost 4 years ago
Day 5

Events: Plainfield library write in at 6:30 and late night at Days Inn in Grand Haven

Prompt: An eyeball
almost 4 years ago
I vote for Day 4.

Events: Kentwood Library Write-in at 5:30 and Holland Barnes and Noble at 7:30

Prompt: Alcohol
almost 4 years ago
Day 3!

Events: GR Schuler Books write-in at 6pm

Prompt: Your MC gets invited to a party
almost 4 years ago
Day 2 is upon us!

Events: You writing furiously with that extra hour of daylight

Prompt: A stray animal
almost 4 years ago
Welcome to day 1!

Today's Write-ins: GR Spectrum at 10am
Holland Culvers at 1pm

Prompt: A long awkward silence
almost 4 years ago
Let's get this writing party started!
almost 4 years ago
We had a great turn out at the Kick Off Party! We gathered two boxes of books and $55 toward our regional donation fund. A big thank you to all who donated!

If you missed the Kick Off Party and would like your free goodies, we will have them available again at DOKN on the 16th while supplies last.

Writing starts next Saturday. Are you ready? Yes? Awesome!

No? Join SMS in the chat room Wednesday night for an online planning session. Brainstorm, plot, plan and get answers to any nano-related questions. You can also jump into the character interview thread anytime to get some help with your character/plot.
almost 4 years ago
Today, Friday, is the last day to officially RSVP for kickoff. While we will include a small buffer in our head count, we will have limited space. So please let us know today if you're going to attend. Thanks!
almost 4 years ago
Welcome! We're so happy to see all the familiar (virtual) faces as well as the new ones.

Our Kick Off Party is this Sunday! We'll have a few prizes, a goodie bag for all participants, be collecting used books, do a game, meet each other and have lunch. This is an all ages event. Please RSVP by Friday.

Write-in hosts, if you could please begin a thread for your event so we can get the details listed and conversations going.
almost 4 years ago
We're officially open for the 2014 season. We'd like to offer a giant welcome back to all our returning nearby and long distance wrimos. For those of you joining us for the first time, hello!

Our calendar is full of dates to note. Please drop by the introduction thread and also RSVP for the Kickoff Party. We'd love to see you there.

There is still room if you'd like to host a write-in, and if you have any inspirational nano-related words of wisdom, we'd love to feature you in our regional emails.

That about wraps it up. Explore, have fun, and if you have any questions, please nanomail one of us. We're here to help.

almost 4 years ago
Today's PSA is brought to you by "Reasons why relaunch has been delayed". Please do not back up your novel by NaNoMailing it to yourself. This completely bogs the system as NaNoMail travels with us through relaunches. Use Dropbox, a non-nano email, a flash drive, or your friend with a photographic memory. Better yet, use all of those. But don't use NaNoMail. Thank you.
almost 4 years ago
Our forum will be all sparkly clean early next week, but for now, we've started opening up the 2014 threads. Drop in and introduce yourself. Events are being added to the calendar for those who like to schedule ahead. Would you like to be featuring in our regional emails or host a write-in? We have a thread for those things too.

Until next week, happy novel planning!
about 4 years ago
ML planning season has officially begun. The calendar should have some dates for you by October, and then it's onward into novel planning and November!

We'll be looking for Write-in host volunteers in October, so if you're interested watch for the thread. If you have any questions about possibly hosting, please message one of us. ---->
almost 5 years ago
2013 Stats:
Homed members: 500
Winners 154
Words for OCGR: 11,593,092
Average: 23,326
Regional Donations from book sales and events: $750
And a look at the past:
2012 we had 377 homed members, 10,400,632 words, 73 winners
2011 we had 324 homed members, 9,422,951 words, 62 winners
2010 we had 443 homed members 9,530,405 words, 87 winners
2009 we had 224 homed members, 4,841,863 words, 44 winners
almost 5 years ago
CONGRATULATIONS to our 154 winners. Didn't get to 50K? You're one of 346- which means you're far from alone.

We've all accomplished a lot this November. We started a novel. Even for those who made it to 50K, most of us didn't write 'The End'. Keep writing. Finish this rough draft even it it takes you until next November.
almost 5 years ago
Word Count: 50K
Events: One last Spectrum Health Food Court write-in
Prompt: Stealing
Cast your votes for our NaNoTastic Awards and we'll see you at TGIO tomorrow. Don't forget to valididate your novel before midnight.

Congratulations to all our winners so far. And to the rest of you, we're waiting with the glitter cannons loaded.
almost 5 years ago
--Day 29--
Word count: Go for 50K! You're almost there.
Events: Black Friday Chatroom write-in all day.
Prompt: Going to see a show
Go. Write. Win!
almost 5 years ago
--Day 27--
Word Count: 45,009
Prompt: Colorful
Events: Check write-in threads, for special times and days
Don't forget to vote in our NaNoTastic Awards and RSVP for the TGIO party.
almost 5 years ago
--Day 26--
Word Count: 43342
Prompt: A runaway
Events: Kentwood Library write-in
The purple bars have arrived! Reached 50K? You can officially validate your novel.
almost 5 years ago
--Day 25--
Word Count: 41675
Prompt: A new pet
Events: Holland Biggby, GR Schuler Books, Grand Haven Days Inn
Get your local write-in fix while they last.
almost 5 years ago
--Day 24--
Word Count:40008
Prompt:Small, furry creatures.
Events: You. Writing.
Last chance for write-ins this week. Check your favorite write-in's thread for any schedule or location changs due to the holiday.
almost 5 years ago
--Day 23--
Word Count: 38341
Prompt: Eating junk food
Events: Gr Spectrum Food Court
One week to go. I see 50k in your future.
almost 5 years ago
--Day 22--
Word Count: 36,674
Prompt: A time keeping device
Events: Holland Simpatico Coffee and Online in our Chatroom
Our mascot, Rippy McWeasel says hello. And also: Why aren't you writing? Go!
almost 5 years ago
--Day 21--
Word Count: 35,007
Prompt: A flag blowing
Events: Grandville Biggby Coffee
The countdown to the 30th begins. Let's write!
almost 5 years ago
--Day 20--
Word Count: 33,333
Prompt: Subterranean
Events: GR Public Library Write-in
Crickets and tumbleweeds online means everyone is busy writing. Right?
almost 5 years ago
--Day 19--
Word Count: 31,673
Prompt: Cupcakes!
Events: Kentwood Library Write-in
Are we through the valley yet? I can see the mountains!
almost 5 years ago
--Day 18--
Word Count:30,006
Prompt: Serendipitous. Use it in a sentence, paragraph, or a whole scene.
Events: Holland Biggby, GR Schuler Books, & Grand Haven Days Inn
30k. Already? Where does the time go?
almost 5 years ago
--Day 17--
Word Count: 28339
Prompt: A proposal goes terribly wrong.
No Events
Don't forget to back up your novel
almost 5 years ago
--Day 16--
Word Count: 26,672
Prompt: A flock, herd, pack, swarm, gaggle, or other group of animals.
Events: GR Spectrum Health Food court Write-in
The day after halfway's all downhill from here. In a good way.
almost 5 years ago
--Day 15--
Word Count: 25000
Events: Holland Simpatico Coffee and our Chatroom write-ins
Prompt: The day is saved by the use of a single common tool
Happy Halfway Day!
almost 5 years ago
--Day 14--
Word Count: 23338
Events: Grandville Biggby Write-in
Prompt: Repressed
Don't forget to back up your novel.
almost 5 years ago
--Day 13--
Word Count: 21671
Events: Grand Rapids Library write-in 6pm
Prompt: A quest
Have you reached 50k? Post your victory in the winnner circle thread.
almost 5 years ago
--Day 12--
Word Count: 20004
Events: Kentwood Library Write-in
Prompt: Everyone thinks your MC is a traitor
We're nearing the mid-month hump. Keep writing. We'll get to 50k together.
almost 5 years ago
--Day 11--
Word Count: 18337
Events: Write-ins at - Holland Biggby, GR Woodland, Grand Haven Days Inn
Prompt: A new experience
Thank you to everyone who came out to DOKN yesterday! It was great seeing so many new faces as well as the familiar ones. We had a great turnout, ate lots (I think I'm still recovering from all the sugar), wrote a LOT of words, and raised $460 for NaNoWriMo!

A special thank you to those who also donated to CultureWorks and to those who came earlier to help us set up and to those who stayed late to clean up. With your help, we got everything packed back up in record time. :)
almost 5 years ago
--Day 10--
Word Count: 16670
Events: DAY OF KNOCKOUT NOVELING in Holland 11am - 5pm
Prompt: Duck
Thank you to everyone who donated yesterday! We have lots opportunties to donate today at DOKN as well. And, of course, write.
almost 5 years ago
--Day 9--
Word Count: 15003
Events: GR Spectrum Food Court write-in.
Prompt: Something explodes
It's Donation Day! If you can't make it to DOKN to donate tomorrow, or you'd really like a shiny halo for your profile, please consider donating today.
almost 5 years ago
--Day 8--
Word Count: 13336
Events: Holland Simpatico Coffee and Online in our Chatroom
Prompt: This calls for drastic measures
BACK UP YOUR NOVEL. Please and thank you.
almost 5 years ago
--Day 7--
Word Count: 11669
Events: Grandville Biggby Coffee Write-in with ML SMS
Prompt: A tree branch falls
Want to meet some of your fellow writers, eat a lot, and help support NaNo? We have boxes of prizes and auction items for our Day of Knockout Noveling this Sunday. We hope to see all of you there!
almost 5 years ago
--Day 6--
Word count: 10002
Events: Grand Rapids Public Library Write-in
Prompt: A proposal goes terribly wrong
Killed a character lately? Virtually put them to rest in our character graveyard.
almost 5 years ago
--Day 5--
Word Count: 8335
Events: Kentwood District Library write-in
Prompt: Someone loses their voice
Have you hopped into the chatroom yet? Word wars are your friends.
almost 5 years ago
--Day 4--
Word Count: 6668
Events: Write-ins at - Holland Biggby, GR Woodland, Grand Haven Days Inn
Prompt: A big black box
Need to boost your wordcount? Attend one of our many write-ins this week.
almost 5 years ago
--Day 3--
Word Count: 5001
Events: KICKOFF PARTY! WooHoo!
Prompt: A chicken
Sunday SunDAY SUNDAY! Battle it out with your wordcount today to reach 5K
almost 5 years ago
--Day 2--
Word Count: 3334
Events: Downtown GR Spectrum Food Court
Prompt: It's difficult to wake up
Keep riding that first day feeling. We'll see you at the Kickoff Party tomorrow!
almost 5 years ago
--Day 1--
Word Count: 1,667
Events: Holland Southside Big Apple Bagel / Online Chatroom
Prompt: Excitement
Enjoy your first day with your new novel!

almost 5 years ago

For those of you just tuning in: Welcome to OCGR!

Not exactly in OCGR? We'd love for you join us anyway. Settle in. It's going to be a crazy fun month.

Find everything you're looking for in our easy to peruse index of threads

Get to know your fellow wrimos Tues Oct 29 in Grandville, Wednesday Oct 30 in GR or Thursday Oct 31 online in our Chatroom. Then get writing on the 1st! We'll see you all on Sunday, November 3 for our big Kickoff Party in Hudsonville. Free Goodies, Pizza, and Fun! (Fun= short break from writing wherein we talk about writing and do writing oriented fun things.)

almost 5 years ago

Stopping in for the first time? Don't worry, you're not late. We're just early...and very talkative. Come on in and get settled. We've made things easy to find with this index of threads.

almost 5 years ago
Welcome OCGR Wrimos, to NaNo 2013!

Our forum is all sparkly clean and ready for you to introduce yourself, share your novel ideas, and find out about all the events we have in store for you.

If you have any questions, please feel free to message either of your MLs (That's us over there --->) We're here to help!
almost 5 years ago
FYI - There are dates on the calendar. You just have to click to see them because they're too far out yet. :)
about 5 years ago
Welcome back all you early returning OCGR wrimos! Yes, we know, some of you never left. :)

We're happy to see you all popping in. Feel free to be chatty, but please do keep in mind that every thread in the forum will be wiped clean in the coming weeks. Only the 2013 write-in threads will be carried over. We'll start the usual introductions and such then.
about 5 years ago
If you're interested in hosting a write-in for the upcoming season, please see the Help Wanted thread. If you've already contacted me about hosting, please see the 2013 write in thread and update it with your information. These two threads will be carried over after the site wipe so (no information will be lost) we can get a head start on write-in planning.
about 5 years ago
Plans are in the works for the upcoming season. If you have any suggestions or questions, please toss them in the thread.

We do plan on doing the Used Book Drive and the DOKN silent auction again, so start saving up those books and auction items.
over 5 years ago
Welcome to the OCGR Camp Nano cabin! Stop in and tell us about what you're working on and share your victories and woes throughout the month.

We have a write-in scheduled on April 13 at the Holland Biggby Coffee on Chicago Drive from 1-4pm. We have our own little conference room even so come on by and get some writing done on your camp project or crack open that November novel and do some editing. We'd love to see you there!
over 5 years ago
It's been months since we've seen you! April Camp NaNo is looming on the horizon.

We hope to catch up with you on Tuesday, March 19 at 7pm at the Holland B&N. Come chat, drink some coffee and treat yourself to some Starbucks goodies.
almost 6 years ago
The forum may slow down, but we're still here. Got some news? What to get together? Still writing? Tell us all about it. We're all ears...or eyes, it would seem since we're reading this...
almost 6 years ago
Thank you to everyone who came out to the TGIO party! What a great turn out!

Tune in tomorrow for a wrap up of the month in numbers.
almost 6 years ago
The writing may be over, but we still have our TGIO party this sunday! We hope to see you there!

Congratulations to our epic very last minute winners jessicabooth and colette.brunel.3! Now go get some sleep!

And to the rest of you, CONGRATULATIONS on your win! For all of you who took part in this crazy writing adventure, be proud of your efforts whether you wrote 5k or 50k. Each new word is one you didn't have before.
almost 6 years ago
Welcome to DAY 30!!!! We've managed to add an extra four hours to the day for all of you last minute race to the 50k line folks. Ok. Not really, but we tried. Turns out Father Time doesn't take bribes of chocolate, weasels, coffee or even Timmy.


Voting for the NaNoTasic awards is open through midnight Dec 1.
Voting for the NaNoBots ends tonight at midnight.

Tune in to Chat tonight to watch some of our last minute writers cross the finishline! Best of luck to you all!
almost 6 years ago
Day 29 - If you haven't yet finished your novel, you have until midnight tomorrow. If you're planning for an epic, last minute win, be sure to double check that your time setting are correct so you can validate before midnight.

Voting for the NaNoTastic awards is open. Voting for the NaNoBots is open.

Word count: 48,343

Grandville B&N With ML Adrianne at 6:30pm
Grand Haven latenight Days Inn starting at 11:30pm
almost 6 years ago
Day 28 - Things to do today:
Use the daily prompt and put a sticker on your chart
RSVP for the TGIO party
Submit your NaNoTastic Award Nominations
Vote for your favorite 2 NaNoBots

Word Count: 46,676

Holland Big Apple Bagels at 1pm
Grand Haven in the libary at 6pm
Grand Rapids CYC at 6pm with ML SMS
almost 6 years ago
Day 27 - Only one day left to:
Submit your nominations for our annual NaNoTasitc Awards!

Submit your entry for our NaNoBot contest. Post your entry in the tread and you may be a winner!

Word count: 45,009

Write-ins: The last Holland B&N at 7pm with ML Gypsywitch

almost 6 years ago
Day 26 - It's your last chance to enter our Back Up Your Novel Contest. Stop by the facebook page and claim your entries. You might win a 4gb flashdrive.

Word Count: 43,342

The Last GR Woodland Food Court Write-in at 6pm
almost 6 years ago
Day 25 - Novel Validation is live! Go to 'edit novel info' and past your novel text into the box. Your word count will be updated with the site's version of your word count. Even if you're not at 50k, do it to see how the site's numbers compare to your own.

Word count: 41,675

Only three days left to enter our NaNoBot Contest. And don't forget to RSVP for our TGIO Party.
almost 6 years ago
For all of us sitting somewhere below 40k today, let's get some words pumped out! Write write wriiiiiite!!

Word Count: 40k

GR Spectrum Heath Food Court at 10am
GVSU Connection Building at 1pm
Holland *new location and time for today only) Washington St. Big Apple Bagel at Noon.
almost 6 years ago
Day 23 - Shop. Write. Write. Write

Word Count: 38,341

Join us for word wars in the chat room tonight!
almost 6 years ago
Day 22- Eat. Enjoy. Write if you can. If not...we'll make it up tomorrow. :)

Word Count: 36,674
almost 6 years ago
Day 21 - Pre-turkey day. Write, my wrimos. Write like the shiny chickens of dining and family distraction are after your every free moment!

Word Count: 35,007

Lunch at the Holland Big Apple Bagels at 1pm
6pm at the GR Creative Youth Center with ML SMS

almost 6 years ago
Day 20 - Word War yourself a buffer for the upcoming stuff-yourself-silly festivities. You'll be thankful that you did.

Word count:33,340

Write-in: Holland B&N Starbucks at 7pm with ML Gypsywitch
almost 6 years ago
It's monday again, and that means it's time to back up your novel. Enter our weekly contest and you might win a 4gb flashdrive!

Word Count: 31,673

Write-in: Woodland mall food court at 6pm
almost 6 years ago
Day 18 - It's a beautiful day outside, but its also a good day to catch up on our word goal.

Word Count: 30,006

How about sharing the last sentence your wrote or showing off your entry for our NaNoBot contest?
almost 6 years ago
Day 17 - It's the weekend. Let's pound out some extra words before Thanksgiving festivities surround us!

Word Count: 28,339

Downtown GR at 10am
GVSU Connection building at 1pm
Holland B&N at 2pm
almost 6 years ago
Day 16 - It's all downhill from here - hopefully in the story gettting easier to write sort of way. If your story is being difficult, try changing to a new pov character, add a new subplot, a bigger goal, a new antagonist, a cute puppy that's really an alien out to steal all the water from the planet. Shake things up a little and see what happens.

Word count: 26,672

Word wars tonight in the chatroom!
almost 6 years ago
Happy Halfway Day! Onward toward 50K!

Word count: 25,000

Grandville Rivertown B&N at 6:30 with ML Adrianne
Grand Haven Latenight at Days Inn at 11:30pm
almost 6 years ago
DONATION DAY - Many of you have already donated to OLL, but if you haven't yet, please consider doing so today so that NaNo will be here for us next year. Additional goodies are available today too.

Earn your chart sticker by stopping by the What NaNo does for you thread and sharing your thoughts.

Word count: 23,338

Holland Big Apple Bagels at 1pm
Hudsonville Mocha 'n' Music at 3pm
GH library at 6pm
GR CYC at 6pm with ML SMS
almost 6 years ago
Day 13 - We're almost to the middle of your novel! In the famous words of Dory the fish, "Just keep swimming..." Err writing. Just keep writing.

Word Count: 21,671

Write-in: Holland B&N at 7pm with ML Gypsywitch
almost 6 years ago
Day 12 - Beep. Beep. Beep. It's back up your novel day! Enter to win one of two flashdrives on our facebook page

Word Count: 20,004

Write-in: 6pm at the Woodland Mall Food Court
almost 6 years ago
Day 11 - It's here! Our Day of Knockout Noveling! We hope to see you there! If you can't make it, we wish you many words where ever you may be.

Word Count: 18,337

almost 6 years ago
Day 10 - Haven't tried a write-in yet? With DOKN tomorrow and three going today, your opportunities abound!

Word Count: 16,670

Downtown GR at Spetctrum Food Court at 10am
GVSU Connection building at 1pm
Holland Barnes and Noble at 2pm
almost 6 years ago
Day 9 - WORD WARS! The secret to productivity for the easily distracted. Oh look! Sparkly chicken!

Word Count: 15,003

While you can do a word war alone, battling against distraction is more fun with a group. How about joining us in the OCGR chatroom tonight for an online write-in?
almost 6 years ago
Day 8 - One week down and into the next one! Write, write, write!

Word Count: 13,336

Grandville Rivertown B&N Starbucks at 6:30 with ML Adrianne
Grand Haven Latenight at Days Inn starts at 11:30pm
almost 6 years ago
Day 7 - Today's task: Share the last sentence you wrote

Word Count: 11,669

Write-ins: Holland Big Apple Bagles at 1pm
Grand Rapids Creative Youth Center at 6pm with ML SMS
Grand Haven Tim Hortons at 7pm
almost 6 years ago
Day 6 - Need a plot boost? Work in the daily prompt or a challenge from the chat room or one of the three challenge jars available at any ML hosted write-in.

Word Count: 10,002

Write-in: Holland Barnes and Noble Starbucks with ML Gypsywitch at 7pm
almost 6 years ago
Day 5 - May you stumble into a plot volcano that explodes thousands of words into your story.

Word count: 8,335

It's back up your novel day! Enter to win one of two 4GB flashdrives here

Write-in: 6pm tonight at Woodland Mall Food Court
almost 6 years ago
Day four - Keep calm and plot onward.

Word count: 6,668

Don't forget to enter our month-long NaNoBot contest You could be the winner of a $10 Barnes and Noble Gift Card or a sealed pack of NaNoWriMo Trading Cards!
almost 6 years ago
Day three - Time to add some major conflict to breathe life into all that character development and setting description.

Word count: 5,001

Write-ins: All over thanks to our awesome wrimo volunteers!
Downtown GR at 10am - ML stopping by
GVSU at 1pm
Holland B&N at 2pm - ML stopping by
almost 6 years ago
Day two - Keep that "first day high" momentum going!

Word count: 3,334

Write-in: Online tonight! Join us in our chat room for some word war mayhem. Enjoy a write-in from the comfort of your own home in your comfy clothes with your favorite beverage beside you.
almost 6 years ago
Day one - When every word is an exciting step into the unknown of your brand new story.

Word count: 1,667

Events: *ML* Grandville Rivertown Mall B&N at 6:30pm
Grand Haven Days Inn at 11:30pm
almost 6 years ago
The last hours of the countdown are upon us! Grab your notes, your laptops and notebooks, your month's supply of coffee and snacks and please assume the crash position. We will be plummeting into NaNoLand at midnight.

Tonight: Last minute planning at GR Wealthy St. Bakery at 7pm and Midnight write-in at Grandville IHOP at 10:30pm
almost 6 years ago
Thank you to everyone who came out for our OTB fundraiser yesterday!

Get the cleaning and laundry done. Buy those groceries and cook a few extra meals to store in the freezer. It's almost writing time!

Wed: Last minute planning and midnight write-in
almost 6 years ago
It was great seeing so many of you at Kickoff today! Your generosity was amazing. We collected 293 books and $105! You guys are awesome!

If you were not able to make it today, please try to attend one of our other forty-some events happening all throughout November. I'll have the last of the goody bags at the Holland Write-ins until they run out.

Monday: Fundraiser at On the Border - going on all day. Bring a flyer and 10% of your food and beverage purchase will be donated to OLL.
almost 6 years ago
Thanks to your awesome response, we've filled our available space for Kickoff. If you haven't yet RSVPd, I'm sorry to say, we're full up. However, we'd love to meet you at one of our other many, many events throughout the month!

Don't forget to print your flyer for our On The Border fundraiser on the 29th! This is an easy way to raise money for OLL while enjoying great food and drinks. Bring your family, friends or just yourself.
almost 6 years ago
If you're just joining us, please stop by the introduction thread and the Kickoff Party RSVP thread. We'd love to meet you online and in person.

Today's event:
Planning meeting at Rivertown Crossings Mall food court at 6pm
almost 6 years ago
Deadline to RSVP for Kickoff is fast approaching. Please let us know if you will be able to join us for prizes, free goodies, writerly activities, food and fun as soon as possible so that we can make sure to have enough goodies and reserved tables. Thank you! :)
almost 6 years ago
Halfway through October and we're already at 1000+ posts in here! Bask in the creative energy that is planning month. Revel in meeting your fellow wrimos. Mark your calendars for some of our many write-ins and RSVP for Kickoff on October 28. We can't wait to meet you in person (and we promise, only our characters bite).
almost 6 years ago
Welcome OCGR Wrimos! It's great to see so many returning faces along with many new ones. If you have an questions, feel free to ask here or message one us MLs------>

We've been up and running for just over a week and we already have write-ins scheduled six days a week in nine locations. If you have any remote inclination to join us for a write-in this November, you should be covered.
almost 6 years ago
Welcome to OCGR NaNo 2012! The new forum is all sparkly clean and awaiting your enthusiastic noveling input.
about 6 years ago
Just a little FYI for our early returning wrimos - the forum will be wiped in early October. Feel free to plot and prep, but be aware that these threads will be gone when the site goes down for annual cleaning.
about 6 years ago
If I could draw your attention to the ML listing --->
You'll see we've welcomed SMS into OCGR MLdome, thus completing our trifecta of awesome. We now have ML coverage in Grandville with Adrianne, in Holland with Gypywitch and in Grand Rapids with SMS. This means more ML hosted write-ins for all! YAY!
about 6 years ago
Our Jar of Awesome Horrors and Unnamebale Kittens needs some new challenges for the upcoming NaNo season. Got an idea? See the JAHUK thread.
about 6 years ago
Planning for NaNo 2012 officially gets underway this week. Events, rafffle prizes, fun stuff...oh my!

While we do have a plan in place, we're always happy to take suggestions. You never know what you might inspire. Got an idea? See the suggestion thread.

Oh and happy camping to our August Camp NaNo participants!
over 6 years ago
Camp NaNo has begun!

Join us for a write-in picnic on June 9.

Stop by our OCGR cabin thread and share your progress. We have plenty aloe in case you've been exposed to that big glowing ball of gas that burns writing cave-dweller flesh.
over 6 years ago
Camp Nano is looming on the horizon! Picnic write in on June 9 at Hager Park. See the thread below for details.
over 6 years ago
Missing NaNo? Don't forget that Script Frenzy starts on April 1!

Some of us are also planning on Camp NaNo in June. We may even have a weekend of actual camping involved! If that sounds like fun, watch your inbox/nanomail early in May when we'll be sending out more information.
almost 7 years ago
Want to help make next year even more awesome? Tell us what you liked so we do it again. Tell us what you didn't and why so we know how to make it better. Location suggestions for DOKN? We're all ears...err... fingers and eyeballs? And yes, this survey is totally anonymous. Here's the end of season survey link.
almost 7 years ago
What a great turn out at the TGIO party! It was the perfect ending to a great November! Thank you to everyone who hosted a write-in, donated online or to our donation jar and donated used books. OCGR wrimos are truly awesome!
almost 7 years ago
Yep, that sums November up pretty well. 52 of our 78 NaNoFace wrimos made it across the magical 50k line. Very impressive indeed! While the whole month was awesome, my favorite part was watching all of you cross that line! There were some truly epic efforts right up to the very last minute and vast amounts of words thrown down on that last day. We're so proud of all of you!

RSVPs for the TGIO are still open. We'll see you there!

almost 7 years ago
With roughly an hour to go, you guys are rockin the 50k barrier!!! Glitter is flying everywhere. *cough* I think I just swallowed some. We're up to 46 winners in our 78 monitored members. AWESOME!! Keep those words coming! There are more of you waiting to cross!

DONT FORGET TO VALIDATE YOUR WIN!!! You must do this before midnight to claim your winner goodies. Go to My NaNoWriMo. Go to Edit my novel info. Click the red text. Paste your novel into the box. Click submit. Be validated!

DON'T FORGET TO SUBMIT YOUR NANO-TASTIC NOMINATIONS. The deadline is also midnight. Vote for one, two or all twenty categories, but cast your vote before its too late!
almost 7 years ago
Today's word goal: 48,343
Write. Write. Write!

Last Holland write-in tonight! I'm aiming for 50k while we're there and a cup of that awesome peppermint hot chocolate!!! Yuumm.

Only two days left to get your NaNo-Tastic nominations in. Even if you can't think of nominees for all of the awards, we'd rather have you enter only a few names than not nominate anyone at all. :)
almost 7 years ago
Today's word goal: 46,676

The weasels have been re-supplied with fresh rolls of duct tape and they're coming for you! If you don't want to spend December scrubbing off tape residue, get that word count up!

Today's event: Last GR Woodland Write in at 6pm

Congratulations to _ML_, the winner of our final Back up your Novel contest!
almost 7 years ago
Today's word count: 45,009

Cast your votes for our NaNo-Tastic TGIO awards! While you're at it, RSVP for our TGIO party. :)

Today is the last day to get your entries in for our last Back up your Novel contest! Win a Flashdrive!
almost 7 years ago
Today's word count: 43,342
The weasels are coming for you!!!! Write! Write!

We had some epic catch up efforts in chat last night. Keep going guys! You can do it!

For those of you who have pacified your weasel or are looking to antagonize it further, don't forget to RSVP for the TGIO party. Everyone is inviited!

Also don't forget to cast your votes in the preliminary round of our NaNo-Tastic awards!
almost 7 years ago
Today's word count: 41,675
Group weasel thread level: High

For those of you that are sitting anywhere in the 30s - Catching up is totally doable. Write!
Sitting in the 20s? Write. write lots. What are you doing in here? Go write!
Below that? I'm dispatching extra rabid cyborg attack weasels to your houses right now. Their mission: No distractions. All writing.

Come on people, lets win this thing! (And if you already have, validiation is now live.)
almost 7 years ago
Today's word count: 40,008

Happy turkey coma day everyone! May you enjoy your feast and find at least a little time for writing.

Today we are thankful for chat rooms, adopted wrimos and Timmy's fridges. Hey, I wonder if we can we store leftovers in those...
almost 7 years ago
Today's word count: 38,333

Can you almost smell the turkey? Better get some extra writing in today before the food coma sets in tomorrow. Weasels loooove turkey flavored ankles.

We thank all of you for your energizing, thoughtful and supportive messages by facebook, origami crane, NaNoMail and on the forums. OCGR wrimos (and all of you we've adopted) are the best!!!
almost 7 years ago
Today's word count: 36,666
Today's event: Holland B&N write-in at 7pm with additional good times at Applebees afterwards.

Our last back up your novel contest has begun on facebook. Stop by to see all four ways to enter!

Continuing the thankfullness: Thank you to Adrianne for being such an awesome co-ML!
almost 7 years ago
Today's word count: 35,007

Due to Thanksgiving, please make sure to check the appropriate write-in threads to verify any date changes or if they are in fact happening. We are a definite go for tomorrow at the Holland B&N but the rest of the week is rather up in the air.

And since we're being thankful this week: A BIG thank you to all of our wonderful wrimo write-in hosts!
almost 7 years ago
Today's word count: 33,340

Last day to enter our weeklyBack Up your Novel contest. Send a pep talk, attend a write in or back up your novel for an entry to win a free flash drive!
almost 7 years ago
Today's word count:31,673

It's the weekend folks. You know what the means... time to get that word count caught up! Thanksgiving is nearly upon us with it's distractions of family and feasty goodness.

And since we're on the downhill portion of our writing adventure, it also means it's time to start thinging about the TGIO party. We'll be awarding wrimo trophies (more details later this week), voting Rippy's elite squad of Borg-A-Weasels, raffling off a bunch more goodies, everyone will have a chance at winning a 80BG Zune, and we'll be celebrating our writing efforts (whether we make it to 50k or not). So if you can join us, RSVP here.
almost 7 years ago
Today's word count: 30,006
Todays' events: GVSU - no host, but go ahead and have fun :)
Online Chatroom at 8pm - Let's pack the place and word war!

• Rippy would like to see his weasel minions. If you have a borg-a-weasel, please visit Rippy's blog and link a picture.
• Don't forget to enter this week's Back Up Your Novel contest! You could win a flashdrive!
almost 7 years ago
Today's word count: 28,339
Today's event: Grand Haven Days Inn write-in at 7pm

A BIG THANK YOU to everyone that donated yesterday! We added $295 to our regional total bringing us to $730!

Need some inspiration to keep you going this month? Have some inspiration to share? Stop by the Why to you Nano thread.
almost 7 years ago
Welcome to DONATION DAY!
This is the day we support this wonderful, crazy writing adventure so it can inspire even more people next year! If you're wondering where exactly your donations go, check out this link. Plus, when you donate $10, your profile pic gets to wear an awesome halo!
Oh and don't forget to write. Today's word count: 26,672
Today's events: Grand Haven library write-in at 6:30pm
Grandville Rivertown write-in at 7pm
almost 7 years ago
Today's word count: 25,000
Today's event: Come celebrate halfway day with me (and chocolate) at the Holland B&N write-in at 7pm.

So many announcements today...
• It's HQ staff appreciation day! Stop by and give thanks for our awesome new website and NaNo itself
• Rippy's looking for photos of your Borg-a-Weasels. Stop by his blog and link your weasel and check out the others.
• A new Back Up your Novel contest has begun on our Facebook page! Find this week's tasks under the 'welcome' tab below Rippy.
almost 7 years ago
Today's word count: 23,338
Today's event: GR Woodland write-in at 6pm

Things to today:
• Back up your novel
• Check your user settings and make sure your time zone is set correctly now that daylight savings has kicked in.
• Write :)
almost 7 years ago
Welcome to lucky Day #13
Today's word count: 21,671

Only two days left to enter this week's Back Up Your Novel contest. You could win a flash drive! Check out this week's tasks under the 'welcome' tab (on the left under Rippy) on our Facebook Page.
almost 7 years ago
WOW! This was definitely a day of Knockout Noveling!
Wrimos attended:35
Words written: 88,843
Funds raised: $65
Used books gathered: 55
Great job everyone!
almost 7 years ago
Today's word count: 20,004

Welcome to the DAY OF KNOCKOUT NOVELING! Sounds like we're going to have quite a crowd at Jets! If you can't make it, try to take a couple extra hours to write today. Climb into those 20k word counts!
almost 7 years ago
Weasel Threat Level: None. Rippy's highfiving me today.
Today's word count: 18,337
Today's events: GVSU write in at 2pm / Chat room at 8pm

It's 11-11-11 WORDSTOCK folks! Time to build up that Thanksgiving day/weekend buffer! Aim for an extra 1,111 words today. That's only two fifteen minute word wars in the chat room for most of you. Come on, you can do it!
almost 7 years ago
Weasel threat level: Low
Today's goal: 16,670
Today's event: Grand Haven Days Inn write-in at 7pm

Aren't halos pretty? Get your very own by donating $10 at the donation station.
almost 7 years ago
Weasel thread level: Low
Today's word count: 15,003
Today's event: Grandville Rivertown B&N write-in at 7pm

Do you get lost in the forum threads when searching for new posts with the nested view? You can switch to a flat view, which automatically places the newest post last. Just hover over the "Nested" at the top right corner within a forum thread to find the Flat option
almost 7 years ago
Weasel threat level: Medium
Today's goal: 13,336
Today's event: Holland B&N write-in at 7pm. Hope to see you there!

Our Back up your Novel contests is up and running for week two. If you haven't backed up your novel yet, please do! See this week's tasks on our facebook page or Rippy's blog.
almost 7 years ago
Weasel threat level: Still high
Today's goal: 11,669
Today's event: Grand Rapids Woodland mall write-in at 6 pm

When you scroll down our calendar, you'll see some events have purple stars. Those are events where an ML will be present--which means, raffles, donation jar, goody bags if you didn't get one yet, and The Jar of Awesome Horrors and Unnameable Kittens! This week there are 3 ML hosted events: Tueday in Holland, Wednesday in Grandville and Saturday in Zeeland.
almost 7 years ago
Weasel theat level: High
Today's goal: 10,002

Have you uploaded an excerpt of your novel yet? Share your creative efforts with the curious by showing off a few pages of your novel on your profile.
almost 7 years ago
Weasel threat level: Low - Thanks to last night's online write-in, I'm almost on track!
Today's goal: 8335
Today's event: Write in and craft day at 1pm

Things to do today:
• Post progress on your borg-a-weasel
• Enter back up your novel contest on facebook or blog
• Catch up on forums positings
• Get caught up on your word count. Ok, so that should have been #1, but we all love a little procrastination.
almost 7 years ago
Today's goal: 6668
Today's events: GVSU write-in at 5pm
Chatroom write in at 8pm. If you haven't made it to our chatroom yet, I urge you to try it. Why? Word Wars!!!

Did you adopt a Borg-a-Weasel at Kick Off? We'd love to hear how your weasel is adapting to life at your home. Please post pictures and updates in our Borg-a-Weasel thread. Didn't get a weasel yet? There are seven left that will be available at Tuesday's Holland write-in and at DOKN on the 12th.
almost 7 years ago
Day 3 and I'm already a day behind. Owww! Rippy's attacking me! I'll write more today. I promise! Owww!
Today's goal: 5001
Today's event: Grand Haven write-in at 7pm

Have you entered our Back up Your Novel contest yet? You could win a flash drive! There are only four days left to enter. See Rippy's blog or our Facebook page for details. You can find both of those in the Links section to your right.
almost 7 years ago
Today's goal: 3334
Today's event: Grandville Rivertown write in at 7pm

Check out our Prompt of the Day thread. A new nugget of inspiration each day. Feel free to post a short excerpt of how you used the prompt. You just might inspire someone else!
almost 7 years ago
Happy first day of NaNo! WooHoo!
Today's goal: 1667 words
Today's event: Holland B&N write-in at 7pm

Our OCGR chat room is up and running! If you have any problems or questions with the chat room please post them in the thread or NaNoMail either of us and we'll do our best to assist you.
almost 7 years ago
It's our last day before the writing frenzy begins. Are you maddly plotting? Blowing off planning until tomorrrow morning? Sitting anxiously at your keyboard watching the hours tick by? Well here's some things you could also do:
• Enter our Back Up your Novel drawing either on our OCGR facebook page or Rippy's Blog. Both links are right over there ->
• Check out our calendar and threads for a write-in near you.
• Do your laundry, freeze a few meals and pay your bills.
• Fill out your NaNo profile and Novel information
• Stretch out those fingers and wrists people! Tomorrow, we write.
almost 7 years ago
It was great meeting so many of you in person at Kick Off today! 30+ of you made it out and many of you left with weasels, raffle prizes and a donation jar full of good writerly karma! We raised $67 and 80 books were donated to our used book drive. WooHoo!

Our first big write-in is Nov 1 at the Holland Barnes & Noble. Hope to see you there!
almost 7 years ago
Just got word that we raised just over $130.00 at our On The Border fundraiser! Thank you to everyone who helped spread the word and who came out on Tuesday!
~ Adrianne
almost 7 years ago
Today's tip: 2 for one actually...
To see all our nifty regional notes, use the sidebar to scroll-->

If you haven't yet, please take a moment to fill in a few details on your profile page so people can know a little bit about you by clicking on your photo or name. A blank profile brings people to the NaNo homepage and we all know you're not really a homepage.
almost 7 years ago
Todays Tip - To set OCGR as your home region so you'll get our spiffy regional NaNoMail messages and your donations will count torward our region's totals: Under My NaNoWriMo select My Regions. Find Ottawa County & Grand Rapids and select the option to set us as your home region. Hey, that was easy!
almost 7 years ago
Thanks to everyone who came out and supported our On The Border fundraiser!

It's great to see so many new and returning faces! Make sure to:
• Stop by the Intro thread and say hello
• Check out the Newbie/Mentor program
• RSVP for the Kickoff party on Sunday, Oct 30.
almost 7 years ago
Welcome to OCGR Headquarters! We have lots of fun stuff in store this season including raffles, giveaways, a regional bookdrive fundraiser, and Rippy's borg-a-weasel contest!

You know you like us... OCGR Wrimos are also on Facebook!

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